Potential Impacts of Aerial Spraying near Teal Lake to OWSI Water Facilities

From: Larry Smith <LSmith@portludlowassociates.com>
Date: August 21, 2015 at 10:09:00 AM PDT
Subject: Pope Aerial Spraying near Teal Lake

Pope Resources/Olympic Resource Management (Pope) recently announced their intention to perform aerial herbicide spraying on the recently logged unit on Teal Lake Road known as “Bidder Sweet”.

In response, we did an analysis of any potential impacts to our water facilities in the area including discussions with the foresters who are coordinating the spraying and input from our consulting hydrogeologist and water system engineers.
• Teal Lake Reservoir is a 270,000 gallon, above-ground, fully enclosed, steel reservoir which is located in an easement area toward the north end of the parcel. Pope had already planned a 200 foot buffer around the tank. We understand that 200’ is the maximum buffer required from any physical or environmental feature. In addition, we inspected the reservoir to ensure that any potential entry points, such as drains or vents were protected.
• Well #14 is approximately 300’ west of the site. As part of our Wellhead Protection Plan (WPP), we have a recorded 100’ radius Sanitary Control Area (SCA) around the wellhead. We note that the proposed spraying is outside of the SCA.
• The wellhead is within the mapped 5-year and 10-year zones of groundwater travel in the WPP. Our hydrogeologist at the firm of Robinson Noble advised that that the water-bearing zone is adequately protected by the existence of a thick clay layer, or “confining layer”.
• Our water system engineer at HDR Consulting Engineers reviewed our findings and didn’t have any additional comment except to note that the Wellhead Protection plan was working as designed; it initiated discussion of activities and potential impacts
Based on the above, we don’t anticipate that the proposed spraying activities will impact our groundwater resource or storage in the area.

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