Minutes, 2013

Dec 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC)                                                                                     Minutes of General Meeting                                                                                                       December 5, 2013 – Bay Club

(In the absence of Secretary Vickie Tallerico, minutes were taken by Bob Grant)

PLVC Members In Attendance: David Armitage, Bob Grant, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Linda Haskin, Ed Knodle, Tamra McDearmid, Larry Nobles, Terry Umbreit and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld.  A quorum was declared.

Members Absent: Laury Hunt, Vickie Tallerico

Meeting called to order: President Terry Umbreit called the meeting to order at 3:04pm. It was noted that the meeting was being recorded.

Adoption of Agenda: MSP to approve agenda as presented.

MSP to approve the October 3, 2013 minutes as revised.  MSP to approve the November 7, 2013 minutes as revised.

Announcements: Larry Nobles thanked Dave McDearmid and Terry Umbreit for their assistance installing the new holiday lights in the Village Center. He also thanked members of Fire Station #33 for doing the ladder and pole work:  hanging the holiday lights cannot be done without their assistance.

Community Reports:

David W. Johnson, Jefferson County Dept. of Community Development reported on the new Low Impact Development (LID) Project and that a grant has been received to analyze the process. New methods will be implemented for stormwater processing. Many of the development resource documents and regulations will be rewritten to make them easier to understand and implement. Port Ludlow Associates (PLA) will be the first in the county to utilize the process and will be a model for study and future evaluation.

Johnson also noted the Pickleball noise issue has reached their department. Noise Meter Readings will follow. Current zoning allows for tennis only on the courts.

An Environmental Impact Study (EIS) is being developed on the Pit to Pier issue. No comment from the Navy until after the study is completed.

Diana Smeland, PLA asked the council to consider a request to the DOT and Army Corps of Engineers for additional restrictions on opening times of the Hood Canal Bridge. Currently, the bridge is not opened for marine traffic between 6-8:30am except for military traffic. She indicated there is need for similar restrictions between 4-5:30pm. When the bridge opens for a single pleasure craft during the afternoon commute, the backup on the Kitsap side is often in excess of 3 miles.

PLA is working on permit process to begin construction on the Ludlow Cove development.

OWSI is currently working on a six-year water plan to be submitted to WUTC. She mentioned it would look very similar to previous plan since there has been no new water source and no additions to the customer base.

Smeland also indicated that OWSI would be filing with the WUTC for recovery of deferred expenses related to WUTC order #110436 issued in March 2011. These costs were the result of the attempted drilling at Well #17, which proved to be contaminated with gas.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report – Linda Haskin reported on details in the current November Treasurer’s report which was issued separately and will be attached to these minutes. MSP to approve November report.

There was subsequent discussion related to the 2014 budget. Haskin distributed a model prepared for consideration. Most notable was the zeroing of the Friday Market category (no income/no expense). While no vote has been taken, it is generally conceded that the council will not operate the market in 2014.  A detailed review of the projected budget was deferred to the December workshop.

Disaster Preparedness – David Aho gave an excellent presentation on the planned activities of his committee, providing copies of a new “Prepare in a Year” document which outlines procedures for homeowners to take in order to be ready for any disaster that might strike Port Ludlow.

He noted there will be 4 seminars offered to the public in 2014, at which three of the 12 phases (detailed in Prepare in a Year) will be covered by presentations from experts in the field. They will be developing upgrades and links to their website in 2014.

Aho requested a budget of $700 for 2014, while indicating they did not use their 2013 budget.

Utilities – Elizabeth Van Zonneveld reported on the last Utility Committee meeting held November 21st that included a presentation by Larry Smith and Diana Smeland on Well #17 issues. According to the WUTC Deferred Accounting order issued in conjunction with Docket #110436, OWSI was entitled to defer certain costs until all costs for mitigation and cleanup has been determined and assignment of responsibility.

Considerable discussion followed this presentation concerning the recommendation(s) the committee will make to council. There were a wide range of options suggested. Elizabeth and Bob Grant were charged with drafting a recommendation and that work is ongoing. End result will be a letter sent to the WUTC.

Trails – Terry Umbreit: A discussion of the Trails Long Term Plan was held and centered on an agreement with DNR to gain access to certain of their abandoned logging road that could connect several existing trails and improve the entire usability for homeowners.  A DNR contract will have to be executed that outlines requirements and responsibilities in order to go forward. This issue was deferred to the December workshop,

Health & Wellness – called attention to their December Voice article on page 19.

New Business:

  • The next Workshop will be on December 17th at the Bay Club.
  • The next General Meeting will be on January 9th at the Bay Club.  (Both the date and location are changed to accommodate member travel plans and the Beach Club Kitchen Renovation Project.)

Adjournment: MSP to adjourn at 4:56pm.


Nov 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of General Meeting                                                                                                       7 Nov 2013 –  Beach Club

PLVC MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: David Armitage, Bob Grant, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Ed Knodle, Tamra McDearmid, Larry Nobles, Vicki Tallerico, and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld

MEMBER ABSENT: Terry Umbreit

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Vice President Van Zonneveld called the meeting to order at 3pm, and a quorum was declared. ADOPTION OF AGENDA: A motion was made, seconded and the agenda was approved as presented

COMMUNITY REPORTS:  David Armitage announced that the Port Ludlow Parks and Recreation District failed to pass during the election.

Jefferson County Commissioner John  Austin reported that the election will become official on November 26 but that the results were fairly clear at this time.

The short-fall in funds for parks and recreation, will likely result in a reduction of programs rather than closing parks. It is appropriate for schools to take over and charge for the use of the facilities.  The County might even have to sell off some of the facilities.

There is still a need to fill the position previously held by  Robert Burns in Solid Waste Advisory District 3.  The Public Works Department will meet with those interested in the Paradise Bay Road improvement project to create wider shoulders between the Village and Teal Lake Road.  The project is to begin in 2015.

Jefferson County/Port Ludlow Development Liaison David Wayne Johnson reported Iron Mountain (New Shine) Quarry has broken ground for the mine adjacent to Port Ludlow.  There has been blasting and any resident can be put on a list to be warned of blast times.  The activity has been disruptive to the original Shine Quarry.  The quarry indicates it has all its permits in order.  Stacy Hoskins, Department of Community Development is responsible for monitoring the project.

Much of Johnson’s time is now committed to the Pit to Pier project. The applicant, Thorndyke Resources, is nearly finished with a preliminary draft of an environmental impact statement (EIS) and is expected to submit it early next year. A public comment period will follow. The Navy is opposed to the project because of its possible impact on the Hood Canal Bridge, but has not forced closure.  David said that the proposed easement for industrial development may be appealed.

Port Ludlow Associates President Diana Smeland reported that as announced OWSI is for sale;  however no serious bidder is being considered at the present time.


Welcome Committee: Barbara Berthiaume reported that the newcomers’ Neighborhood Welcome event held in November was a success and 21 community organizations were represented.  Donations from Realtors and the Inn at Port Ludlow were helpful to the committee.  The committee members believe that the Realtors will be key to the success of the welcome effort.  As this committee gains momentum, it will play an important role in welcoming newcomers and connecting them to the variety of organizations and activities in Port Ludlow.  The goal is to find ways to get more newcomers aware of the program and this will be their focus in the coming months. They are planning on holding two events in the 2014: the first on April 25, 2014 from 5 to 7 pm at the Bay Club (the other in the fall). The committee is requesting $1,000 from the PLVC for 2014 and they will also pursue other funding opportunities.

Committee members requested to be approved by the PLVC are:  Barbara Berthiaume as Chairperson, Tom Stone as Secretary, Jamie Bima, Grant Smith, Mari Stuart, Clydene Lloyd, LMC Manager Marilyn Hampton, Beach Club Manager Brian Belmont, Bay Club Manager Jeremy Bucnick, Diana Smeland from PLA to serve on the committee. Tamra McDearmid will serve as PLVC Liaison.

Wellness Committee: Ursel Krumme gave a report and described the progress of the committee in the past two and one half years.  The forums held this past year have been very well attended and they have plans in place for the 2014 presentations.  The committee has budgeted $300 for each of the three “tracks” which includes the Resource Center, Health Forums and the Support Groups.  Ursel described in detail each of the tracks and noted that information was available on their website, plwellness.org   The committee’s future goals includes multi-faceted patient education, and an one-on-one assistance/counseling sessions for health information such as learning to search reliable health websites, compiling a personal health file that will include using JHC/Harrison’s new EPIC “My Chart” electronic record system. There are 20 retired nurses available to provide help with health care decisions.  Tom Stone and Tom Boughner have resigned from the committee.

Trails and Natural Resources:  Larry Scott gave the report for the committee which continues to plan and develop more trails in the community in 2014. They want to develop a golf course trail on the former Trail Nine Hole course.  The committee tries to keep hiking trails and biking trails separate, except in the case of especially wide trails. In 2013 they finished Olympic Terrace Loop, Teal Lake Trail, Talbot-Rainier Trail connector. The Osprey Trail is in progress. There are about 24 miles of trails available in Port Ludlow now. They completed the replacement of 1,075 lineal feet of asphalt on ABT from marker 3 to marker 5 using fiscal reserves from over the past 8 years. The committee is concerned that with the completion of all the trails that there will be a need in the future for maintenance on them, which could mean a need for additional funds to be requested from the PLVC. Their goals are to continue to develop the new trails approved by local agencies. The committee is requesting a $1,000 contribution for the fiscal year 2014. Trails Committee will sign an agreement with Washington State Department of Natural Resources for trail development on the DNR land.

