Minutes, 2014

Dec 2014                                                                                                                           Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC)
General Meeting
December 4, 2014    Bay Club
minutes approved 1-6-15 meeting
The meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Linda Haskin, Glee Hubbard, Tamra McDearmid and Larry Nobles. Absent: Bob Grant, Laury Hunt, Mike Nilssen, Brett Oemichen. Secretary McDearmid announced there wasn’t a quorum, so 1) reports could be heard, and 2) items requiring a vote could be discussed, yet motions and votes could not occur.Community Reports                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             David Johnson, Liaison, Jefferson County Department of Community Development

Pit to Pier: Progress has been delayed, which is a major setback to the timeline. A new consultant will be assigned.

Brinnon: A 252-acre Master Planned Resort has been proposed. An open house was held for the community Dec 3rd, with a Planning Commission Meeting the evening of Dec 4th. Issues of concern include water, traffic and seawater intrusion. US-101 S is the only method of vehicle transportation in and out of Brinnon. The 45-day comment period ends Jan 5th.

Dept of Community Development: Former head of the department, Stacie Hoskins, has been elected County Treasurer. Candidate search is ongoing.

Ludlow Cove II: County Commissioners have approved the final plat for construction of single family residences, which will be recorded Dec 5th. Will now be able to assign street numbers, approve building permits.

Diana Smeland, President, Port Ludlow Associates

Ludlow Cove II: Now that plat approval is finalized, will be moving ahead with the project. Have already applied for permits to build 2 more model homes, and to begin construction on lot#15 (first house sold).

Brinnon: Anytime an organization other than PLA advertises within the Olympic Peninsula, it improves tourism. Very involved with the Olympic Tourism Council, which covers the geographic area up to Vancouver, BC.

PLA website: a new video has been added, includes the inn, farms, golf course. Called “Port Ludlow – It’s This Good,” and well worth checking into at http://vimeo.com/111869869.

WADOT issue: PLA has started a correspondence campaign with the State Department of Transportation and Washington legislators, asking for one-hour notice for non-military closings of Hood Canal Bridge. DOT explains that while there are many complexities to this proposal, it’s not impossible. May do some pilot-testing in the future. Larry Nobles commented that should PLVC become involved in writing letters of support.

Council Business

Holiday Lights Update: Committee has raised $4400, leaving $1560 to be raised. Costs were $6046 to date: some expenditures still need to be turned in for payment. Larry Nobles mentioned that Highway Solutions in Port Hadlock offer classes to be a licensed traffic controller. This would be a good solution next year (instead of paying for traffic control). Discussion deferred to Dec 16th workshop.

Roberts Rules of Order: suggestion made to review the items relating to Council business at upcoming workshop.

Bob Grant arrived (had been assisting with Holiday Lights installation with Wave bucket trucks). A quorum was reached.

Bill Dean asked that an official meeting be declared so we could vote on a few items. MSP

Motion to approve Tom Claudson, Phil Otness and Phil Franzel as members of the Utilities Committee. (Dean/Nobles) MSP

Motion to approve the November 6, 2014 General PLVC minutes. (Dean/Haskin) MSP

Motion to approve the November 2014 Financial Report (Grant/Haskin) MSP

Committee Reports

Utilities Committee: OWSI Developments and Update – Bill Dean

Bill Dean shared information about manganese at 2-3 houses in Olympic Terrace. South Bay water is treated for iron, which takes care of manganese. North Bay water is not treated. There was a small sewer blockage recently, shut off the use of Ludlow Creek. The press and agencies were notified, yet no information went out to the community at large.

Recycling Committee – Steve Failla

Recycling in Port Ludlow started in 2002. Recycling is provided by Skookum (www.skookumrecycling.net), a non-profit organization whose charter is to hire challenged and handicapped individuals on their staff. Main tasks are clean-up at military bases. Run recycling program at a loss. Attempt was made in 2003 to replace Skookum with a larger corporation. 300-500 members of Port Ludlow community supported Skookum, who remains Port Ludlow’s recycling organization. Trying to add more plastics to the recycleables, going through Jefferson County for approval. Will not help with their costs – simply provides more service for the community. Purchased a new baler in 2005 for $250,000.

What’s happening in Port Ludlow? Some don’t break down boxes. People toss clear glass in with green glass (get more money for clear). Cans and plastics often mixed up incorrectly. Some volunteers would be great: observe recycling being sorted incorrectly and politely inform of proper methods.

Bigger and better bins will be a big improvement. Peak period: Sunday evenings thru Monday noon. President Umbreit thanked Steve for his efforts on behalf of the Council and community.


