Carol Reichstetter to Diana Smeland: 5/15/15

Diane Smeland, PLA

May 15, 2015                                                                                                                     Re: Logging

Ms. Smeland:

Having heard your comments about the “very small percentage of the community” that mistrust PLA as a result of the logging, and how the population as a whole continues to trust PLA, I feel I must comment. Trust is established by a policy of truthfulness and reciprocal respect. You have consistently failed at both. You insult the intelligence of the community by expecting us to believe the ridiculous, then you minimize the extent of our concerns.

It is absurd for you to expect anyone to believe that you had no idea the logging could violate the terms of the MPR. PLA purchased this property under the terms of the MPR; are we to believe a “logging” company bought timberland without knowing how much could legally be cut? Given the number of legal issues that have arisen over the years regarding land use and the MPR, even the most incompetent executive would at least consider checking before proceeding, particularly since you were part of establishing the MPR. Should we believe that you had no idea the primary purpose of the MPR is preserving the “resort” environment, not logging?

How can we respect you when you assign blame to everyone but yourself? The DNR, the county, the PLVC and even the individual landowners should have stopped you. And then when someone does finally stop you, you denigrate the genuine concerns of this community by suggesting that the true majority of the community supports and trusts every act PLA takes, legal or not, and some small noisy element is creating an illusion of opposition. This is a constant theme of yours, which hopefully will be put to rest soon.

If you are genuinely interested in communicating with the residents of Port Ludlow, perhaps you could start by not treating us like blithering idiots, and by not treating dissenters as an annoying clump of pests to be swatted and ignored.

Very truly yours,                                                                                                                 Carol Reichstetter


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