Chimacum School District Facility Update

Submitted by Rick Thompson, Superintendent                                                         September 2015 

In February 2015 the Chimacum School District ran a bond measure for $34.8 million to improve K-12 facilities. While the measure received a simple majority vote of support, it did not gain the 60% supermajority required to pass. Since that time, the district has taken several important steps to move forward.

Those steps include carefully reviewing the 2015 measure, conducting further analysis of facility needs, and gathering feedback from community members to see what changes are needed for the successful passage of future bonds.

The school board remains committed to the goal of improved facilities and the following steps are taking place to better inform a possible February 2016 bond measure.

  1. A main objective of the 2015 measure was to create an elementary campus at the current Chimacum Creek Primary School site. CCP is now a K-2 primary campus only. Expanding this site to house additional grades would create a more efficient elementary program.
  2. Improvements to the infrastructure and building envelope continue, particularly on the main campus, using capital funds. These funds are inadequate to address all of the facility needs. We have hired Construction Services Group (ESD 112) to provide additional insight and analysis (a second level of detail) in the areas of safety and security, space and capacity, and educational programming. CSG are considered experts in the area of school facilities, and will help us create the best possible bond measure for voters. Initial grading of our schools indicate below average conditions. A rating was developed for each school campus.
  3. The stadium concept needs additional review and analysis. Our school architects have been asked to provide more options and details for the community about what athletic facilities might include, along with cost estimates for such facilities or portions of facilities which may be acceptable to voters. The board will carefully consider the stadium concept as part of the overall facility needs of the district. 4. We also expect to engage the community this fall and in the future using online community engagement strategies to see how we are doing as a district and to gather feedback about facilities from a wide variety of stakeholders. You can see this work conducted in other districts and organizations at

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at or by phone at (360) 302-5896 if I can answer any questions you might have. I would be happy to meet with you, your neighborhood, committee or club to discuss school matters.

Thank you for your interest in Chimacum Schools.

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