Bob Grant announced his resignation from the Council. Has sold his house, moving Dec 15th. Noted that the spirit of Port Ludlow is very different than any other place he’s lived. Has been in Port Ludlow for six years, and loved every bit of it.

President Umbreit thanked Grant for his many services and noted he would be missed.

Currently there are three (3) Council positions open: two (2) South Bay and one (1) North Bay.

MSP to adjourn (Haskin/Dean)

  • Next workshop: Tuesday, December 16th at Bay Club – 3pm
  • Next General Meeting: TUESDAY, January 6h at Beach Club – 3 pm
Nov 2014
Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC)
General Meeting
November 6, 2014    Beach Club
approved, 12/4/14
The meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Linda Haskin, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen, Larry Nobles and Brett Oemichen. Absent: Laury Hunt. President Umbreit announced there was a quorum.
Adoption of the Agenda, MSP: Nilssen/Haskin
Community Reports 
Phillip Morley, Jefferson County Administrator

  • Port Ludlow residents on recent ballot; Dan Toepper (Co Commissioner#3), Wendy Davis (Sheriff), and Cheryl Potebnya (District Court Judge). Newly elected Jefferson County officials will be sworn in on Nov 25th when vote is certified.
  • County will complete a road project in 2015: Overlay of pavement and widening of shoulders project on Paradise Bay Road from Ludlow Creek to Teal Lake Road.
  • Apr 18th – Household Hazardous Waste Collection in Port Ludlow at the Recycling area in Village Center.
  • Pit to Pier DEIS still being evaluated and studies done. Some delay in technical work & Hood Canal Bridge update: lead consultant died while on climbing trip in Nepal.
  • Ludlow Cove II subdivision is on County Commissioners’ agenda Nov 17th regarding approval of the final plat for construction of single family residences.
  • Master Planned Resort being developed in Brinnon. Making significant progress. Employment opportunities for construction and resort staffing.
  • 2015 budget: cutbacks in funding including Parks & Recreation – some summer programs won’t be offered. Acknowledged Port Ludlow resident Doug Huber, who was recently appointed to the County Parks & Recreation Advisory Council.

John Austin, outgoing County Commissioner #3 (Port Ludlow resident) spoke briefly about important issues on Commissioners’ agendas:

  • Nov 17 – hearing on the enactment of a new sign code
  • Nov 24 – noise ordinance hearing, needs to be enforceable
  • Dec 8 – hearing and adoption of new Animal Control ordinance

Totem Pole Restoration Project

  • Dorothy Kimble introduced committee members: Sally Hirschmann and Claudia Avicola. Credited Diana Smeland for introducing them to the Port Ludlow Village Master Association (PLMA), who will match donated funds up to $5000. Totem Pole was first dedicated 19 years ago in June, 1995. Original carver David Boxley and two sons will be main carvers for the restoration. Work will start next March or April. Goal for completion: June 16th, 2015 (date of Rededication). Barbara Adams has done drawings of totem pole, committee will use for posters & flyers.
  • Once $5000 has been raised (and matched), will start on second phase of fund-raising. This is to develop a fund for maintenance and upkeep of the Totem. (Hasn’t been a maintenance program previously, and totem pole fell into disrepair.) Estimated to cost about $1000/year to provide annual touch-ups and resealing. Discovered two videos of David working on the totem pole – about six hours long each. Making a DVD.
  • Will have another potlatch at the Rededication ceremony. S’kallem Tribe in Port Gamble will be invited to participate.
  • Motion was made to provide $250 in financial support to the Totem Pole Restoration Project. MSP: McDearmid/Hablutzel. Larry Nobles suggested this be discussed further at workshop, as he thinks we need to donate a larger amount.

Diana Smeland, President of Port Ludlow Associates (PLA)

  • Still working on permits and processes of logging 30 acres. Neighbors in the area have asked to meet with PLA to discuss. Can replant within one year. Cannot build for six years (no current plans to build there).
  • Ludlow Cove II Model Home Open House went well. Over 550 attended from Friday through Sunday. About 250 on Friday: invited residents & brokers. No signed contracts yet, lots of interest. Working towards the permitting of a second (single story) model home. No contingency available, presales have to be free & clear. Question was asked: when will access to Picnic Point be available? She has recently talked to Larry Scott/Trails committee about this.
  • Turnover in the corporate office, position of Controller. See information on their website.

