Port Ludlow Village Council                           

Group of People interacting  Communications Committee Annual Report -­ 2014

Goals                             images-1                                                               

  • Continue to improve website & Community Archives
  • Publicize council­‐related activities such as: Disaster Preparedness seminars, Health & Wellness Forums, Community Welcome events, Trails & Natural Resources events

Ways to Accomplish Goals

  • Frequent updates to PLVC website
  • Flyers, Posters & Brochures
  • eBlasts to community
  • Articles in The Voice & local newspapers


2014 Accomplishments

  • Maintained & improved PLVC website
  • Added new section on Historic Port Ludlow
  • Produced & distributed 24 eBlasts & posters
  • Provided informative handouts for PLVC meetings
  • Created Information Binder for newly­‐elected Directors
  • 1086 documents in Community Archives



  • Average # visits per month-­524, per week-­131              Total visits to date = 8914                                                       8200 visits from US, over 700 from 22 countries


Website Content

  • General Announcements
  • Links to local groups & organizations
  • Current Directors, Meeting Agenda/Dates & Minutes
  • Summary of Year’s Projects
  • Current Issues
  • PLVC Committees (12 total)
  • List & links to clubs, groups & activities in Port Ludlow (over100)
  • Bylaws; Policies & Procedures; and Articles of Incorporation
  • Master Plan Statistics
  • Invitation (with application) to run for PLVC directors position
  • Historic Port Ludlow in photographs & written history
  • Local photos used as headers (changed seasonally)


  • eBlasts provided to 1462 community addresses
  • Utilized to promote upcoming Council meetings, guest speakers, committee   activities and other community­‐specific information
  • In process of removing duplicate entries (if more than one per household)

Publicity Provided: eBlasts & village­‐wide posters & flyers promoting Council meetings & speakers, including:

  • Public Utilities District Commissioner
  • Director of Real Estate for Pope Resources
  • Wine Tasting Fundraiser for Council committees
  • Jefferson County Library Director
  • OWSI rate surcharge proposal meetings
  • DEIS report on Pit to Pier Project & Open House
  • Jefferson County Sheriff Department & Volunteers
  • Festival by the Bay
  • Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue
  • Port Townsend School Superintendent
  • Maritime Discovery School Program, Port Townsend
  • League of Women Voters Candidate’s Forum
  • Port Townsend Film Institute
  • Washington Utility & Transportation Commission (WUTC)
  • Encouragement to VOTE in PLVC yearly election of directors

Examples of support for our committees

Community Welcome:

  • Welcome to Port Ludlow events

Disaster Preparedness:

  • Volunteer Management Plan
  • “Prepare for a Year” educational seminars
  • Jefferson Co Dept of Emergency Management
  • Dr Brian Atwater on Earthquakes/Tsunamis

Health & Wellness:                                                                  

  • Free Health Care Information Counseling
  • Forum: Understanding Dementia & Early Intervention
  • Forum: Stroke -­ Prevention, Management Protocols & Rehab
  • Forum: Affordable Care Act & Medicare

Trails/Natural Resources

  • Followed development of new trail in photos & descriptions
  • Opening of new Golf 9 Loop Trail
  • Promotion of Noxious Weed Day

Directors Information Binder – Provided to newly-elected Directors with useful background information about PLVC, including:

  • Brief history of PLVC (with prior community organization)
  • Meeting Schedule thru end of calendar year
  • Current PLVC directors & contact information
  • Council officers with description of responsibilities
  • Guidelines for Participating in PLVC Meetings
  • Committee List & contact information
  • Brief Review of each Committee purpose & goals
  • Budget for current calendar year & current month’s update
  • Minutes from prior 3 months meetings
  • Summary of Issues dealt with this past year
  • Access Information for Director’s Manual online at Archives
  • Article: “Port Ludlow, A Master Planned Resort”
  • Article: “Why is there a Village Council…?”

Port Ludlow Archives Status Report
Document Count                                                                        

  • 1086 (10.9gb) in public access archive
  • 358 (952mb) to be archived

Future of Archives:  Initial contact has been made with the General Managers at the Bay Club and Beach Clubs, encouraging LMC and SBCA organizations to protect historical & current meeting materials by placing them into the Archives. While CC&Rs and some forms have been archived, both of the Homeowners Associations (or Beach/Bay Clubs) could utilize more of this service.

Intent is to have Archives available to become the entire community’s repository of important materials that would be irreplaceable if lost or damaged. It would be a shame to not protect these important historic documents.

Back up disks of the Archives are frequently made and kept in bank safe deposit box.

Currently, there is only one archivist working on Archives, and his house is up for sale. We need to revamp this important procedure and gather some volunteers to keep the Archives functioning.


Goals for 2015

  • Keep website vital: continue to update & improve
  • Increase community awareness of Village Council: with eBlasts, flyers, posters, handouts & other informational materials
  • Develop methodology for polling residents on certain important, village­‐wide issues
  • Promote the value of eBlasts: encouraging community members not currently on this database list to sign­‐up
  • Develop campaign to gain more active participation with Community Archive website


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