Bert Loomis to Kathleen Kler: 4/4/15

Jefferson County
Commissioner Kler:

As you may be aware, a significant amount of commercial timber harvesting has occurred within the Port Ludlow MPR and adjacent areas within the past year.  Our community is extremely concerned about the visual  appearance of the clear cutting, as well as the financial impact on our property values.

I call your attention to the most recent example, as outlined in the April 3rd email from David Johnson to Diana Smeland [PLA] (cited below).  It appears that PLA has either completely disregarded and/or is ignorant of Jefferson County land use laws, DNR requirements and the Port Ludlow MPR Development Agreement regarding commercial timber harvesting.

I respectfully request that Jefferson County conduct an investigation into all commercial logging operations that have occurred within the Port Ludlow MPR over the past year to confirm that all legal and zoning requirements have been met.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.


Bert Loomis

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