Council Business 

Election of Officers for 2014-2015

  • Terry Umbreit nominated to serve as President MSP: Nilssen/Nobles. Umbreit indicated since vote was not unanimous, he would not serve.
  • Slate of candidates proposed:                                                                              President – Terry Umbreit                                                                                           Vice-President – Mike Nilssen                                                                           Treasurer – Linda Haskin                                                                                              Secretary – Tamra McDearmid                                                                                    MSP: Dean/Oemichen

Directors Election results: 361 ballots returned, a 22% increase from 2013. Over $5100 in donations received.

Appointment of Write-In Candidate: Bill Grant  MSP: Dean/Oemichen

Minutes for Annual Meeting October 2, 2014 approved.  MSP: Dean/Haskin

Treasurer’s Report (Haskin): Acknowledgments will be sent for all donations received with Directors Election ballots. Currently running monthly expenses from reserve funds, will end year in the red. Oemichen/Grant asked if the monies earmarked for IMQ can be used. Haskin reminded that board determined to keep funds in reserve in case other issues come up. Nobles asked that this topic be placed on the workshop agenda since the IMQ issue has changed significantly since last month. MSP: Dean/Grant

Committee Reports

Holiday Lights Update                                                                                                   Goal is to significantly increase density of lights. Plan to order 360 strands (18 per tree). Wave Broadband providing bucket truck and manpower to install. Consulted with electrician who installed the street lights 8 years ago. Have developed solutions so the lights will stay on., a major issue in past years.

$6000 budget. Sponsorship program: selling each tree for $200 (x20 trees = $4000). Will continue to fund-raise next year – want to eventually have dedicated electrical line for the lights. Asked that Council approve a line of credit – $2000 in advance to completion of the fund-raiser.

Motion: To authorize the Holiday Lights committee to seek financial sponsorship of the Holiday Lights project from local businesses and residents. MSP: Hublutzel/Oemichen

Motion: Provide Holiday Lights committee with $2000 advance for this season, with the understanding it will be paid back at the completion of fund-raising.MSP: Hublutzel/Nobles

Treasurer Haskin asked for a budget and periodic reports from the committee.

For future years, Hublutzel asked the Council to work on organizing at least two (2) fund-raisers a year. McDearmid requested this be placed on the workshop agenda.

Utilities Committee Report – Bill Dean, Interim Utilities Committee chair                               At the request of President Umbreit, interviewed ten (10) current committee members, OWSI and PLA. Committee’s goals to be Oversight – Communication – Advisory. Mission is to be a unifying source, and build consensus. That wasn’t done last year. Members of committee tried to do WUTC staff’s research job themselves. Making six (6) recommendations in report:

  1. Continue to have a Utilities Committee
  2. Reduce size of committee to five (5) members
  3. Committee’s relationship with the utilities should be of a collaborative nature. This approach would not change the aspect of the Committee to represent and be an advocate for ratepayers.
  4. Committee needs to do a better job of providing facts and information to the Board so Council can be more effective in communicating with and receiving input from the community.
  5. Committee should immediately develop a Mission Statement to be approved by the PLVC Board. Representatives from OWSI and PUD should be included in developing this Statement.
  6. Representatives of OWSI and PUD shall be invited to all meetings where their respective utilities are being discussed, yet not as voting members.

Motion: Accept the recommendations made in Utilities Commmittee Report.               MSP: Dean/Nilssen

President Umbreit appointed Bill Dean to serve as Utilities Committee chair.

Motion: To authorize Larry Nobles and Bill Dean to meet informally with Jeff Chapman, County Assessor to discuss property tax issues and invite Assessor to a Council General Meeting in 2015. MSP: Dean/Hablutzel


Community Welcome committee having a newcomers event on Nov 13th at Bay Club

2015 Budget Worksheet distributed – bring to workshop on Nov 18th

Member Comment: Recommends setting times for items on the agenda as a method of keeping meeting ongoing. (Darrow, Dan) President Umbreit thanked Darrow for this input.

MSP to adjourn: Haskin/Oemichen

Next workshop: Tuesday, November 18th at Beach Club, Gallery Room –3pm                 Next General Meeting: Thursday, December 4th at Bay Club – 3 pm




Oct 2014                                                                                                                       Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC)                                                                                 Annual Meeting                                                                                                           October 2, 2014  Bay Club

Minutes approved at 11-6-14  meeting                                                                           The meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present Dave Armitage, Linda Haskin, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Tamra McPherson, Mike Nilssen, Brett Oemichen, and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld. Absent: Laury Hunt and Larry Nobles. Secretary Armitage announced there was a quorum.