Doug Huber reported that the creosote piling removal will take place on November 9,11 and 12.  It will include some 47 pilings on state property.  The pilings by Picnic Point and the Beach Club are not on the list to be removed. Monica Shoemaker is the Aquatics Restoration Manager– Shoreline District

By-Laws Committee: Laury Hunt reported that the voting of the PLVC By-Laws revision has been delayed.  The information on the recent ballot concerning the request to revise the By-Laws was incomplete. The procedure on how to move forward will be discussed at the Workshop Meeting.

Disaster Preparation Committee:  David Aho will give his report at the December General Meeting.

Secretary’s Report:  A motion was made, seconded and the minutes from the PLVC General Meeting for September 5, 2013 passed unanimously. Due to additional corrections to the October 3 General Meeting minutes, the approval was deferred until the December General Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Linda Haskin reported that the total of donations from the election mailing is currently $5,570. Thank you notes will be sent to all donors after the return of President Umbreit. The Treasurer’s report through October, 2013 was presented. Following a discussion, a motion was made to accept the report, seconded and passed unanimously.

The planning for the 2014 budget was deferred until the Workshop Meeting on Tuesday, November 19. 

General Operating Account $18,531.00
General Operating Funds Available  $29,478.00
Total Cash in Bank $34,829.00

Correspondence: A newsletter from the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce and a package concerning the Washington Dental Service Foundation advertising they would be in Port Ludlow on November 15.

APPROVAL OF NEW COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS: Elizabeth Van Zonneveld requested the approval for the following Committee Chairpersons at the request of President Terry Umbreit.  Larry Nobles reminded the Council that committee chairpersons are appointed by the Village Council President. Council members are asked to approve committee membership. 

Committee Chairpersons appointed by President Umbreit for 2014 are:

  • Communications: Tamra McDearmmid
  • Community Development: Larry Nobles 
  • Community Welcome: Barbara Berthiaume 
  • Disaster Preparedness: David Aho 
  • Elections: Elizabeth Van Zonneveld
  •  Health & Wellness:  Ursel & Gunter Krumme
  • Recycling:  Steve Failla
  • Marine Affairs:  Phil Otness 
  • Trails & Natural Resources:  Larry Scott 
  • Utilities:  Randy Shelley 

Larry Nobles questioned the appointment of Randy Shelley as Utilities Chair, as he lives away from Port Ludlow for approximately 6 months of every year. Committees will also have at least one Council Member assigned as a liaison.

NEW BUSINESS:   Linda passed out the Budget Work Sheet for 2014.  She predicted that without the Friday Market and the Resident & Business Directory would mean financial concerns for the Council in the near future. The current trajectory indicates that by 2015, there will only be $15,000 in the operating account.  This year the directory sold at less than production costs reducing the amount received. Linda suggested that all PLVC Board Members work on the directory.   During a discussion, several suggestions were raised for future fund raisers that could take the place of the lost revenue from these two fund raisers. The topic was deferred until the Workshop Meeting and members were asked to bring ideas to the meeting for discussion. The PLVC needs to plan fun events for community and make sure residents know exactly what the PLVC does for the community.

ADJOURNMENT:  A motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn the meeting at 5 pm.


General Meeting 


12/05/13 at 3 pm

  Bay Club 

Workshop Meeting 


12/17/13 at 3 pm

Bay Club


Oct 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of General Meeting                                                                                                     5  Oct 2013 –  Bay Club

PLVC MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: David Armitage, Tony Durham, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Ed Knodle, Tamra McDearmid, Larry Nobles, Vicki Tallerico,  Terry Umbreit, and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld


MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Armitage called the meeting to order at 3pm, and a quorum was declared. ADOPTION OF AGENDA: A motion was made, seconded and the agenda was approved as presented

PARK & RECREATION FORUM: President Armitage welcomed the audience and announced that representatives for Jefferson County and the local Park & Recreation District (PRD) would present their recommendations.  The candidates running for office would have the opportunity to discuss their candidacy within a three minute time limit.

Jim BoyerLocal Park & Recreation Advocate:  Mr Boyer says that the local PRD presents no risk to the community because any tax it may propose to collect must be approved by voters.  Every six years, the assessment of whether or not to keep the district alive must also be approved by the voters. The creation of a local PRD in Port Ludlow would provide a benefit to the community because of its ability to act in an advisory capacity.

Mr. Boyer’s opinion is the MPD has been in the works for a number of years and it is being driven hard by Port Townsend’s Mayor and City Manager as a way to collect taxes from the entire county in order to fund an aging swimming pool, gymnasium, and other park and recreation facilities within the city limits.  Even while knowing that the parks and recreation were not given the funding they needed, the county spent over $138,000 on a consultant to help the steering committee develop a district boundary and marketing plan for the MPD campaign.

Boyer asserts the parks funding issue will not go away and will be brought back.  The only thing that put it on hold was the initiative for the local PRD that was easily qualified within a few short days with community wide support from members of both Port Ludlow property owner associations.  If the local PRD is not approved the MPD will be back on the table immediately.

Philip Morley – County Administrator gave an update on the MPD.  The MPD is not feasible at this time and is suspended until further notice. The MPD Steering Committee has recommended that the Port Townsend City Council and the Jefferson County Council and Commissioners not pursue the development of a MPD.  Jefferson County commissioners will meet with them on October 7 to adopt the Steering Committee’s recommendation, discuss the committee’s future and planning for January, 2014.  He explained that the MPD was started because the parks are in a crisis and several factors have entered into this issue:

  • Adopt-a-Park kept parks open
  • Volunteers have allowed the closed parks to be re-opened
  • If the Jefferson County economy continues to lag and inflation continues, there will be a need to make additional cuts in the park facilities
  • In 2013 the city can not provide cash to maintain the YMCA programs
  • The Mountain View Pool needs repairs.

Several points concerning the current park systems:

  • Total parks 22
  • Adopted Parks 17
  • Athletic Field Complier 03
  • Campgrounds 07
  • Programs 44
  • Total # of Participants 5,462
  • Participants Hours 130,307
  • Volunteers Hours     4,184
  • Adopt-a-Park 17 of 22 parks adopted
  • Recreation 140+ Volunteers
  • Park Care Takers    6 Facilities
  • The county has major recreation programs from Special Olympics to Soccer.

Mr. Morley went into detail explaining elements of the budget and financial facts concerning the local parks in the county. The following information was derived from the questions and answer period:

  • A study for the Citizen Exploratory Region Tasks & Recreation Committee found a major backlog of capital improvement projects without funding
  • There are two pressures on county taxes right now, the economic downturn and the on-going structure of funding for county government
  • The real estate excise tax has historically been used to fund the payment of capital improvement debt. Since the recession and the decline in the sale of real estate the excise tax revenue has eroded to a point that General Fund Revenue must be used to pay debt service
  • Funds for community services like Parks and Recreation are very limited, with the largest portion of the general fund budget going to Law & Justice
  • Citizens have played a very important role in the county budget
  • Voters approved Proposition 747 in 2001
  • Although the MPD is not in effect and is taking hiatus it can be reinstated in the future
  • The Steering Committee will remain as park consultants through the end of their term of June 30, 2014
  • Twenty two county parks have been consolidated and some of them had to be closed
  • The total recommended 2013 budget was Revenues:  $48,274,857    Expenditures:  $53,400,173

Kathleen Kler – Co-chairperson of the MPD Steering Committee: The MPD Steering Committee has been disbanded and she has submitted her resignation. The committee members will make themselves available as parks consultants.  

The following candidates made short presentations:  Mike Brenard, Ron Gregory, Peggy Mainspeaker, and Art Moyer.

Dave Armitage gave an overview about Jefferson County’s major financial problems in the past several years. They do not have the discretionary funds to continue to maintain the park system. While the County has done a good job of containing the expenses over the economic downturn, the fundamental method of currently funding government has to change.  Until the law is changed, the County needs to concentrate in developing new businesses which in turn will drive new construction and increased sales tax revenue.  Port Ludlow can help. The residents have a lot of expertise and the County needs to find a way to engage the community. The challenge to the County is to find a method to get Port Ludlow citizens involved and the challenge to the community is to become involved in helping the County.

The proposed local PRD serves no purpose.  It does not address the County’s funding issue and relies upon false presumptions.  The reason for a PRD was to not become part of the MPD.  The proponents of the PRD depend upon the presumption that the County cannot overlay park districts.  There are two legal opinions; one that states there is no prohibition of overlaying districts. The other states the creation of another junior taxing district has inherent weaknesses; being single-focused and lacking competition for funds can lead to bad decision making


Secretary’s Report:  A motion was made to defer the minutes from the PLVC General Meeting for September 5, 2013.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report through September,2013 was presented. Following a discussion, a motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

Linda reported that there have been $4,720 in donations received from the Election mailing.

General Operating Account $16,316.00
General Operating Funds Available  $27,263.00
Total Cash in Bank $32,613.00

Correspondence:  A letter was received from a resident asking that we continue putting up the Holiday decorations this year.

Election Results: Tony Durham thanked the committee for completing the election selection. The following are the results from the tabulations summary and the following candidates will be Directors on the  Port Ludlow Village Council for 2013-2014:

  • Larry Nobles 289 votes North Bay
  • Terry Umbreit 286 votes North Bay
  • Vicki Tallerico 287 votes North Bay
  • Conrad Dodd 277 votes South Bay
  • Bob Grant   19 votes South Bay

There were 27 pro and 3 con votes on the Bylaws change. Since a 60% affirmative vote must be receiving prior to changing the Bylaws, the issue to decrease the number of Village Council Board Members did not pass.

There was a discussion concerning the election of Conrad Dodd to the council as he is not a lot/property owner.  It was recommended to defer the discussion until the workshop Meeting.

