Trails Minutes, 2014


images-15   Mission Statement

“The purpose of the Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resource Committee is to develop and maintain the trails and natural resources of the community. The committee shall also:

  • Promote a community awareness and appreciation of the established walking/biking trails;
  • Inform residents of their role in enhancing and nurturing the natural resources that abound in the area;
  • Encourage users to help maintain the trails.”            June, 2010


                                 Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting                                    December 2, 2014 Minutes

Attendees: Larry Scott, John and Doreen Fillers, Tom Satterlee, Dan and Soozie Darrow, and Larry Nobles.

The agenda for the day and the minutes of the Nov. 4, 2014 meeting were approved.

Sub-committee Reports:

Finance: Tom reported that the total bank balance is $3104, with $1417 in the operating fund and $1687 in the reserve fund. This includes a $100 donation from Dixie and Edwin Kraght. At the end of the year, whatever is left of the operating funds will become part of the reserves, as is our custom. Requests for 2015 contributions have been submitted to PLA, PLVC, SBCA and LMC. Hopefully, they will each contribute the usual amount of $1000. The budget for 2015 was discussed, slightly amended to reflect our needs for the anticipated work to be done, and unanimously passed.

Natural Resources: John reported that he mowed the entry to the Interpretive Trail one last time before winter sets in. He will work on the revision of the map so as to meet the deadline of Jan 1, 2015. New descriptions will need to be added as well. Vito, golf club manager, might urge PLA/JLS to produce a bike map as planned and actually designed by Doug Huber as of May 2012!

Stewards: We still need a steward for the lower part of Niblicks Loop.

Trail Status:

  • Interpretive Trail: A new path from the RV Park to the trail has been chipped.
  • Montgomery Loop: Trail from Condon Ln. to Libby Ln. has been renovated with granite.
  • DNR plat: New contract has been received and is waiting for PLVC signature.
  • Several trails had tree blow-downs recently. All have been removed from the trails.

There was no Old or New Business. Goals remain the same: Implement new trail development.

Next meeting will be at the Bay Club on January 6, 2015 at 9:00 am.                   Respectfully submitted: Soozie Darrow, scribe



                           Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting                             November 4, 2014 Minutes

Attendees: Larry Scott, John and Doreen Fillers, Tom Satterlee, Don Folsom, Neil Robinson and  Soozie Darrow.

Agenda for the day and minutes of the Sept. 2, 2014 meeting were approved.

Announcement: A Newcomers Welcoming Event (also for people deciding to come out of hiding after living here for a while!) is to be held Nov. 13 from 5-7pm at the Bay Club. There will be an informative Trails/Natural Resources table at this event. New or old-comers are encouraged to come and visit with us there.

Sub-committee Reports:

Finance: No expenditures to speak of. Operating funds remain at $1602, reserve $1687.

Natural Resources: John Fillers reported on the bridge building activities. Due to a giant tree falling lengthwise on the bridge on Niblicks Loop, the bridge was demolished except for one of the railings. John was able to rebuild the bridge with a great amount of help in the way of tree parts removal and delivery of materials from Gabe Cherry of the Golf Course. The Golf Course paid for all the materials needed, about $200, as well.

John also reported on the birdhouses we provide on the Golf Course, Interpretive Trail and other trails. Nests were found in 23 of the 47 birdhouses.

As discussed at the Sept. 2 meeting, John is planning a Scots Broom fun day soon in order to remove some of the broom that was not collected during the official Broom Day event held in August. He also plans to mow the entrance to the Interpretive Trail once more before winter.

Doreen and John have placed three new map boxes in the area. They have obtained another box of maps to distribute. Redrawing/augmenting the maps has been postponed to January.

Stewards: Don Folsom reported that we need a new steward for the lower part of Niblicks Loop. There was an article in the VOICE regarding this opportunity, but no one has yet volunteered.

Trail Status:

            Interpretive Trail:  Larry plans to put chips down on the trail up to the RV Park.

Picnic Point: A 6’ wide access trail to Picnic Point is planned between lots 23-24 in Ludlow Cove II as well as through tract A to connect to the ABT.

Montgomery Loop: Neil Robinson reported that the way is now open for repair crews to redo the trail from Condon Lane to Libby Court. Some large roots need to be cut out and gravel placed.

Niblicks: Very tall grass reported in the “new” bridge area.

Osprey Trail: LMC Greenbelt Committee has responded to the request to build this trail with six questions they would like answered before permission will be granted.

DNR Plat: The person whose signature we’ve been waiting for has retired without signing. A new form with a few changes is to be sent to Larry, then, hopefully, signed by a different DNR representative.

The next meeting will be December 2, 9:00 a.m. at the Beach Club.

Respectfully submitted: Soozie Darrow, scribe

                                    The October 7 meeting has been cancelled                                        due to anticipated absence of the majority who attend

   The next meeting will be November 4, 9am at the Bay Club 



                                   Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting                               Sept. 2, 2014


Attendees: Rocky Young, Tom Satterlee, Larry Scott, Dan Darrow, John Fillers, Doreen Fillers, Soozie Darrow, Larry Nobles and Mary Ann Stalder.