Adoption of the Agenda. MSP: Armitage/Haskins


Community Reports                                                                                                          David W Johnson, Planner Liaison, Jefferson County Department of Community  Development (DCD)

  • The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Pit to Pier Project continues to be a major project for DCD. A database is being built to organize the many comments that were received. There are also some different reports and studies being done as a result of the DEIS responses. There are Hood Canal Bridge issues such as bridge openings that need to be addressed. Johnson expects WSDOT to be involved. The next Pit to Pier Public Hearing will occur after January 2015.
  • Johnson reported the update cycle for Jefferson County’s Comprehensive Plan has begun.
  • The Ludlow Cove II project has been turned over to Planner Tim Woolette. Currently working on the second revision of the final plat.

Diana Smeland, President, Port Ludlow Associates (PLA)

  • Reported the construction of Ludlow Cove model is progressing – was painted grey today. Most of the landscaping at the entry to the Cove is in place. Announced the model will be completed soon, and the community invited to an Open House on Oct 24th.
  • PLA will be harvesting timber within a 30-acre parcel along Oak Bay Road west of the Community Church. Reforestation is planned. They will leave a 40-foot buffer along the roadside. Permitting for the project is handled through Dept. of Natural Resources.

Council Business

Secretary (Armitage) Moved to approve the September 4th, 2014 minutes. MSP: Armitage/Van Zonneveld

Treasurer (Haskin) Income for the year to date is $6, 863 and expenses through September 30th $10,053 with total assets of $28,327. Donations received with election ballots total $5145. Funds held for others (Trails committee) $3297. Haskins suggested an additional fundraiser before the end of the year is still necessary.   MSP: Haskin/Hablutzel-Jackson

Election of Directors  Board Member Mike Nilssen announced the results of the vote:

  • Bill Dean – 354 votes
  • Linda Haskin – 361 votes
  • Laury Hunt – 359 votes
  • Tamra McDearmid – 356 votes

There were six write-in votes. After some discussion, Umbreit announced he and Mike Nilssen (for Elections committee) would contact the write–ins to determine if there is interest to serve and whether the person is eligible to serve.

To complete a full contingent of directors (10): six North Bay, four South Bay – the Bylaws have a provision for the Council to appoint candidates rather than holding another election. There are two (2) vacancies in South Bay; one (1) North Bay. It was suggested Council wait to elect officers for the upcoming year until this process has been concluded.

PLVC Committee Reports

It is customary for PLVC Committees to provide a Report for the Year at the Annual Meeting each October. The following committees presented reports, which are attached to the Minutes as submitted.

Health & Wellness

Ursel Krumme (co-chair) provided a comprehensive report. This committee has been active for 3 ½ years, and its work carried out in three “tracks” 1) Health Forums; 2) Groups; and 3) Resource Center in order to meet its mission “…to assist residents to access health information that would help them in making personal health choices.” The committee appreciates both the financial support and the contributions made by PLVC liaison members (currently Mike Nilssen). There are eight (8) active committee members.

President Umbreit thanked Ursel and their committee for the helpful & useful information they continue to provide.

Trails/Natural Resources

Committee member John Fillers gave the report for Trails chair Larry Scott. He provided a detailed listing of the accomplishments made each month of the past year, and what still needs to be done next year. The report from Trails is attached. A highlight of the year was the creation and opening of a new trail, called Golf 9 Loop.

President Umbreit thanked John and the entire Trails committee for their unfailing enthusiasm and dedication in providing great trails for our community.

Disaster Preparedness

Committee chair David Aho listed their activities for the year and provided an outline report. Events – Three (3) held in 2014: February, May and September. Approximately 40-70 residents attended each. Drills – Block Captain Radio Drills held with very poor participation and a focus for future work. Information – Monthly articles written for the Voice; flyers posted at Beach Club and Bay Club. CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) scheduled for April 2015.

A new direction for the committee – emphasis on Community Education – is intended to assist residents in preparing to be self-sustaining for 10 days following an emergency/disaster. To “Be Informed – Make a Plan – Build a Kit – Get Involved.” Aho also urged members to visit the FEMA website www.ready.gov/ to become educated, as well as Jefferson County Emergency Management’s website at www.Jeffcoeoc.org.

President Umbreit let Aho know how vital this committee’s work is for the benefit of the entire community, and thanked him for their many efforts.

Community Welcome

Barbara Berthiaume, chair of this PLVC committee discussed what had been accomplished since its creation last summer.

