2015 Events: 

Hey Trail Stewards and other trail fun seekers:

We’re hoping this message will inspire you to sign up for this community experience!! Besides being helpful and fun there’s free food!!!! Please let John know asap – but come at the last minute if you can’t commit right now. Hope to see you there.

Help Rid Port Ludlow of Scotch Broom


By John Fillers, Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources

Scotch Broom is a noxious invasive weed that destroys habitat for wildlife and native plants. Its seeds and other plant parts are toxic to humans, horses and livestock. Scotch Broom burns readily and may increase fire risks during dry summers. If left unchecked, it will render rangeland and grasslands worthless. It spreads quickly in clear cut forest areas and makes forest regrowth difficult and sometimes impossible. A single plant can produce over 10,000 seeds per year and the seeds can remain viable in soil for up to 50 years.

Scotch broom also carries an enormous economic cost. In Oregon and Washington alone, it causes around $100 million in agricultural and forestry losses, an enormous price to pay for some pleasant yellow flowers.

For the last twelve years, Port Ludlow volunteers have helped control this infestation. On Wednesday, May 13 the battle continues with the annual Port Ludlow Scotch Broom pull. Volunteers will meet at the Bay Club at 9:30 am to form teams and pinpoint locations. All volunteers (spouses too) will return to the Bay Club at 12:00 noon for a complimentary barbecue and social time.

Long pants with long sleeve shirt and gloves are recommended. If you have them, please bring pruning shears, saws, and/or loppers.

If you plan to participate, please email John Fillers at to let him know, so he can estimate the amount of food required to feed all the volunteers.



2014 Events:

November 15, 2014:  25 degree temperature couldn’t stop this crew from their volunteered Fun Day. Dean Morgan and Debbi Wills put in the new chipped trail from the unnamedRV Park to connect to the Native Garden at the Interpretive Trail entrance. It’s 3-4-5 inches over a weed barrier mat so it should last awhile.


While on the subject of the Interpretive Trail, the latest word on fixing the part of the maintenance road that eroded a few years ago: it has been budgeted (that has not been the holdup) and intentions are to build a bridge over the gap next spring. Keep your fingers crossed.

July 31st: “My fun day painting the numbers on the Timberton Loop rocks along with my favorite bear watcher and machete wielder!” 
                                           Soozie & Dan Darrow
4th -7-2014 005 4th -7-2014 013

July 3rd: The signage for the new trail is currently being hammered in place thanks to the sign building by Dean Morgan and the installation help of Tom Carter and Stan Gustin. This will be a nice 3-mile addition to our greater community trail system which is up to about 25 miles now +-. Now you can access three different loop hikes by starting at the Niblicks Restaurant: 2.5-mile Niblicks Loop, 3-mile Golf 9 Loop, or the 4.5-mile Timberton Loop, or a combination.


Don’t forget to come out to the Golf Course Clubhouse on July 4th for an inaugural hike and ribbon cutting ceremony by our PLVC President. In addition, we’ll have traditional Independence Day fare of hot dogs/chips/soft drink available after the hike for a nominal $2.50 per ticket. For additional info, check the upcoming Voice, PT Leader, and (possibly) PDN. Again, a big thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help make this new trail a reality.

Let’s keep improving our trails,                                                                                       Larry Scott    Chair, PLVC Trails Committee


April 24, 2014  We had a pretty good turnout for the Stewards meeting hosted by our steward coordinators Rocky Young and Don Folsom. Check out the group photo.

      Larry Scott chronicles the Progress developing “Golf 9 Trail

Mlay 5 – We were soooooo close but the rain this morning drowned us out. John Fillers and Tom Kingston stayed until we were soaked to the skin trying to finish. And, wouldn’t you know it, the sun came out all afternoon. Thanks go to those two for sticking it out.  Weather permitting, it will get finished tomorrow afternoon and will be open for business but without the signage. Locals familiar with the regular golf cart course layout won’t get lost.


