About PLVC

history_iconA bit of history:  A Development Agreement for the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort was executed and recorded between Olympic Property Group and Jefferson County and became effective in May 2000 with a twenty year duration.  Due to the economic downturn, in March 2013 a five year extension to the Development Agreement was requested by Port Ludlow Associates. The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners voted to accept this request in May 2013. The Agreement will now be extended to May 2025.

More History:  In October of 1999, the Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) was established to address issues common to the Port Ludlow Master Planned Community and to provide a legally-recognized entity to deal with State and County governments as well as the Developer (PLA) with regard to community-wide concerns.

Besides this community representation, the Council may also:

  • Acquire by donation, lease or purchase: real estate properties, facilities and services such as public utilities; and may operate and improve them.
  • Promote and preserve outdoor recreational areas such as trails, lakes, wildlife habitats, greenbelts and wilderness reserves not owned by SBCA, LMC or the Developer.


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