Market By The Marina: It was recommended to defer the report until the workshop Meeting.

ELECTION OF NEW OFFICERS:  After President Armitage formally adjourned the meeting, oral voting was held to elect new officers for 2013 to 2014.

  • President:  Terry Umbreit
  • Vice-President:  Elizabeth Van Zonneveld
  • Treasurer:  Linda Haskin
  • Secretary:  Vickie Tallerico

ADJOURNMENT:  A motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn the meeting at 5:10 pm.


General Meeting 


11/07/13  3:00 PM

 Beach Club 

Workshop Meeting 


11/19/13  3:00 PM

Beach Club 


Sept 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of General Meeting                                                                                                     5 Sept 2013 –  Beach Club

PLVC MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: David Armitage, Tony Durham, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Tamra McDearmid, Lois Ruggles, Vicki Tallerico, Ed Knodle, and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Larry Nobles, Terry Umbreit

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Armitage called the meeting to order at 3 pm

QUORUM DECLARED:  A quorum was declared and it was noted that the meeting was being recorded.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA:  A motion was made, seconded and the agenda was approved as presented.


Port Ludlow Associates:  Diana Smeland discussed the expansion of the Marina and the extra coverage of water..  In response to a question from a Board Member, Diana explained that the pilings removal from the bay became a tool of mitigation for the expansion of the Marina, so they will not be removed by DNR (when the rest of the pilings in Ludlow Bay are removed). When asked as to PLA’s position on the Metropolitan Park District, Diana stated that the company would support whatever position the community wanted to take. She noted that PLA would see their property taxes increase by $6,000 if the the park district were adopted. PLA would just as soon not have to pay the increased cost if it could be avoided.

NEW BUSINESS: President Armitage introduced Ed Knodle who has replaced John Walker as the new SBCA President and representative on the PLVC.


Secretary’s Report:  The minutes from the PLVC General Meeting for August 1 were approved, seconded and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Following a discussion, the Treasurer’s report was approved, seconded and passed unanimously.

General Operating Account $15,383.00
General Operating Funds Available  $26,329.00
Total Cash in Bank $31,696.00

Correspondence:  A letter was received from Attorney Richard Shattuck, and will be kept with other legal correspondence.

Election: Tony Durham reported that 1,700 ballots were mailed on September 4, 2013.

Health and Wellness Committee:  Ursel Krumme announced the 2013-14 forum series will begin with Back and Spinal Issues: Prevention, Management, Rehabilitation with Michael Haberpointner DPT, an expert in neck and back pain. The forum will be held at the Beach Club on October 22 from 6-8pm.  Resources for this forum are available at www.plhealth.org.  Any questions, call Peggy Schafran at 437-9935.

Market By The Marina: Vicki Tallerico reported that the market is holding its own and there is an average of 14 vendors and 175 attendees per week.  Farm Country Produce has been bringing us fruit and vegetables from Yakima and the other artisan vendors have been loyal in supporting the market.  This has been a learning year and they are taking all of the suggestions and comments made this year in order to try to bring the kind of market the Port Ludlow residents would like to have and support.  They will be advertising in more printed media and signage, contacting all the previous vendors again who were not able to be here this year, request electrical power to be put in the area for musicians and food vendors, purchase picnic tables, and whatever else it will take to keep the market in our community.

Ad Hoc Parks Strategy Committee: President Armitage read a report submitted by Chairperson, Richard Grieves.  The committee was asked to review proposals for the Metropolitan Park District (MPD) and a Port Ludlow Park and Recreation District.  The MPD is under study by a Jefferson County MPD Steering Committee.  Concerns about the possible creation of a MPD led members of the Port Ludlow community to propose a local Park and Recreation District (PRD) as a preemptive move.  Some residents believe that creating a local district would preclude the MPD from exercising authority over lands within the local district and would deny the MPD the ability to tax local property owners.

The committee decided that it is not possible to determine when or in what form the MPD may be brought before the voters of Jefferson County. The local Park and Recreation District and a slate of commissioners will be on the ballot this November.

Upon completion of the reading of the report, Lois Ruggles made a motion to accept the report as read, which was seconded and passed 6-4.  Following a discussion, Laury Hunt made a motion to change the wording of the sentence concerning the recommendations “to support neither of the MPD or the PRD” prior to PLVC adopting this recommendation. The motion was approved and the wording was amended to read that “the PLVC will adopt a neutral position on the two current park issues, pending additional information concerning the advantages and disadvantages of both the MPD and the PRD.”  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

The Council recommended that a forum be held on the park issue during the October 3rd General Meeting.  Advocates of the two proposals are to be invited to address the PLVC and the community.  Philip Morley will attend to address the issues for the County on Park related issues and the MPD. Laury Hunt will contact individuals to represent the local park & recreation district.  Larry Nobles and Terry Umbreit will organize the forum.

ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 pm


General Meeting 


10/03/13  3:00 PM

  Bay Club 

Workshop Meeting 


10/15/13  3:00 PM

Bay Club


Aug 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of General Meeting                                                                                                     1 Aug 2013 –  Bay Club

President David Armitage, called the Thursday, August 1 General Meeting of the PLVC to order at 3pm in the Bay Club. Other Council members present were Tony Durham, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Tamra McDearmid, Larry Nobles, Lois Ruggles, Vicki Tallerico, John Walker, and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld and formed a quorum. The meeting was recorded. The agenda was adopted as presented.

Community Reports

President Armitage reported that barges will be coming from Seattle to the Mats Mats barge facility starting soon. The Barge traffic will increase to six barges per day as the tunneling operations proceed under Seattle. They will pass Ludlow Bay at least three times a day, six days a week.  The barges will be 90 feet wide and 250 feet long.  The machine to load the barges in Seattle will be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 Metropolitan Park District (MPD): President Armitage also reported there is a levy lift on the Seattle Ballot for the King County Local Park and Recreation District. The proposed property tax increase in King County will go from 13.3 cents per thousand of assessed property value to 18.77 cents per thousand of assessed value.  Park and Recreation Districts have to renew their levies every six years.

The MPD Steering Committee has organized a park visit to be held on August 9 at HJ Carroll Park and is open to the public.

New Business: President Armitage introduced John Walker, the new SBCA President and representative on the council.

Council Actions and Reports

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes from the PLVC Special Session Meeting on May 21 and the General Meeting for July 2 both received motions to approve, seconded and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report showed the Total Cash in Bank is $32,416. The General Operating Funds available are $26,174 and the General Operating Account has $15,228.

Following discussion, a correction in the General Operating Account section was made,  changing the date from April to July and the report was approved, seconded and passed unanimously.

Correspondence Report: One piece of mail was received and it was given to the Communication Committee.

Election: Tony Durham reported that there are still two (2) two-year term positions for South Bay open for nominees. Ballots will be mailed very early in September and he will request several current members from the board to serve on the committee to complete the process.

By-Laws: Laury Hunt presented the Committee members’ recommendations for amendments to the PLVC ByLaws and Articles of Incorporation. They are:

1. By-Laws – Article IV shall be amended as follows: There shall be seven (7) Directors of the PLVC who shall be elected from the voting membership.  Four (4) Directors shall be elected from the North Bay and three (3) from the South Bay.  In addition, the Presidents of Ludlow Maintenance Commission (LMC) and the South Bay Community Association (SBCA), or their designees, shall be Directors of PLVC during the term of their presidency.

2. Article IV Section 2 shall be amended as follows:  At each Annual Meeting of the Voting Members, the voting members shall vote to fill the vacancy of each Director who has served two (2) years, or to replace a Director unable to complete the two (2) year term, serving for the remaining term of replaced Director.

3. Articles of Incorporation – Article IX, Section 2 shall be amended as follows: This corporation shall have seven (7) Directors.  Four (4) Directors shall be elected from the North Bay and three (3) from the South Bay.  In addition, the Board of Directors shall include the Presidents or their designees of the Ludlow Maintenance Commission (LMC) and the South Bay Community Association (SBCA).

Following a discussion, a motion was made, seconded and the three (3) amendments were approved by acclamation.

Communication Committee: Tamra McDearmid reported that the committee has updated the PLVC brochure and produced a post card of Port Ludlow featuring an overview of PLVC’s website contents.

Market By The Marina: Vicki Tallerico reported that there has been a decrease in the number of shoppers at the market.  Vendors and farmers are concerned with the amount of revenue they have been making, and there is a chance that the main produce farmer might be withdrawing from the market. Without power, musicians are not able to perform. Chef Dan is no longer cooking and it has been difficult to get other food vendors to come to the market as most of them need power to cook their food. Market is averaging 14 vendors and about 200 attendees each week.  However, not all the attendees are making purchases. Efforts have been made to give the residents of Port Ludlow what they have been requesting from the Market; however, more support is required in order to keep the market in our community.

Wellness Committee:  President  Armitage presented two motions to the board.

1. To accept Tom Stone’s resignation as the Chair of the PLVC Wellness Committee and extend a thank you from the council and the community for all the work that he has done in the creation of the Wellness Committee.

2. To change the name of the committee to the Health and Wellness Committee.

Following a discussion, the motions were seconded and passed unanimously.

President Armitage announced the appointment of Gunter and Ursel Krumme as Co-Chairs of the Health and Wellness Committee.

Metro Park District: President Armitage presented a motion to form an Ad Hoc Committee to be named the Ad Hoc Parks Strategy Committee.  The committee will  recommend strategies and actions to be taken with respect to the Metro and Park District initiatives.  Following a discussion the motion was seconded and approved.

President Armitage announced the appointment of Richard Grieves as Chair of the Ad Hoc Parks Strategy Committee.

It was recommended that a forum on the proposed Metropolitan Park District and the local Park and Recreation District be held in September. 