May 3 – Today Jamie Deering earned the kudos for coming out and helping to clear the image003side growth on the new trail. We made very good progress, but of course with smaller crews the end takes a little longer. Tomorrow (Sunday) will be another day of effort although it wasn’t planned until the end of today’s Fun Day. If anyone wants to jump in tomorrow that would be great, and we still have a couple of openings for Monday as well.  Let me know if you can help and we’ll get this one behind us.

Again, thank you Jamie for a good day of side clearing.


May 1 – Close to finishing, but no cigar. That’s the best way to describe where we are relative to finishing. Here are a few photos of the crews this week. It was Don Folsom and Tom Kingston on Tuesday, John Fillers with Joe and Cinda Langjahron Wednesday, and Bob Abiecunas with Dean Morgan on Thursday. (Now we have three more Good Ol’ John drivers).  As you can tell, it’s an effort from a lot of different folks that chip in to help make Port Ludlow a community with great hiking opportunities. We’ll have 1-2 more days (I hope) to finish, and Dean Morgan will start to build and locate the directional signs. I’m again looking for up to 3 folks each on Saturday (3rd) and Monday (5th) to be able to say DONE!!  If you are available, let me know and you too can get in on the finish. image011 image010 image012

April 27 – I had a chance to mow a large part of the new Golf 9 Trails today and it’s going to be a good one when we’re done. However, we still have a lot of side encroachment to get rid of so I’d like to offer Tues, Wed, and Thurs next week as fun Days for up to 3-4 to do snipping and lopping of side branches to get rid of the encroachment. It’s supposed to be good weather as well, so 9-1 with a golf cart ride shouldn’t be too bad. Let me know if you can chime in on this newest one and we’ll get it a lot closer next week (maybe done if we can get full crews).

Apr 25 – We have really moved along with our community volunteers building the new trail. Today it was Don Folsom and Milt Lum, and if they look a little wet, it’s because they are. We were caught in today’s hail/rain exercise just as we finished making the connection to yesterday’s finish. With a little bit of luck we be open for business in just a few weeks.


April 24 – Today we made more significant progress on Golf 9 with thanks going to John Fillers and Jack Manning. Check out the trail behind them. We may be @ 2/3 done with this new trail so we’ll start looking for an opening day.       image005-1

April 22 –  We are continuing to make progress on the newest community trail we’re calling Golf 9. Here’s a pic of Monday’s and Tuesday’s crew.

  April 20 – We’re into a different area now and can use more help at one time. If you can operate a pair of loppers and pull up a starting sprig or two, you can help. We’re looking for 1-3 helpers in the AMs only on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri of this upcoming week. We’ll schedule the morning from 9-1, but in all practicality it’s less than that with the travel to/from the trail area. Sooooo, if you have a free morning next week (except Wed) let me know so I can look for you and get enough golf carts for transportation. Let’s keep improving our trails,

  image005-2       April 16 – We’re into a big patch of scotch broom, getting a head start on our annual Scotch Broom pull I guess.  Attached are pics of the progress and the morning Good Ol’ John driver.

    image006-1                      image005-3

April 12 – Friday, Jack Riggen earned a big thank you for adding his participation to the new trail, and on Saturday it was Dean Morgan doing the same, thanks a lot you two. We’re going to have a large cadre of Good Ol’ John Deere operators by the time this trail is complete. image006-2     I will look at having a Fun Day outing or two for Wednesday and Thursday and possibly looking for others who would like a chance to operate some levers before we’re through.


April 11 – We have had the help of many operators on Good ol’ John, and we are now clear of the alder weeds that had grown up in the old logging/construction roads on the Trail 9 course. Our final operator earning Kudos was John Fillers. We are well ahead of schedule thanks to your neighbors who offer up their time to improve our community. Now, we’ll be moving on to other sections of this new trail.

image002                    image004

April 10 – Wednesday’s crew kept up the pace and the latest addition to our community trail system is continuing to progress ahead of the anticipated schedule. Good ol’ John is “gettin’er done” with a variety of rider/operators. Many thanks for Wednesday’s success go to Neil and Maureen Black in the morning and to Dave Pendergast in the afternoon.  Thursday we’ll have a vacancy in the AM and John Fillers will be the afternoon crew. Later this week, after a  progress/scope review, I’ll put out a call for next week’s effort.

