Community Development

This Committee has two discrete functions:        Community puzzle  

1.      It is the Council’s primary liaison with any and all developers working within the boundaries of the Master Planned Resort.  This function is primarily reactive.  The principal developer, Port Ludlow Associates, has agreed to submit all new development proposals to the Council through the Community Development Committee prior to formal filing with Jefferson County.  These proposals are reviewed by the Committee, which then recommends to the Council whether it should support, support with modifications, or withhold support for the proposal.

2.     It is the Council’s primary liaison with the Jefferson County Community Development Department.  This function is primarily proactive.   Neither the Council nor the Committee has any formal power to force the Developer to adhere to Conditions that have been mandated by the County in approving development projects.  However, the Committee should monitor adherence to these Conditions, bring any lack of compliance to the attention of the County, and insist that the County take action.

See under Current Issues:  PLA Development Agreement Extension – March, 2013

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