Telephone Directory: President Armitage announced that there is a need for a new Chairperson and committee members for this project. The discussion was tabled until the next PLVC Workshop Meeting.

Community Welcoming Committee: Barbara Berthiaume presented the purpose and need for a Community Welcoming Committee in Port Ludlow.  The purpose of this committee will be to welcome new neighbors to Port Ludlow; provide a venue for new neighbors and those who feel new to get acquainted with each other; and be introduced to the diversity of activities and resources in our community.  The program will be an interactive and social event to encourage members to explore all that Port Ludlow has to offer as well as meet people in the community.

President Armitage made two motions concerning this proposal:

1. To approve the committee as a new PLVC standing committee                                         2.  To provide up to $500 reimbursement of expenses for the committee for 2013.

Following discussion, the motions were seconded and passed unanimously.

Disaster Preparedness Committee: The committee’s new Chairperson, David Aho gave an update on what the committee has planned in the upcoming months.  He has met with Tom Stone and Pat Traci, and will meet with the Jefferson County Fire and EMT departments soon.  He plans on meeting with the CERT Team Captain, Fire Chief Brad Martin, and schedule a class in the new future.  David requested that any one with suggestions or recommendations contact him by either phone 437-9888 or his e-mail address aho@cablespeed.com.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:59pm


  • Next Workshop will be held Tuesday, August 20th, at the Bay Club
  • Next General Meeting will be held Thursday, September 5th, at the Beach Club


July 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of General Meeting                                                                                                      2 July 2013 –  Beach Club

Members in attendance:  Dave Armitage, Tamra McDearmid, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Rose Jackson-Hablutzel, Larry Nobles, Sue Oemichen, Lois Ruggles, Terry Unbreit, and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld.  Absent and excused were Tony Durham and Vicki Tallerico.

The meeting was called to order shortly after 3 p.m. and a quorum declared.

The meeting was not recorded.

It was MSP that the agenda be approved as amended.

Community Report

Fire Chief Brad Martin spoke about the upcoming CERT classes.  He also discussed how information is disseminated within Port Ludlow and advised that the Burn Ban is now on for the dry season (July 1-Sept 30).  He also presented information about the proposed levy for maintenance and operations.

Council Business

Minutes of the June 6, 2013 meeting were approved as amended.

Treasurer’s  Report was approved.

Old Business

Metropolitan Park District:  Larry Nobles presented a draft of a letter (written at the request of the council) to the Board of County Commissioners, advising them of the Council’s concerns that such a district is incompatible with the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort statutes.  It was MSP to send the letter as written.

Committee Reports

Trails Committee  Vice-Chair Doug Huber reported that work continues on the Teal Lake Trail.  The next Fun Day will be July 8.  July 20 will be Noxious Weed Removal Day at the Village Center.  Sign-up sheets are available at both the Beach and Bay Clubs.

Friday Market report was given by Terry Umbreit.  More food vendors are coming , there is food for lunches prepared by Chef Dan, and music  is also available now.  There will be no Market the week of the Festival, but PLVC will have an information booth there.

Communications:  Tamra McDearmid has been working on the Policies and Procedures manual.  She offered the following motions:

The Policies and Procedures document be amended to update the name and address of the current insurance agent.  MSP

The Policies and Procedures  authorize the PLVC President  and/or Treasurer to pay Liability and D&O insurances premiums without Council vote as long as the premium to be paid is not more than 20% greater than its previous premium; the policy’s coverage has not changed; and the Insurance Committee has not made another recommendation.  MSP

The Archival Section of Policies and Procedures document shall be updated to state that archival materials shall be stored when not in use both in the PLVC filing cabinet and in the online archives at http://pl-wa.org/  MSP and :  A file of County, State, Developer, and PLVC documents applicable  to Port Ludlow is maintained by the PLVC Directors and is available for review by contacting the Secretary, or reviewing directly at the online archives at http://pl-wa.org  MSP

The Policies and Procedures document shall be amended to add that reading minutes are also posted on the PLVC website located at http://www,plvc.org  MSP

Elections:   There will be four positions open for Village Council this year (2 in North Bay and 2 in South Bay).  Deadline for applicants is August 1 so ballots can be ready for September elections.  Dave Armitage points out that the council works on issues affecting the whole of Port Ludlow and has been effective in providing information and services.  E-mails will be sent to the community through the clubs and the council networks and information is available on the PLVC website.

Wellness Committee:  Announced a Health Forum July 10 3:30pm at the Bay Club.

Committee Assignments:  The Council has 15 committees, each of which needs 2 Board members assigned.  Assignments will be made at the next workshop.  The Board approved David Aho’s appointment as Chair of the Disaster Preparedness Committee.

Utilities Committee Chair Randy Shelley advised that a previous report indicating a private company cannot take purchase of OWSI is untrue.  It can be owned privately if the company meets certain criteria.  The PUD offered 3 Million dollars.  There are rumors of a private offer.

Sue Oemichen, SBCA President requested the Council review its document storage at the Bay Club and remove a file cabinet.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:58pm

Announcements:  Next Workshop meeting July 16 at the Beach Club, 3pm.                     Next General Meeting on August 1st at the Bay Club, 3pm.


June 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of General Meeting                                                                                                       6 June 2013 –  Bay Club

PLVC MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Tony Durham, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Tamra McDearmid, Larry Nobles, Sue Oemichen, Lois Ruggles, Vicki Tallerico, and Terry Umbreit and formed a quorum.

MEMBERS ABSENT AND EXCUSED:  David Armitage and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld.

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  In the absence of President Armitage, Vice President Tony Durham called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.  It was noted that the meeting was being recorded.

Festival By The Bay: Linda Karp, Craft Vendor Committee Chairperson for the 2013 Festival provided some festival history, pointing out that it is a non-profit organization and proceeds go to the Chimacum School District and Olycap. Last year they gave $2500 to both designated beneficiaries. The festival will be held on July 26, 27, 28 by the Yacht Club and Marina. Entrance fee is $7 and pre-sale buttons will be sold around town, in Poulsbo and Silverdale. Information concerning this event can be found on their website www plfest.org.

Community Report:

Department of Community Development: David Wayne Johnson, Lead Planner and Liaison for Port Ludlow reported on the sale of Olympic Sewer and Water Incorporated (OWSI).  The only bid at this time is from PUD.  The buyer has to be a public entity, the Operators have to be licensed, and to transfer the NPDES permit, the conditions in the permit need to be followed.  David also reported the mitigation meeting between IMQ and Risk Pool occurred. No agreement was reached, therefore this issue will now go to court.

County Commissioner: John Austin reported that County employees are again working a 40 hour week, and they are in the process of hiring a front desk person.  There is still an opening on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee. The Police Department is collecting discarded medications from Monday through Thursday.  The County Website-Treasurer’s Office will give information on the increase in sales and excise tax.

New Business

Community Welcome Committee: Tom Stone requested the PLVC sponsor a committee to be the Community Welcome Committee for new residents in Port Ludlow.  The committee will be responsible for giving information concerning the community, outline the advantages of living in Port Ludlow, and point out the diversity of resources and activities available in the community.  It will be an interactive concept and details will be defined and presented to the council at a later date.  A recommendation was made to have an official from the Beach and Bay Clubs on the committee.  A motion was made for Tom Stone to bring a group together to establish what the goals & focus for this proposed committee will be, and return to PLVC in order to have this information reviewed by PLVC prior to the establishment of the committee.  Following a discussion, the motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Summer Food Program: Barbara Adams did a presentation on a program to provide food for the children in the Chimacum School District.  There has been a 85% increase in the children from K-2nd grades with food insecurity and are on the breakfast and lunch program in the local schools. There is a need to get food to the children for the week-ends and during the summer months.  The East Lutheran Fellowship started a program giving back packs filled with nutritional food and now there are four churches involved in providing food for them.  The group is now looking into providing this service from June 17 to August 23 at 3 different sites; the primary school in Chimacum, the Port Townsend College and in Quilcene.  These will be sites where children from ages 1 to 18 will be able to go to an educational/fun activity and receive breakfast and lunch. No child will be turned down if they attend the program.

There is a need 1) for volunteers to work at the activity sites and prepare the meals, and 2) for donations to fund the program. A $200 donation will feed 1 child for a whole school year.  Anyone wanting to assist in this project, can contact Barbara Adams at ludlowbarb@cablespeed.com and there will be flyers available at the Friday Market.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes from the PLVC General Meeting for May 2 were approved, seconded and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was reported showing the total cash hold in the bank was $35,761.  The General Operating Funds available were $28,580 and the General Operating Account has 17,636. The report was approved, seconded and passed unanimously.

Old Business:

Metro Park District:  Laury Hunt reported on the status of the MPD and what effects it will have on the Master Plan Resort (MPR).  Attorney Richard B. Shattuck was contacted in order to get a legal opinion regarding certain aspects of the MPD proposal. The MPD steering committee wants to include Port Ludlow in the proposal and if we are included, we will have to pay an increase in taxes.  If Port Ludlow forms its own park district, we will be exempt from paying the taxes for Port Townsend. The overall view of the legal opinions offered by Mr. Shattuck is that a MPR is a “self -contained and fully integrated planned unit development“. The statute also mandates that Jefferson County adopt specific comprehensive plan policies to address the development of a MPR, and requires that the County’s comprehensive plan and development regulations “include restrictions that preclude new urban or suburban land uses in the vicinity of the MPR.”

The MPR may include indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, conference facilities and commercial professional activities and services that support and are integrated with the resort.  These facilities shall be primarily designed to serve the resort visitors: either day visitors or overnight visitors, but may also provide some limited goods and services for the surrounding permanent residential population (emphasis added).