Welcome to Your Neighborhood events were held Oct 11, 2013, May 30, 2014, and November 13, 2014 (upcoming next month). As the number of participating organizations has increased (over 40 groups now involved), all future events will be held at the Bay Club due to space.

Evaluations from these events have been very favorable, and the committee studies the suggestions made to fine-tune this activity. There are 15 active members, and committee is in the process of compiling a notebook detailing the various roles assigned, a budget history, and description of each event along with all evaluations.

President Umbreit was most appreciative of this new committee and its events.


As chair of this committee, Tamra McDearmid gave the Annual Report.

Website received more than 8200 visits from the US and over 700 from 22 countries. There are 1462 community addresses receiving eBlasts, sent infrequently to promote upcoming Council, committee, and community-specific events.

Examples of support provided by Communications to Village Council committees included publicity for the Welcome to Port Ludlow events (Welcoming committee); Seminars “Prepare for a Year,” as well as Dr Brian Atwater on Earthquakes/Tsunamis (Disaster Preparedness committee); Forums on Understanding Dementia & Early Intervention, Stroke – Prevention, Management Protocols & Rehabilitation, and Affordable Care Act & Medicare (Health & Wellness committee). Assisted with promotion of Noxious Weed Day, publicized opening event for the new Golf 9 Loop trail, and followed the development of a new trail in photos and written descriptions (Trails/Natural Resources committee).

Archives Status Report: 1086 documents have been entered in the public access archive. McDearmid noted 358 additional documents await archiving.

It was always the intent for the Archives to be a community-wide repository of important materials that would be irreplaceable if lost or damaged. Both homeowner’s associations (LMC and SBCA) have been encouraged to place historical and current meeting materials into Archives. Most CC&Rs and some forms have been archived to date. We need to revamp this important procedure and gather some volunteers to keep Archives functioning.

Goals for 2015

Keep website vital: continue to update & improve. Increase community awareness of the Village Council with eBlasts, posters, handouts & other informational materials. Develop methodology for polling residents on certain important, village-wide issues. Promote the value of eBlasts, encouraging community members not in this database list to sign-up. Develop campaign to gain more active participation with community Archive website.

President Umbreit thanked the Communications committee for the many responsibilities they undertake very competently.


Presented by Phil Otness, chair. The concern about derelict boats in Ludlow Bay continues to be addressed by contact with owners (where they can be found) and regular visits to vessels anchored beyond the time allowed in order to deliver information about legal limits on anchorage. In addition, Maritime committee has addressed the issue of speeding boats within the anchorage area of the bay. Signs are in place indicating speed limits.

President Umbreit offered thanks on behalf of the Village Council for the committee that Otness has kept active.

There being no Unfinished Business or New Business, MSP to adjourn: Hablutzel-Jackson/Van Zonneveld.


The next Workshop will be held October 21st. 2014 at the Bay Club.

The next General Meeting will be held November 6th, 2014 at the Beach Club. The Guest Speaker will be Phillip Morley, Jefferson County Administrator.

Submitted by Tamra McDearmid & Elizabeth Van Zonneveld                    


Sep 2014                                                                                                                      Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC)                                                                                  General Meeting                                                                                                      September 4, 2014  Beach Club

The meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present Tamra McDearmid, Larry Nobles, Linda Haskin, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson Laury Hunt, Mike Nilssen, Elizabeth Van Zonneveld, and David Armitage. Absent was Brett Oemichen.

Community Reports                                                                                   Representatives of the County and the developer were not present.

Council Business

Secretary (Armitage)  

  • Moved to approve the minutes of the July 28th Special meeting 2nd Draft. (Armitage/Nobles) MSP
  • Moved to Approve the minutes of the August 7th General Meeting. (Armitage/ Hablutzel-Jackson) MSP
  • Moved to approve the minutes of the August 12th E-mail Vote. (Armitage/Haskin) MSP

Treasurer (Haskin)                                                                                                                                                               Month                                     Year

Income for the                          $   325                                    $2,432                         Expenses for the                      $1,764                                    $9,825                             Moved to approve the August Financial Report. (Haskin/Nobles) MSP

Correspondence (Umbreit)

  • Coast Guard insurance requirements. Linda Haskin reported that our insurance agent answered the wrong questions. We have sufficient insurance that covers volunteers, but agent assumed that we would be hiring a contractor. Linda is to follow up with the agent and get an answer to the correct question.
  • Bill for the Post Office Box
  • Renew of the registration of the corporation
  • Acknowledgement letter from the WUTC

UTC Meeting of August 28, 2014 (Van Zonneveld & Nobles)

  • Short report submitted to Utility Committee and PLVC
  • WUTC letter of request for more information.