image007        image008

April 8 – We have made significant progress in the last 2 days on developing our newest community Trail, Golf 9 (formerly known as Trail 9 Trail). Many thanks go out to our two Good ‘ol John operators today, Cinda Langjahr in the AM, and Pokey Anderson in the afternoon. Between the crew shifts, we advanced significantly despite the afternoon drizzles. Tomorrow, Neil and Maureen Black will be playing with Good ‘ol John, and in the afternoon Dave Pendergast is jumping in. With this kind of community support, we’ll have a new community trail in no time. image002-1 April 7 – We got a very good start today on the new trail but, I must confess that I may have understated the level of physical effort needed working with good ‘ol John. It’s not overwhelming, but it is more than I originally estimated. Today’s kudos go to Milt Lum for the AM shift where we worked some bugs in our systematic removal of the alders and to John Fillers for the afternoon shift when we picked up the progress with an additional tool.  I missed our PM photo op so here’s our AM shot. Tomorrow we be working with Cinda Langjahr in the AM and Pokey (Linda) Anderson in the afternoon. April 6 – I’m still looking for a Fun Day partner (1) for Tuesday/Wednesday AM (9-1) and for Tuesday PM (1-5). As I mentioned, it is not very physical especially if you want to operate good ‘ol John, instruction & training included. I’m looking for a little help. Thanks in advance.  Let’s Keep Improving our Trails. April 3 –  I’m back in town and ready to start our development of the latest community trail that we call “Trail 9” because it’s around the old golf course Trail 9 which is now abandoned. I was going to start earlier, but working with the projected weather this week, it looks like Monday next week will be the best day to get going. For this effort, we need to work a little differently. Since I’m a bachelor for April, and this Fun Day outing will only require one other person at a time to work with good ‘ol John Deere and I, I’m looking for a Fun Day person that can spend @ 4 hours at a time instead of the usual 2 hours. The job will not be especially physical as good ‘ol John will be doing almost all of the work and each of us can trade off operating good ‘ol John.  If you can spare a few extra hours either in the AM or (and this is new too) in the afternoon, give me a shout and I’ll put together a schedule of participants. This call out is good for all of next week (yes every day) so if you’re free on any day next week, either AM or PM shift, this Fun Day’s for you. Give me a shout.


          40072528b7ebd5d3366b83acb852e814     Annual Noxious Weed Pull Day It’s time for the 12th Annual Noxious Weed Pull Day, or our Annual Scotch Broom Pull. It’s scheduled from 9:30am-12:00pm on Saturday, July 20, 2013. The time has changed from an afternoon to a morning session to take advantage of the morning coolness. Last year we made considerable headway in removing scotch broom. Over 100 cubic yards of wet/dry scotch broom was taken to the dump. This year we have cut about 14 cubic yards of noxious weeds including scotch broom, Himalayan blackberry, and Canary Reed grass. Our goal is to maintain the areas we have cleared in the past and remove scotch broom from the remaining areas of “downtown” Port Ludlow effectively ridding the area of scotch broom. In addition, we will be working the south end of Mt. Constance Lane. A new feature will be returning to those areas we cleaned out in previous years and remove the new growth. sb3 Some of the Trails “fun day” personnel are currently and have been removing scotch broom along Teal Lake Road, Paradise Bay Road and Oak Bay Road. And we might add, anonymous persons are seen helping out – thanks, and keep up the good work. This year we hope to have four teams working the area west of Breaker Lane towards the Interpretative Trial, across Paradise Bay Road along the Around the Bay Trail and the Picnic Point entrance, and on Mt. Constance Lane near the trailhead of the Olympi Terrace Loop. A team will also scour the Marina/Beach Club area for new growth. Sign up at the Beach and Bay Clubs. You will need long pants, long sleeve shirts, loppers, gloves, and a determination to rid the Port Ludlow area of noxious weeds. After the morning session we’ll meet at the Bay Club for lunch from 12:00-1:30pm.

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