In establishing a MPD, the district boundaries could be set to include the MPR of Port Ludlow.  The District can be established either by petition or resolution of the governing bodies within which the District is to be located.  The district could manage, control, and maintain parks and associated recreational facilities throughout the boundaries of the proposed District. It would have the power to tax property within the District.

Concerning the consideration to establish a Park and Recreation District for the MPR,  such Districts are statutorily authorized to promote leisure time and activities, and associated recreational facilities for residents within defined geographic areas.  These facilities can include parks, playgrounds, pools and other similar recreational facilities.  Like a MPD, a Park and Recreation District has taxing authority.

If Port Ludlow wishes to be excluded from the geographic boundaries of the MPD on the basis of being a MPR (and have already established recreational services & facilities), the PLVC has to provide written communication to the County Commissioners and the MPD Steering Committee that we should not be included in the MPD geographic boundaries. There was an overwhelming majority within the audience supporting this decision.

There were 438 valid signatures on the recent petition to establish our own Park & Recreation District within the MPR boundaries. The petition now goes to the Board of County Commissioners, who will set a public hearing date.

Following discussion, a motion was made for the PLVC to confer with Attorney Shattuck to draft a letter to the County Commissioners, and the MPD Steering Committee, outlining the reasons for the MPR to not be included within the boundaries of the MPD, and qualifying these reasons by utilitizing some of the legal findings that were set forth in his letter dated June 6, 2013.  The PLVC  letter is to be approved by the PLVC before it is sent.  The motion was seconded and the vote was 8 in favor, 1 opposed, and 1 abstained.

Communication Committee: Tamra McDearmid made a motion that PLVC use a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License for the Archives. This is a test to determine if we want to also use this type of license for the plvc website. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Candidates for PLVC Board: Tony Durham announced that there is a need for 2 North Bay  and 2 South Bay candidates for the upcoming election and is requesting any individuals interested should contact him.

Policies and Procedures: Tamra McDearmid wanted to make a motion to correct several issues under Policies and Procedures.  It was recommended to table this discussion until the workshop meeting.

Committee Reports:

Disaster Preparedness Committee: Pat Lohrey represented the committee. She announced that David Aho is the new Director of the Disaster Preparedness Committee. It is the committee’s responsibility to educate the citizens on disaster preparedness. They are the community’s contact with the outside world.  Everyone should be prepared for 3-7 days in case of a disaster. There are 52 Captains in North Bay and 52 Captains in South Bay. A total of 28 Captains and 72 residents have been trained in Community Emergency Rescue Training (CERT). Radio drills are conducted quarterly.  The training was funded by a private grant but the budgetary problems of the Fire Department are expected to have an impact on future CERT training.  The PLVC supports the committee and approved $1,000 for 2013 that will be used  to purchase 2 way radios and training.

Insurance Committee: Ken Snider, the liaison between the PLVC and the Agent. reported that the PLVC has 2 active Insurance Policies.  One policy with Bill Hubbard is general liability and is in effect from  06-04-13 to 06-04-14.  The second policy is a general policy for $2M with MESA Underwriters and is in effect from 01-23-13 to 01-23-14.

Market By The Marina: Vicki Tallerico reported on the market.  The opening day was not exactly what it was meant to be; but it was still a success as much as it could be without the presence of produce farmers, food vendors and music. With approximately 200 shoppers passing through the market; the artisan vendors were very happy with the turn out of shoppers and their sales.

There were several issues concerning the market on the first day; with parking being the biggest one.  This has been taken into consideration and corrected with additional signage and handicapped parking available. The quest for more farmers, food vendors and musicians is ongoing. The concern with most of the food vendors and musicians is the need for electrical power.  This request has been addressed and is being looked into by Diana Smeland of the PLA.  In order to make it easier for the shoppers, all the vendors will now be located on the same side of the street.  We were pleased to see Cloud 9 Pastries return and sell out of her bake goods early in the day and Egg & I Fuchsias has added plant starters and fresh cut flowers to his selection.

There are several farmers who have agreed to come over the next few weeks and by July; including the Sunfield Farm with fresh produce by June 28, Alpinfire Cider out of Port Townsend and Finnriver Farm and Cider in July. Kol Simcha Farm will be returning with their lamb, beef, eggs, and some early spring produce.  Others have promised to come whenever they have more employees and crops to sell. Chef Dan will be cooking whenever he and his staff are available starting with a Bar-B-Que and a Salmon bake in the near future.

The adventure of keeping the market in Port Ludlow has been exciting and interesting to say the least.  We just hope that the residents of our community will continue to support the market and give it another chance to be what was promised at the beginning of the new season.

Utilities Committee:  Randy Shelley represented the committee.  The Utilities Committee monitors the mandate of the rates and service of the utilities and monitors Olympic Water and Sewage Inc. (OWSI) to keep Port Ludlow residents informed. He reported on the future sale of  OWSI.  To date there is only one offer to buy OWSI for $3M and is only an oral offer. The offer does not include $4.8M that OWSI has decided to retain for the 400 lots yet to be sold. There were no counter offers and no negotiations are happening at this time.  There are three options for buyers; 1. PUD which is under RCW section 54 2.  Private or profit owner, which there was no support from the committee for this type of buyer.  3. Another Sewer and Water District like we have now with the MPR.  It would be a private owner.  Members of the Board would have local control.  It would be non-profit. Connection fees are limited by statute.  There has to be skilled licensed personnel to run the facility.

If PUD buys OWSI, they will only provide sewer services to the MPR and not beyond, and haven’t guarantee water would only be supplied within the MPR boundaries.  If PUD is the only offer and OWSI doesn’t accept the offer, it could be taken off the market.  OWSI said it will be sold by the end of the year.

If the MPR wants to establish our own Water and Sewer District; there has to be a petition procedure completed by July 1, 2013. We would need 15% of Port Ludlow voters to sign such a petition in order to have this placed on the November ballot.  However, the PUD #1 is already established, they have a track record, attract lenders, they have an experienced staff of 9-10 employees and experienced managers. They have been the back up for OWSI.  Rates will remain the same as they have been over the past year.  The audience showed support for PUD#1 to be the owner of OWSI if sold.

Communications: Tamra McDearmid reported that the PLVC website is in the process of changing servers, and will be operational within the next few days.  It is very user friendly. General information about PLVC, meeting dates, even some PLVC history is included.  All fifteen PLVC committees have their own page, plus there are links to other Port Ludlow organizations (The Voice, LMC, SCBA, Archives, etc), and a listing of current clubs & organizations. Issues including the sale of OWSI and the MPD are part of the Current Events section..


  • General Meeting on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 3 pm at the Beach Club. NOTE day of week change due to July 4 holiday.
  • Workshop Meeting on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 3 pm at the Beach Club.


May 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of Special Meeting                                                                                                     21 May 2013 –  Beach Club

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  President, David Armitage called the Special Session in lieu of the Workshop Meeting to order at 3:00 pm.  It was noted the meeting was being recorded.

PLVC MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Tony Durham, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Tamra McDearmid, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Larry Nobles, Susan Oemichen, Lois Ruggles, Vicki Tallerico, Terry Umbreit, and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld.


WELCOME TO NEW MEMBER:  President Armitage welcomed the new LMC President Rose Hablutzel-Jackson to the Board.

QUORUM: A quorum was declared.

METROPOLITAN PARK DISTRICT (MPD): President Armitage stated that it was necessary for the newly appointed Ad Hoc Forum Committee to be dissolved until certain issues could be resolved.

The County’s MPD Steering Committee was organized to set the boundaries and determine what parks will be part of the MPD.  A decision was made to put all parks into the MPD. The committee is to define the boundaries to fund the parks.

  1. We need to find out what legal options the community has and if we can opt out of the MPD. Even if we opt out of the MPD, they can still put PL in.
  2. Doug Huber is on the Steering Committee and has special constraints
  • He can pose questions to the Steering Committee which impact the community
  • He needs to copy them on all communications with PLVC

  3.   It is not clear if we can put on an unbiased forum

  • Steering Committee wants to have a say in the forum design
  • There is only one member of the Forum Committee available at this time

Legal Issues:  A discussion followed concerning the legal issues and options of creating a park district within Port Ludlow:

  • Is the creation of a separate park district an option to be excluded from the MPD
  • Is this the only option
  • Is it better than the MPD
  • Does the MPR designation have any special significance given we are the equivalent of a park district.
  • Both of them are tax issues
  • The MPR is an unique form of governance, according to RCW36.70A.360-2

Communication: There is a need for an alternate way to communicate with the community about this issue and forum in the future.

Public Forum Committee: The Public Forum Committee was to gather individuals with impartial informative views to represent both sides of the MPD and to hold a public forum to discuss the comparisons and issues concerning this form of Park District. There needs to a neutral chairperson to oversee the forum.  A recommendation was made to table the committee until August after the council receives legal views concerning this issue and perhaps repopulating the committee as there is only one member available at this time.

A motion was made to table the Ad hoc Forum Committee. Following a discussion, the motion was seconded and a vote was taken with the majority voting not to table the committee.  It is important to move forward with the forum, as the Port Ludlow Park and Recreation District issue will be on the ballot in November, 2013. The vote on the establishment of a Metropolitan Park District will be on the ballot  on February 11, 2014. The committee will be reconstituted and move forward.

It was noted that a petition to formulate the Port Ludlow Park and Recreation district has been certified by the County Auditor.  Signatures in excess of the 15% of all registered voters in Port Ludlow were collected, 15% being the minimal requirement in order to have this subject placed on the November, 2013 ballot..

