PLVC Directors

cropped-images-221.jpg The Twelve (12) member Village Council Board of Directors consists of 10 elected residents and 2 appointed members representing the South Bay Community Association (SBCA) and the Ludlow Maintenance Commission (LMC). Council members serve 2 year terms, 1/2 of the Board being elected each year. There is 1 unfilled position (South Bay).  Current Membership, phone & email addresses and which PLVC Committees each serve are listed below:

        Officers 2015-2016 Term to Phone eMail Address Committees Served
President Mike Nilssen 2017 360.473.3236 Health/Wellness, Fund Raising
Vice President Bill Dean 2016 936.443.8128 Disaster Preparedness, Election, Utilities, ad hoc Timber Harvesting
Treasurer Linda Haskin 2016 437.0466 Administration, Disaster Preparedness, Election, Fund Raising, Phone Directory
Secretary (open)
       Directors & Board Members
Doug Huber 2017
Laury Hunt 2016 437.2903 Administration, Community Development
Tamra McDearmid


Larry Nobles








Communications, Election,  Phone Directory


Commiunity Development, Administration, Holiday Lights, Trails

Caleb Summerfelt 2017 Communications, Election
Terry Umbreit 2017 437.8186 Community Development, Disaster Preparedness, Holiday Lights, Phone Directory, Trails
South Bay Candidate
       Homeowner Assn Representatives
LMC Representative Ron Racki 437.7748
SBCA Representative Gil Skinner

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