Run for a PLVC seat!

Application for PLVC Election               imgres

September 2015:  There’s still a seat available for South Bay residents. If you are interested in being appointed to fill this seat, please contact the Village Council at

Name: ____________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

Telephone: __________________________ Cell: __________________________

Running for position in __________________ Bay                                                                (North or South: based on your property address)

Use as much space necessary for these 3 questions:

  • Why would you like to participate on the Village Council?
  • What skill set (background) will you bring to PLVC?          
  • Provide a brief biography (to be published in the Voice)    

Turn in completed application to front desk at the Bay Club; give to a current PLVC director; or mail to:

 Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                              PO Box 65012                                                                                                                  Port Ludlow WA 98365


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