Candidate Forums (Nobles)  Given the number of forums that are current scheduled there is no need for the PLVC to schedule any forums.

PLVC Election Results to date (Haskin) – 199 ballots to date.  Question as to who is a Voting Member of the Council – anybody who has ever voted. Special meeting would only include those who voted in the last election.

Pit to Pier (Armitage)  There will be an opportunity for the Council to comment on the Pit to Pier at an open meeting in October to November. It is anticipated that the open meeting will be a three day meeting in Port Townsend.

Committee Reports and Announcements

Community Welcoming Committee (Barbara Berthiaume) Roster of members & copy of June Minutes provided. Good Cooperation from both clubs. Future events will be at Bay Club, due to the size of the events. Next newcomer event will be Thursday November 13th, 5 to 7pm Request for next year’s funds $500 from PLVC. The SBCA and the LMC have committed to providing $350 each.

Trails (Soozie Darrow) Waiting on DNR to respond to a signed document for extension of the Teal Lake trail. John Deere tractor has returned from the shop so maintenance of trails will continue. Golf 9 trail had a bear sighting

Move to adjourn (Nobles/ Hablutzel-Jackson) MSP

Minutes approved at October 2nd, 2014 meeting


Aug 2014                                                                                                                          Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC)                                                                             General Meeting                                                                                                         August 7, 2014  Bay Club

The meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen, Larry Nobles, Brett Oemichen and David Armitage. Absent Elizabeth Van Zonneveld

Guest speaker  Janette Force, Executive Director of the Port Townsend Film Institute. Janette reviewed her history with the Film Institute and the direction that institution is pursuing with its outreach program into the school districts. It also works with film makers to create films or help promote films into the community that have some social value. The film festival is a three day event to showcase how broad the application of film can be. There will be a special showing of a series of short films in Port Ludlow on August 27, 6:30pm at the Bay Club. There is no charge for this showing so check with the Bay Club. The film festival is September 19 through the 21st in Port Townsend. Information can be found on line at ptfilmfest.com .

Community Reports                                                                                                   —-David W Johnson – Jefferson County Department of Community Development (DCD) Planner.

  • The Shine Quarry lease that was operated by the Mason organization has been sold to the Iron Mountain Quarry. Iron Mountain is and will be operating the quarry for the next 50 years.
  • Introduced two new members to DCD Tim Woolette and Anna Bausher.
  • The Pit to Pier Open House at the Bay Club on August 4th was well attended. The Court Recorder took 28 oral and 15 written comments and DCD sold 10 CD’s of the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The opportunity to comment on the EIS closed on August 11. Final EIS will be issued in September with testimony before the Hearing Examiner. Hearing Examiner’s recommendation will go to the State Department of Ecology by November and Ecology sign off in January, 2015. There will a series of federal and tribal hearings, any of which can kill the project. The Thorndike organization has filed suit in Federal Court against the Department of Natural Resources and the United States Navy.

–Diana Smeland, President of Port Ludlow Associates ( PLA)

  • Interest in the Ludlow Cove cottages is also generating interest in the Olympic Terrace II lots, which is very good news.
  • Randy Verrue is working with the Department of Transportation to see if we can get one hour notice of non-submarine bridge openings. He is also attempting to see if a change can be made to who has priority, automotive bridge traffic or marine traffic. Currently, marine traffic has the right away for the Hood canal Bridge. The 520 Bridge gives the right away to the automotive traffic not the marine traffic.

Council Business

Secretary (Armitage)

  • Motion to approve the July 3, 2014 General Meeting Minutes of the Council. (Hunt/Hablutzel-Jackson) MSP
  • Motion to approve the July 9th Special Meeting of the Council Minutes. (Armitage/McDearmid) MSP
  • Motion to approve the July 28th Special Meeting of the Council Minutes (Armitage/Haskin). The minutes of the Special meeting of July 28th were amended.

Treasurer (Haskin)  Reported total Council assets of $25,563. For the year $9,045 income and expenses of $13,423. Funds held for the Trails Committee are $4,313. Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report as submitted. (Nobles/Nilssen) MSP

Correspondence (Umbreit)

  • Elizabeth Van Zonneveld submitted her resignation as Vice President of the Council and as Chairperson of the Election Committee. Van Zonneveld cited as reasons for her resignation, “that given that she did not enjoy the confidence of Council President Terry Umbreit she could not be effective in those positions.”
  • Bill Dean submitted a letter to the Council requesting to be registered as a Voting Member of the Council, thus clearing the path to run for election to the council as a member from the South Bay. The Council accepted the request.