Following a discussion, a motion was made, seconded, and approved by voting 11 yes 1 no; for Laury Hunt to contact Attorney Richard Shattuck or an attorney of his choice for receiving an opinion on the MPR’s option to be excluded from the MPD before June, 2013. Following discussion, a motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously that a cap of $1,000 be set to pay for attorney fees.

OWSI: It was noted that PUD has made a $3M bid for OWSI.  The PLA has several option to sell OWSI.

  1. Private Buyer is the least desirable.
  2. PUD – Non-profit and follows same guidelines as the MPR
  3. Special Purpose District – Non-profit,  community taking control of their sewer and water districts

PUD will only buy OWSI:

  1. If it does not require a rate increase
  2. There are upgrades they want to make to the system which is doubtful given their opening bid
  3. No significant advantage over a special purpose district
  4. First come, first served; which means people outside the MPR could get hookups and our population density would be lower

The MPR has a cap of 2,250 residents and PUD would not cover the other 400 that can be built.

 Special Purpose District:

  1. Operates same as PUD
  2. Boundry would be the MPR
  3. Local control


  1. Bidding will be in the 2.5 M to 3.5 M region
  2. The bidding will be much lower than the $10 million PLA is asking
  3. The contamination issues will be negotiated.  We need to assure that the cost does NOT get transferred to rate payers
  4. Questions that need to be answered:
  • What does the community think about it?
  • Do we want to promote developing our own district?


Disaster Preparedness:  Pat Traci needs to be replaced as the chair of the committee.It was recommended that a request for a member from the Yacht Club be selected, as they would be involved in the case of a water evacuation.

Election Committee:  A request for an officer for the Election Committee was put to the floor.  Anyone interested in filling this position is to contact Dave Armitage. 

Telephone Directory:  It was announced that the Telephone Directory is a crucial source of income and ineeds to be considered in the future as a fundraiser.

Friday Market:  The market is still coming along, however, the response from the vendors and farmers is not as good as expected. The committee will continue to contact same for joining the market. If unsuccessful, they will re-examine the future of the market in our community.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm

Future Meetings:

  • PLVC Workshop Meeting will be on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 3pm at the Beach Club.
  • PLVC General Meeting will be on Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 3pm at the Bay Club.


May 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                Minutes of General Meeting                                                                                                      2 May 2013 –  Beach Club

PLVC MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Tony Durham, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Larry Nobles, Sue Oemichen, Jerry Purdy, Lois Ruggles, Vicki Tallerico, Terry Umbreit, and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld, a quorum.


MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  President David Armitage called the meeting to order at 3pm.  It was noted that the meeting was being recorded.

Guest Speaker: Fire Chief Brad Martin and accompanying him were Firefighter/EMT  Lt. Wes Lueders and Resident Neal Secondez.

Chief Martin’s career has culminated in a broad scope of experience to include firefighting, EMS, law enforcement and fire investigation.  His firefighting experience has been with both state and local agencies over a 30 year period.  He has served 13 years as a reserve police officer and has been a paramedic for nearly 23 years. Chief Martin has a Bachelors Degree in Occupational Studies from California State University and a Masters Degree in Fire Service Leadership from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue currently operates out of three facilities.  Two of the stations have full-time firefighters or Resident Volunteer Firefighters, each of which are at minimum, emergency medical technicians. Currently the department has four Paramedics. Chief Martin believes in maintaining a transparent leadership and organization with an open door policy.

Some of the challenges the fire department faces in Port Ludlow is the fact that it is a retirement Master Plan Development and there is no industry or businesses to bring in tax revenue.  They rely heavily on levy rates and there has already been a 20% to 25% cut with another 10% drop expected with the 2014 re-assessment for 2015 taxes. The department is running in a financial deficit due to the assessed property values decline. They are restricted in where they can obtain money and the Federal funding of the grants for the fire service has been reduced by approximately 20%.  This is a nation wide problem and the competition is out there for the grant money. Chief Martin continues to work on getting grant funding from Federal, State and private sources in an effort to stabilize their current financial situation.

The Board of Fire Commissioners, Management and the Union are working collaboratively in their efforts to reduce costs until the economy stabilizes.  Personnel lay-off slips were not issued at this time, but are expected to be issued on June 1, with an enforcement date to be by the end of the year.  Everything is being done to keep all firefighters on the job.  A question and answer period followed.

Department of Community Development: David Wayne Johnson was not able to attend the meeting due to an illness. David Armitage reported that Development Extension will be the topic at the  Commissioners Meeting set for May 13. The Iron Mountain Quarry mitigation talks will be on June 25.

Council and Committee Reports

Secretary:   A motion was made, seconded, and approved as submitted for the April 4 meeting.

Treasurer:  Linda noted that a correction for the Funds Held for Others (Trails) for the Pervious Month should be in the amount $12,930.  Following a discussion, a motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report as corrected for the month of April.  Following a discussion, a motion was made, seconded and approved to renew the current CD’s as they exist and come do at the Columbia Bank in the amount of $10,000.


Friday Market: The plans for the opening day of May 31 are going as according to plan. A second announcement was sent out to recruit more vendors. The PLVC tent will be at the market each Friday and the PLVC committee members will be available on scheduled dates to discuss their duties and accomplishments to the public.

Any non-profit organization in Port Ludlow is welcome to be present to inform the public about their groups and announce any upcoming events.  Organizations wishing to be on the schedule are to contact Vicki Tallerico at 437-4065 or Terry Umbreit at 437-8186.

Banners: Larry Nobles contacted Sound Reprographics on Bainbridge Island concerning the design for the new banners on Paradise Bay Road.

Wellness Committee:  An announcement was made for the upcoming forum concerning Heart Attack Protocols and Rehabilitation on May 14 at the Bay Club.

Utility Committee:  The committee has been studying the options for the future if the PLA wants to sell OWSI. There are three types of entities that would be able to purchase OWSI.  They are the current Public Utility District, private ownership and the community. They will be pursuing this on an ongoing basis.

Metro Park District: The Jefferson County MPD is about including all parks not excluding them. The city and county taxes will not decrease because of the the MPD and there will be an additional tax.  The city and county spent at least $350,000 last year on parks.  The initial tax levy is thought to be .35/$1,000 with a lid of .75/1,000 of assessed value. A committee has been put into place to develop a public forum on the Metro Park District and its impact on the community.  The PLVC developed a committee to have a forum concerning this issue. The Committee Members are Diane Campo, Doug Huber and Tamra McDearmid. The intent of the forum is to present the need for a park district, what is included, its impact upon our community and to gauge what action the community would like to take.

Adjournment: A motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn the meeting at 5:00 pm


  • Workshop Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 21 at 3pm the Beach Club.
  • General Meeting will be held on Thursday June 6 at 3pm at the Bay Club in the Auditorium.


April 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of General Meeting                                                                                                      4 April 2013 –  Bay Club

PLVC MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Larry Nobles, Tony Durham,  Lois Ruggles,  Terry Umbreit,  Linda Haskin,  Jerry Purdy,  Sue Oemichen,  Laury Hunt, and Vicki Tallerico

MEMBERS ABSENT AND EXCUSED:  Lois Ruggles,  Elizabeth Van Zonneveld,  and Tamra McDearmid

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  President David Armitage called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.  It was noted that the meeting was being recorded.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA:  The agenda was adopted following the request from President Armitage to move the unfinished business for the Banners, The Trails Committee and the Wellness Committee to be the first topics of discussion.

GUEST SPEAKER: County Commissioner John Austin spoke on several topics including the proposed Metropolitan Park District (MPD) and the Extension of the Development Agreement.

Commissioner Austin began by reviewing funding difficulties in the County.  The 1% cap on property taxes has made it extremely difficult for the County to adequately fund services.  The Comp plan is to be updated in 2016.   John stated that all mandated services, such as the sheriff’s office and schools, must be funded.  Parks and Recreation is not a mandated service.

A group of concerned citizens had formed an Exploratory Regional Parks and Recreation Committee to investigate putting a tax measure on the ballot to fund parks and recreation.  It involves creating a Metropolitan Park District (MPD) which would operate like a junior taxing district.  A steering committee has been formed to work out the details of a MPD consisting of 12 members and Doug Huber is the local representative.  Any questions or comments about the MPD should be directed to him.   At this point the committee is deciding what the boundaries of the district are.  The measure would only affect Port Ludlow if it was included within the boundaries of the MPD.  A report is expected by mid-fall.

The extension of the Development Agreement was discussed and Commissioner Austin said that citizens are in favor of the extension with two provisions:  1.) The availability of enough water and the cost of pollution  2.)  The clean-up of any contaminated wells.  The County is looking into the issues and will present the findings at a later date in April.  There is a possibility that the extension will be granted.

Pope Resources/DNR land swap condition have changed.  The Department of Natural Resources has revised their management plan to hold onto sections 5 and 6 east and west of Teal Lake.  The Paradise Road project will result in wider shoulders on the road and improve safety for walkers and bikers.

He announced that the Drug Take Back Program is for citizens to take their old prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs to the Sheriff’s office for disposal.  There is a no questions asked policy to this program.

There is an opening on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee to fill the position held by Bob Burns.

COMMUNITY REPORT:  David W. Johnson, County Lead Planner, reported that the County and Iron Mountain Quarry (IMQ) are discussion mediation of the damage claim.  There has been no announcement of when mining will commence.

The County is looking into the water issues before extending the Development Agreement.  The announcement of whether the agreement will be extended should occur around May 5, 2013.  The agreement is a planning document which does not contain provisions for regulation.

