Olympic Resources Management to Apply Herbicide

Olympic Resource Management (ORM), is also known as Pope Resources

The area being described is along Teal Lake Road and Andy Cooper Road, where a large expanse of clear-cutting occurred earlier this year.

From: Adrian Miller [amiller@orminc.com]
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2015 2:29 PM
To: Umbreit, William Terry
Cc: Patrick Raymond; Mike Glass
Subject: Olympic Resource Management Herbicide Application

Mr. Umbreit,                                                                                                                        I wanted to make you aware that Olympic Resource Management will be applying herbicides by helicopter to approximately 123 acres on our property in an area recently harvested off of Teal Lake Road, south of Port Ludlow (see attached map).  Some residents in the Port Ludlow development closest to the operations may be receiving additional notice from our foresters, however, I wanted the community to be aware of the upcoming operation and that you should feel free to direct any questions residents may have to myself.

The herbicide application will likely be taking place towards the end of August or early September.  We cannot provide more precise timing of the applications as we are dependent on our contractor’s availability and weather constraints.  The operation should not take more than one day, however, depending on weather windows it could be spread out over multiple days.

We use herbicides to help reduce the amount of competing vegetation so that our seedlings can quickly establish and begin to grow the next crop of trees.  The herbicides we use are all labeled for forestry use and we follow both the federal law prescribed on the label as well as Washington State Forest Practice regulations.  While there are no streams in the unit, we will be buffering the small wetlands inside the unit.  We will also be buffering around the water storage tank that is in the interior to the unit.

We utilize licensed contract applicators for herbicide application and we will have a company representative on site during the application.  While our property is currently closed to the public for fire danger, we still will be posting signs at access points to the area notifying the public of the proposed activity.

Again, please feel free to pass along my contact information if anyone has any questions.  I would also be happy to make myself available to meet with any members of the community if that is more convenient.

Best,    Adrian

Adrian Miller, Manager of Policy and Environment                                                 Olympic Resource Management                                                                           19950 7th Avenue NE, Suite 200, Poulsbo, WA  98370

(O) 360-394-0595 (C) 360-620-0346 amiller@orminc.com

Attachments area                                                                                                 Welcome to Pope Resources  www.orm.com

Preview attachment Bidder Sweet Spray Map.pdf


From: Adrian Miller <amiller@orminc.com>
Subject: RE: aerial herbicide applications
Date: August 14, 2015 at 10:36:46 AM PDT

Attached and embedded in this email is a list of the products we will be using. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. The labels for these products contain specific information about how these products must be used and the label itself is more than an “instruction manual” but is actually a reflection of federal law. We apply the minimum amount of product necessary to ensure that our planted tree seedlings can quickly re-establish on the site. Please note that the rates per acre presented in this email are below the maximum rate allowed under the label. In addition to the herbicides, we will also use seed oil which allows us to use less herbicide by helping to break down the waxy coating of some plant leaves. The drift control agent is exactly that, a product that helps create larger droplets that will get to the target vegetation faster. We also use larger nozzles to create larger droplets and obviously only apply in very low wind conditions measured on the site, before and during the application.

In addition to following the label requirements (federal law), we also conduct our applications under a permit with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and follow the Washington State Forest Practice Rules.

I will have to get back to you on your specific questions related to the two harvest units you referenced in your note. I’m out on vacation next week, but will provide that information upon my return. However, I can tell you that we evaluate every individual harvest unit on a site specific basis to determine if we believe we need to apply herbicides to help ensure that the trees we plant will both survive and grow. In some instances we don’t need to apply herbicides. In some cases we apply herbicides one time and that is enough to ensure the trees’ survival. In some cases we have to apply herbicides a second time. The two applications generally happen within the first 5 years after a harvest. After that, the trees are above the competing vegetation and are able to grow on their own without any additional treatment for the rest of the rotation, approximately 40 years.

I hope you find this information helpful and responsive to your questions and if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask.



  1. Type: Herbicide
    EPA Registration . No.: 81927-5
    Product Name:SFM Extra
    Per Acre: 4 oz
  2. Type: Herbicide
    EPA Registration . No.: 42750-60
    Product Name: Gly Star Original
    Per Acre: 2 Qts
  3. Type: Herbicide
    EPA Registration No.: 81927-6
    Product Name: Rotary 2 SL
    Per Acre: 16 oz
  4. Type: Metholated Seed Oil
    EPA Registration No.: WA Reg # 2935-03001
    Product Name: Super Spread MSO
    Per Acre: 16 oz
  5. Type: Drift Control
    EPA Registration No.: WA Reg # 2935-11001
    Product Name: Crosshair
    Per Acre: 4 oz (as needed)

Adrian Miller (O) 360-394-0595 (C) 360-620-0346 amiller@orminc.com

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