Olympic Water & Sewer Inc. (OWSI) Water Rate Surcharge

  • At a special meeting of the Village Council on July 28th, OWSI presented a proposal for a revision to their surcharge request to the Washington Utility & Transportation Commission (WUTC). In order to avoid OWSI having to adjudicate the surcharge before an administrative law judge, and incur increased legal fees, the Council would write a letter of support to the WUTC in favor of the modified surcharge. The letter of support would depend on certain conditions being included in the modified surcharge request. The vote was 5 in favor of sending the letter and 2 against sending the letter. It was pointed out to the Council that the modification being offered by OWSI would be required by the WUTC in any case and thus had no value. The Council was reminded that the Utility Committee had reviewed the law governing who is liable for remediation of contamination and it is the contaminator, Pope Resources, and the landowner who acquired the property with knowledge that the property was contaminated, Port Ludlow Associates (PLA). The rate payers – customers – were not responsible for any of the legal or contamination investigation cost.
  • OWSI draft letter was presented and reviewed at the regular meeting of Aug 7th. The letter as presented was not acceptable. A motion to not send a letter of support for the water rate surcharge to the WUTC was made by Armitage. Voting to not send the letter of support were Armitage, McDearmid, & Oemichen. Voting to send a letter of support were Hunt, Haskins, Nobles, Nilssen & Hablutzel-Jackson. Motion failed.
  • Specific modifications to the draft OWSI letter were discussed between the Village Council and Larry Smith, President of the water company. The Council was once again reminded that the law is very specific as to liability for the remediation of contamination, the contaminator, Pope Resources, and the entity buying the property with knowledge that it is contaminated, PLA.
  • A motion was made to send a letter of support for the surcharge pending receipt of a signed copy of the letter sent to the WUTC with the agreed upon changes. Voting in favor of sending a letter of support for the water rate surcharge: Hunt, Haskins, Nobles, Nilssen, & Hablutzel-Jackson. Voting against sending a letter were Armitage and McDearmid. Abstaining – Oemichen. Motion carried.

Pit to Pier

  • A committee of the Council crafted a letter to be sent to the County reflecting community concerns with the draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed Pit to Pier quarry project. The Council failed to take any action and President Umbreit suggested it is up to the individual residents to comment with support or concern.

Motion to adjourn (Hunt/Haskin) MSP

Minutes approved at October 2nd, 2014 meeting

  • ———————————————–

July 2014

Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC)                                                                           Special Meeting                                                                                                                 July 28, 2014   Bay Club

The meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present Tamra McDearmid, Larry Nobles, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Mike Nilssen, Elizabeth Van Zonneveld, and David Armitage. Absent were Brett Oemichen and Rose Hablutzel-Jackson. A quorum was declared.

Port Ludlow Associates (PLA)/Olympic Water and Sewer Inc. (OWSI) Larry Smith and Diana Smeland  Mr. Smith spoke for OWSI, in an effort to avoid having to proceed to adjudication proceedings before an Administrate Law Judge, presented a compromise offer to the Council in consideration of a letter of support for the surcharge to the water rates.The compromise offered by OWSI is to defer the drilling cost ($31,115) and part of the legal cost ($11,869). These would be added to the cost of the next production well and recaptured through depreciation of the well.The remaining amount of the surcharge request – $117,514 would be recaptured from ratepayers over a 38 month period or $3.84 per billing cycle (total of $67.06 per customer).


  1. The UTC would require the company to defer those well drilling costs, if the drilling costs were approved by the Commission. (Armitage)
  2. The compromise as presented offered no value and needed to have something of value such as indemnification. (Carol Reichstetter)
  3. A request that OWSI indemnify the community from any future contamination cost from the Walker Way property was rejected by the company (Armitage)
  4. Compromise: OWSI, as part of its amended filing, would commit that this filing would not be precedence setting for any future fillings dealing with contamination on the Walker Way property. (Larry Smith)
  5. A request that the company commit in writing to not drill on the Walker Way property in the future was rejected by the company. ( David McDearmid)
  6. Compromise: OWSI would not come back to the community for any contamination cost resulting from any future well drilling on the Walker Way property. (Larry Smith)
  7. This compromise does not address the indemnification from any future contamination cost from the Walker Way property. ( (Armitage)
  8. Drilling cost of a failed well should be the responsibility of the company, rejected (Nilssen)
  9. Investigation cost should not be allowed, PLA cost; rejected. (McDearmid)