DEVELOPER REPORT:  Diana Smeland, PLA President stressed the safety of the wells.  She stated that Well #2, which had quality issues is now getting frequent testing.  She also confirmed that PLA is seeking a buyer for Olympic Water and Sewer (OWSI).  The firm has signed an agreement with a listing broker.  No data is available to a potential buyer until a letter of intent is signed.  There was some discussion about whether a Special Purpose District could purchase OWSI.  Diana stated that would require a confidentiality agreement.


Secretary Report:  A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the March 7, 2013 Board Meeting minutes. The adoption of the February 7 minutes was deferred until Tamra McDearmid was present to submit the corrections to the minutes.

Treasurer Report:  Following a discussion, a motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to accept the Treasurer’s report as of  March 31, 2013.  Linda reported that the council is investigating the purchase of an accounting software.


Banners:   Larry Nobles is contacting a graphic designer on Bainbridge Island concerning the design and cost of the banners.

Natural Resources:  Doug Huber discussed the removal of the creosote pilings in Ludlow Bay.  Approximately 75 pilings will be removed from Ludlow Cove, Picnic Point, the Marina, and other spots. The removal of the pilings is not scheduled; however it could be done sometime this summer.  No money for mitigation is available at this time.

Trails committee:  Larry Scott, reported that the asphalt on the Around the Bay Trail will be replaced with crushed rock similar to the Larry Scott Trail in Port Townsend.  The committee has extended the Talbot Trail to Upper Rainier with the help of the Boy Scouts.  The Teal Lake Loop and the Osprey Trail are scheduled for work soon.  The committee plans to open some new trails following access roads off the abandoned trail golf course.  These trails will be used by off-road bikes and horses.  Trail maps are being placed on the PLVC website.

Wellness Committee:  Ursel Krumme announced that Jefferson Healthcare is presenting a seminar on managing joint pain on April 15th at 5:30 pm at the Bay Club. The hospital’s new Orthopedic Surgeon, David King will be giving the presentation “Managing Joint Pain”. He will be joined by Mike Glenn, CEO of Jefferson Healthcare, Dr. Shannon Kirchner, from PL Clinic, Josh Martin, Director of Orthopedics, and Mitzi Hazard, Physical Therapist and Inpatient Clinical Supervisor.

Election Planning Committee:  Tony Durham will put an article in the May Voice for new candidates for the four board positions that will be expiring.

Friday Market:  Vicki Tallerico stated that the market is going along as planned.  There are 200 posters to be passed out to businesses in the surrounding areas.  Terry is contacting the vendors and the response is a little slow at this time, and is due to the weekly fee of $25/week for the stall set up; it is being lowered to $15/week for this year to see how the response is. She commented that the PLA has been very cooperative with them concerning this project.

New Business:  Sue Oemichen  recommended that a committee be formed to organize a forum on the MPD for the community.  Following a discussion, a motion was made, seconded and approved.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.


March 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of Special Meeting  (corrected)                                                                                 15 March 2013 –  Bay Club

Meeting called to Order :  V. President Tony Durham called the meeting to order at 3pm.   A quorum was declared.   There was a total of 20 attendees including Diana Smeland representing PLA.

PLVC Members in Attendance :  Dave Armitage, Tamra McDearmid, Tony Durham, Linda Haskins, Laury Hunt, Larry Nobles, Elizabeth VanZonneveld.

Members Absent and Excused :  Sue Oemichen, Jerry Purdy, Lois Ruggles, Vicki Tallerico, Terry Umbright.

The single purpose of the Special Meeting was for the Council to consider and respond to a PLA request made at the General Meeting on 7 March to support a PLA request for approval of and approve a five year extension of the Port Ludlow Development Agreement.   (Expiration date to be extended from May 2020 to May 2025).

Larry Nobles, as Chairman of the PLVC Community Development Committee reported that the Jefferson County Department of Community Development (JeffCoCDC) staff report on the proposed extension would be made available to the PLVC about 25 March, and clarified that public comment on the proposal would be considered if received by the JeffCoCDC  (Attn. : David Wayne Johnson) by 1 April and likely for 1 or 2 weeks thereafter.   Larry also reported that his committee favored support for the PLA and circulated a draft letter of support for the requested development extension.

Following a lengthy discussion, the Council agreed that a modified version of the draft letter should be prepared and sent to the JeffCoCDC.   The modification to express approval for the proposed extension of the Development Agreement but to note community concerns, and seek additional clarification in two specific areas, viz.,

  1. The adequacy of water rights to support anticipated needs as construction and population approach and reach build-out levels.
  2. The need to address (gasoline?) contamination found at one well site (well #17) without either direct or indirect cost to the residents of the Port Ludlow community.

It was M/S/A by a 4-3 vote that such a revised letter of support be prepared, circulated to the Council members, and after telephone or e-mail approval, signed by the PLVC President and forwarded expeditiously to the Jefferson County Department of Community Development.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm


March 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of General Meeting                                                                                                       7 March 2013 –  Beach Club

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  Vice President Tony Durham called the meeting to order at 3pm  It was noted that the meeting was being recorded.  A quorum was declared.

PLVC MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Tony Durham, Laury Hunt, Tamra McDearmid, Larry Nobles, Sue Oemichen, Lois Ruggles, and Terry Umbreit.

MEMBERS ABSENT AND EXCUSED:  David  Armitage, Linda Haskin, Jerry Purdy, Vicki Tallerico, and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld.

The agenda was adopted.

The February minutes were tabled for further correction prior to voting on adoption

The Treasurer’s report was sent in by Linda Haskin.  The report was approved and Linda commended on the new format.  No revenue received in February.  Expenses included the monthly payment to the VOICE and the $1,000 annual payment to the Trails committee.  Balance in the General Operating Account is $18,442 (same as cash available) as all outstanding checks have cleared.  Certificates of Deposit Balance is $10,941.  General operating funds available is $29,383.

Old Business:

Tony Durham requested Council members submit names of speakers to be invited to meetings to discuss issues affecting the community.  Several members of the council and in the audience suggested:  John Fabian of the Hood Canal Coalition to discuss the renewal of the Pit to Pier application along with an official of the applying mine; The County Sherriff; The Fire Chief; PLA;  OWSI;  Doug Huber to speak on the proposed Metro Park District; John Austin, County Commissioner

Election Planning:  The president needs to know how many current members will run again so we know how many new people need to be recruited.

Farmers Market:  Terry Umbreit stated the planning for the market at the new time and location is forging ahead.  The Market will begin the last Friday in May from 1-5p.m.  in the area above the Marina near the PLYC building.  Tamra McDearmid suggested the poster submitted is still too busy and asked that the committee consider making it more simple, sharing several examples (also provided to the Market Committee).  The vendor contact list is coming together.  Larry Nobles urged us to have a PLVC Booth at the Market.  The committee is planning for that.

Diana Smeland, PLA President, discussed the PLA request to the county to extend the Development Agreement to 2025 as the recent recession has seriously affected the construction industry and the company has not built any houses since 2007.  The water and sewer company also has applied for an extension.  She is asking that PLVC send a letter of support and do so by the 18th of this month.  A question was raised about water rights.  Ms. Smeland says the rights are protected through buildout.  Council members expressed concern about the condition of the equipment, and the reported contamination of the ground discovered when the company tried to drill a new well in North Bay.  There is an ongoing investigation and the contaminated soil needs to be cleaned up.  Pope and PLA will share the cost which will be between $50k and $400k.  There was a question about Well #2 drying up.  Ms Smeland reported it is still producing adequate water except on very hot days when it needs to be supplemented by a South Bay well. After considerable discussion it was MSP that the Council have a special meeting on March 14 to review a report of the Community Development Committee studying the issue of the Development agreement and to vote on our position about the extension.  A workshop meeting will also be held at that time..

PLA would like to begin building condos and demo homes and is seeking a loan to begin.

Phil Otness, Chair of the Utility Committee, has prepared a letter to send to the community about PLA’s possible sale of OWSI.  The committee wants the community to consider our options.  They see 3 possibilities:  1) Sale to Jefferson County PUD, 2) Form our own local Water and Sewer District in Port Ludlow, or 3) ownership by another private company.  The committee is inclined to asking that the PUD acquire the system.  They will continue to report to the community on potential impacts and options available to the community. Beverly Browne will edit the letter prior to publication.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.


February 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of General Meeting                                                                                                      7 February 2013 –  Bay Club

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  President David Armitage called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.  It was noted that the meeting was being recorded.  A quorum was declared.

PLVC MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Tony Durham,  Linda Haskin, Tamra McDearmid, Sue Oemichen, Jerry Purdy, Lois Ruggles, Terry Umbreit, Vicki Tallerico and Elizabeth Van Zonneveld,

MEMBERS ABSENT AND EXCUSED:  Laury Hunt and, Larry Nobles

GUEST SPEAKER:  Frances L. McNair, Executive Director for Olympic Region Clean Air Agency. (ORCAA) and Rita Cirulis, Air Quality Specialist for Jefferson and Clallum Counties.

Frances spoke about the agency’s mission to educate and monitor the air quality on the Olympic Peninsula. The Agency’s focus is on air quality and reduction of emissions.  Any business with operations that result in emissions must obtain a permit from the agency and must operate within regulations.

About 700 businesses within our six-county region have permits.  Large industries must renew their permits every 5 years (there are only 15 in this region). If there are violations the business can be fined although there is an attempt to resolve the issues first. If the violations continue and are egregious a facility can be shut down.

The biggest problems in this area have been from wood burning (including wood stoves). There are nephrometers set up in Clallam, Thurston, Port Angeles and Port Townsend to monitor air quality and another will soon be placed in Sequim.  Air quality is improving. The agency also deals with fuels, asbestos, and dust. Due to lack of  funds and staff there is no plan on having a nephrometer in Port Ludlow in the near future; however, if any residents know of an issue, they are to contact ORCAA and they will respond to them.