Motion:  The Council send a letter to the Washington State Utility Commission expressing no objection to an amended filing with the stipulation that it contain the language of the above compromises. The motion is subject to a review of a draft of the proposed revision proposal to be submitted by PLA at the Aug. 7 PLVC general meeting. MSP (Hunt/Nilssen)

Motion Amendment:   The above motion be amended to change the tenor of the letter to a letter of support for the amended filing. MSP (Nobles/McDearmid)

There were two votes. The first, to change the motion to ‘letter of support” instead of ‘no objection.’ MSP   The second vote passed the original motion, as amended. MSP

Adjournment: (Nilssen/Hunt)

Minutes approved at Sept 4th, 2014 meeting

  • ———————————————–

July 2014

Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC)                                                                               Minutes Special Meeting                                                                                                 July 9, 2014   Bay Club

The meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit . Council members present Tamra McDearmid, Larry Nobles, Linda Haskin, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Ed Knodle, Mike Nilssen, and David Armitage. Absent Elizabeth Van Zonneveld, and Laury Hunt. A quorum was declared.

Community Development Committee (Nobles)  Larry Nobles will assemble a task force consisting of representatives from the SBCA, LMC, PLA with an objective of developing a unified approach to speed limits, turn out or left turn lanes, and road signage for the whole of the Master Planned Resort.

Utility Committee (Armitage)  The following are the important points that the Utility Committee feels need to be made at the July 14th WUTC meeting at the Beach Club.

  1. The Law – RCW 70.105D:  The owner and/or operator of a facility when the contamination occurred is liable for all remedial action cost.
  2. WUTC request #4 asked for all costs information supporting the surcharge request be put into separate buckets.                                                                                      a. Siting and drilling of Well #17:  No matter what we think about the location of Well #17, it was the company’s right to drill wherever they chose. A new well is needed and these cost cannot really be challenged.                                                               b. Investigation of contamination: 1)The investigation is mandated by the Department of Ecology. However, these costs are part of the overall contamination cost and rightfully belong to the contaminator, Pope Resources (Pope).  2) Because Port Ludlow Associates (PLA) acquired Olympic Water & Sewer (OWSI) through a stock purchase, they (PLA) may have acquired some liability depending on the specifics of the Buy/Sell Agreement.                                                                                             c. Negotiations with Pope Resources: 1) The Buy/Sell agreement made specific references to holding PLA harmless should contamination be encountered that they (Pope) had failed to disclose. The current negotiations between Pope and PLA can only be characterized as revisiting the Buy/Sell Agreement as to what specific representations, disclosures and warranties had been made. 2) The committee feels that all legal and other costs incurred in these negotiations are the responsibility of OWSI’s purchaser PLA. These costs are entirely the result of a renegotiation of the Buy/Sell Agreement. 3) In that PLA (in negotiating with Pope) agreed to pay half of the investigation cost, this is a PLA cost not an OWSI cost. The Buy/Sell agreement was between Pope and PLA, OWSI does not have a seat at the table.                        d. Exposure to future liability:  1) The committee is very concerned about potential liability resulting from the contamination plume continuing to migrate under neighboring properties or into a ravine adjacent to the property leading to the bay.  2) The committee feels that if the community does not object to these costs now, they will be exposed to potentially higher costs in the future should the overall costs exceed the limit that Pope has imposed.  3) While Pope has committed to spending up to a maximum of one million dollars on cleanup, the overall costs remain unknown.

Motion to have Terry Umbreit and David Armitage present the Utility Committee position at the WUTC meeting on July 14th. MSP (McDearmid, Knodles)

Pit to Pier (Armitage):                                                                                                                Major issues

  1. Safety of the Naval Station and submarines {Navy}
  2. Safety of the Hood Canal Bridge {Council}
  3. Noise over an extended area 24/7-300 days per year {Local residences that are impacted}
  4. Congestion (choke point) at pier location {Yacht Club}
    1. Constriction between pier, berthed barges and naval restriction zone
    2. 1500 feet in zone, 1000 feet pier & barge, 200 feet berthed tugs & barges
    3. Night travel will be hazardous
  5. Contamination (fuel spills and/or black & gray water dumping) {State/Coast Guard}
  6. Taxation {Wrong Format/ Forum}

Without motion – McDearmid, Nilssen, Armitage, Lois Ruggles and any others that can help develop a preliminary position paper on the safety of the bridge concerns.

Meeting Adjourned MSP (Hablutzel-Jackson, Haskin)

Minutes approved at Aug 7, 2014 meeting




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