A lengthy discussion was held regarding possible pollution from dust when the IMQ New Shine Quarry begins operations in 2014. The company has been contacted by the agency and is aware that they need to file a permit and comply with regulations which require that they contain their dust to the site. They will be required to wet down the product to ensure there is not particulate matter released into the air. The agency will monitor initial blasting and make periodic visits thereafter.

It is important that anyone having concerns about dust from the operation report their observations immediately with specific information (wind, weather, color, odor, opacity, etc.) so an investigation can be made. The number to call is: 1-800-422-5623.

COMMUNITY REPORT: David Wayne Johnson, Lead Planner and Liaison for Port Ludlow talked about the status of the interactions between the County and Iron Mountain Quarry. They have agreed to settle the issues in Court.

Johnson said the County will work with the (PLVC) IMQ Monitoring Committee. He will contact a project engineer and develop a detailed list of criteria. Johnson said that noise and traffic were the largest issues to be considered.


Secretary Report:  Terry Umbreit made a motion to accept the minutes from the PLVC General Meeting for January 3, 2013; Tony Durham seconded it, and it was passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report.  The total income for the month of January is $170 from sales of directories. There are a few directories available for sale at the Beach and Bay Clubs.  Linda gave the year end report. The 2012 final numbers for the Directory show a total of advertising sales to be $13,413 and Directory sales amounted to $6,339.  Gross Profit from the Directory was $20,012 minus the expense of $12,994 equaled a net profit $7,018.  Donations for 2012 were $5,081.  The Friday Market brought in $2,750. Total income for 2012 was $28,234. Total expenditures were $24,550. Income over the Expenditures for the year 2012 equaled $3,684.

IMQ Legal Fund $3,646
General Operating Account $20,586
Certificates of Deposit $10,941
General Operating Funds Available $31,527
Total Cash In The Bank  $44,498 

Current Month Bank Balance $20,586. Current Month Accrued Expense $944. Total Cash Available $19,642.

Following a discussion, Elizabeth Van Zonneveld made a motion to accept the Treasurer‘s report ending January 31, 2013 Lois Ruggles seconded it, and it was passed unanimously.

Correspondence: David Armitage received the Insurance Binder and it was given to Linda to be kept with other PLVC documents.

Natural Resources Committee:  Doug Huber spoke on mitigating creosote piling removal. The committee is seeking funding for replacement of the creosoted pilings.  Possible 3 sources for funding are the Audubon Society, Jefferson Marine Resources Committee, and Pacific Joint Venture. They are documenting avian activity on the pilings, particularly the ones used by purple martins. If the martins are using the pilings, those pilings are exempt from removal according to Huber.

Lisa Kaufman and Bridget Kaminski Richardson from the Department of Natural Resources gave a presentation at the Jan2013 PLVC Meeting on the Creosote Piling Removal Program (CPRP) in Port Ludlow. Lisa is a specialist in birds and has provided appropriate documents. As part of the ongoing program and the CPRP, a search for a “subject matter expert” was able to locate Cinda Langjahr, a North Bay resident who has completed a Seattle Audubon Society program and is certified as a “Master Birder.” She will be the committee’s “subject matter expert”  and will write the specifications  for the Port Ludlow Program.  If the pilings are going to be replaced, a permit will be required. There could be cost savings if the new pilings could go in at the same time DNR removes the old pilings.

Trails: Larry Scott reported that the Teal Lake trail and the Talbot extension have received approval. The bid on replacing asphalt on the Around the Bay Trail was excessively expensive and Trails proposes replacing the asphalt with finely crushed rock. The material is expected to compact and form a very firm surface at lower cost. Maintenance of the crushed rock trail will be an ongoing cost and won’t last as long as asphalt. However, the removal of the current asphalt which has been affected by roots of abutting trees and a new crushed rock trail is not expected to deplete the Trails reserves. Scott recommended that he take this proposal to the LMC before making a decision and the Board members concurred with his request.  They will keep $1,000 reserve in their account.

In response to Queries about the washout on the Ludlow Falls Trail, Scott replied that it is an issue for PLA because it occurred on the access to the water pump station for the golf course.

Friday Market:  Vicki Tallerico provided a progress report on the Port Ludlow Friday Market. The plan for the market is going forward. Market day will continue to be Friday although the location will be changed to be closer to the Marina. There is room for 44 vendors and adequate parking. Vendors are being surveyed and enlisted now. The discussion was deferred to the workshop meeting.

Communications:  Tamra McDearmid reported that the committee is revamping the PLVC website. This will be discussed further at the workshop meeting.


Committee Reporting Coordinator: Tony Durham reported that the project is going well. He has developed a reporting plan that will allow representation from each committee at all future PLVC General Meetings. Some committees will be reporting to the Council more frequently than others. He believes attendance will be improved by both the committee members and residents through the new procedures and welcomes feedback.

Storage of Records: The topic was deferred to the workshop. Sue Oemichen was tasked with finding out about what kind and the amount of PLVC records that have been stored at the Bay Club over the years. She will bring the findings to the workshop.


  • The PLVC Wellness Committee will sponsor a Wellness Forum on the prevention of pre-diabetes and diabetes at the Beach Club on February 28.
  • A report of the meeting and interviews with the presenters will be in the April Voice.   More wellness information is at plhealth.org. More information about the PLVC can be found at plvc.org.
  • Next Workshop will be held on Thursday, February 19, 2013 at 3pm at the Bay Club.
  • Next General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 7, 2013 at 3pm at the Beach Club.

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.


January 2013

Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Minutes of General Meeting (corrected)                                                                                  3 January 2013 –  Beach Club

Meeting was called to order at 3pm.

Members in attendance were:  Larry Nobles, Elizabeth Van Zonneveld, Tony Durham, Lois Ruggles, David Armitage, Terry Umbreit, Linda Haskin, Jerry Purdy, Sue Oemichen, and Tamra McDearmid.

Members absent were Vicki Tallerico and Laury Hunt.

Guest  Speaker was Lisa Kaufman, DNR North Sound Restoration Manager.   Attending  with her was Bridget Kaminski-Richardson, DNR Aquatics Land Manager.

Lisa discussed the removal program. The Puget Sound coalition had a mandate to remove creosote treated debris from beaches, which was expanded in 2005/6 to include structures to prevent further leaching of chemicals into the water and to prevent them breaking up and washing up on beaches and/or becoming a hazard to navigation.  Money for the program is provided through a Jobs bill and employment is provided through the CCC.  There is a grant from the Dept. of Ecology to work on the Hood Canal area.  This money was available to provide mitigation for the construction of a new wharf at Bangor.  The cost of removing Port Ludlow’s pilings will be less than $100,000 as the equipment will be here to do other work in Hood Canal as well.  There is some money available through the marine resources committee to mitigate for the loss of the pilings – particularly  if they are used by purple martins, eagles, or ospreys.  The contact for that is Dennis.Clark@DNR.WA.gov Several of those attending the meeting were opposed to the removal of the pilings.  Others in the community have expressed their agreement to do so. DNR policy is to remove them.

MSP that the  PLVC send a letter to DNR in support of piling removal in Ludlow Bay.

MSP the Board ask the natural resources committee to investigate mitigation resources available.

Community report:    David Wayne Johnson , Jefferson County Dept. of Community Development states there is no new information on the IMQ court cases.  The department has received new information on wetlands and traffic from them.

The PLA  Development Agreement extension request is awaiting a letter from their attorney before the County will act.

David will send information on the Metropolitan Park District proposal by e-mail.

MSP approval of minutes of the December 6, 2012 Board Meeting

MSP approval of the Treasurer’s report.  Year-end  operating funds available: $32,179.  Treasurer recommends  PLVC register with Tech-Soup so we can buy their accounting technology at low rates.  MSP

Tony Simpson recommended we dissolve the IMQ committee.  MSP.  It was MSP to hold the balance of the IMQ legal fund for potential IMQ funding.

Tony also reported that he now has the PLVC Board Manual in the Archives.

Disaster Preparedness Committee:   Pat Traci presented a report of the 2012 year.  Coordinators and Block Captains are in place in North and South Bay as are emergency radios.  The Fire Department also has radios and a back-up generator.   Cert training is given yearly, Planned for May or June 2013.  Financial support is needed for the training.  MSP  $l,000 be allocated to the committee.  The full committee report is on the PLVC website.

Trails committee:  Larry Scott reported that  2012 goals have been met.  In 2013  the  work will be to finish the OlympicTerrace trail, and the Osprey trail and extend the Talbot trail.  They will need to wait on the repair of the asphalt trail as it will be very expensive.  He is requesting an allocation of $l,000 for the year.  MSP.

Bill Browne reported he has completed the up-date of the PLVC informational brochure .  He will be requesting funds to have it printed.

Wellness Committee:  Ursul Krumme noted that Tom Stone (chairman) has submitted the yearly report in writing to the Board.  The committee requests the addition of Autumn Pappas as an official member.  MSP.  The committee also requested $900 for this year’s budget, to be equally divided between their 3 subcommittees.  MSP.

It was MSP that we pay $125 for 2013 membership in the Chamber of Commerce.

Tony Durham requested that we get information from all committees to him.  He will try to update with them quarterly.

Lois Ruggles reminded the Council that Fran McNair, executive director of ORCAA (Olympic Regional Clean Air Agency) will give a presentation at the February 7 Board meeting.  She understands we have concerns about quarry pollution and will answer questions about what her agency can do and possibly suggest what we can do to monitor the situation.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

The next general meeting will be February 7th 2013 at the Bay Club.  The next workshop meeting will be held February 19th at the Bay Club.


For minutes of previous years meetings, please go to the Archives


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