Finance: Tom Satterlee reported the operating funds stand at $1805 and reserve fund at $1687. John Deere’s hospital bill came to $767 and he is now up and running more Fun Days.

Natural Resources: John Fillers reported a successful Scots Broom Pull. The bill for lunch came to $180. Leftover condiments and sodas were given to the Beach Club for their upcoming Barbeque Party. There are some areas of broom still to pull that John hopes to finish with volunteer help. He suggested a one-day-a-month Broom Fun Day to continue broom control.   John Fillers will also contact Steve Shanklin of Bay View Village regarding the Scots Broom in the retention pond area.

A long discussion of the updating the master MPR hiking maps ensued. The PLA representative has stated that budget money may be available by Nov. 1 for reprinting. John will take on the task of updating the trail info.  The descriptions of the trails have been updated and submitted to PLA.

We also need to redesign the Timberton/Niblicks trail map so as to include the new Golf 9/Trail 9 Trails. Dan Darrow will investigate.

Stewards: Rocky Young reported that Bob Ford, Golf 9 steward, came upon a mother bear and cub recently. We need to stay alert to bear meeting possibilities on all the trails.

We need a new steward for a portion of Niblicks Loop. Volunteers call Rocky at 360-316-9116.

Trails Status:

Interpretive Trail: The entry gravel-spreading project will be done Sept. 3.

Timberton Loop: Reported to be in good shape. All rocks #s/lettering have been refreshed.

Dunsmuir Trail: John reported some trees leaning over dangerously. He suggested they should be cut down if possible.

Montgomery Loop: Repair Fun Day Sept. 4 and 5.

DNR Plat: DNR representative has not responded to inquiries about the next steps on this project.

New Business:

Mary Ann Stalder thanked the group for all of the trail work that augments the livability of Port Ludlow. She had questions regarding the Ludlow Cove and Interpretive Trails regarding when they would be open for use again. This depends on PLA action.  She also suggested that we adopt the asphalt road out to Paradise Bay Road as an alternative to walking around the break in the road down to the pump house.

The October 7 meeting was cancelled due to anticipated absence of the majority who attend.

The next meeting, therefore, will be November 4, 9:00 at the Bay Club.

Submitted by: Soozie Darrow, scribe



                                       Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting                        August 5, 2014


Attendees: Rocky Young, Larry Nobles, Larry Scott, Dan Darrow, Jack Manning, Dick Ullmann, John Fillers, Doreen Fillers, Tom Satterlee and Soozie Darrow.

The day’s agenda and minutes of the July 1, 2014 meeting were approved.


Finance: Tom Satterlee reported payment of $338 for trail signs and $238 for the Golf 9 trail development. Operating funds stand at $2626, reserve $1687.

Natural Resources: John Fillers again reported that we are running out of maps and would like to update them with new trails and descriptions before the next printing. A draft of the revised descriptions has been prepared.  Still do not know who will update the trail configurations on the maps.  John will contact Jennifer Lampe regarding the next printing date so he will know when the updating needs to be accomplished.

John also reported that the Scots Broom Sweep is scheduled for Wednesday, August 27 at 9:30 a.m. meeting at the Bay Club. A reminder will be sent to both the hiking group and the trails group. John and Ron Kletti have marked some of the locations to be cleared.

Stewards: Rocky Young reported no problems on any of the trails.

Trails Status:

Timberton Loop: Most of the rock numbers have been repainted. A bid of $1200 to side-brush the trail from the Timberton parking lot to approximately 200 meters beyond the beaver dam has been received for future consideration.

DNR plat: Work schedule waiting for DNR representative’s signature.

Old Business: None

New Business: Larry Scott requested reimbursement of approximately $700 for the John Deere tractor maintenance and repair. John D. has been a major player in the construction of trails for the last 7 years or so. It was moved, seconded and passed that Trails/NRC pay for this.

Goals and Priorities:

New trail development.

Adjourned: 10:00 a.m.

Next meeting: Sept. 2, 9:00 a.m. at the Bay Club.

Submitted by: Soozie Darrow, scribe



                                    Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting                                   July 1, 2014 Minutes


Trails, Trail Stewards, and PLVC Board;                                                                          The signage for the new trail is currently being hammered in place thanks to the sign building by Dean Morgan and the installation help of Tom Carter and Stan Gustin. This will be a nice 3-mile addition to our greater community trail system which is up to about 25 miles now +-. Now you can access three different loop hikes by starting at the Niblicks Restaurant: 2.5-mile Niblicks Loop, 3-mile Golf 9 Loop, or the 4.5-mile Timberton Loop, or a combination.

Don’t forget to come out to the Golf Course Clubhouse on July 4th for an inaugural hike and ribbon cutting ceremony by our PLVC President. In addition, we’ll have traditional Independence Day fare of hot dogs/chips/soft drink available after the hike for a nominal $2.50 per ticket. For additional info, check the upcoming Voice, PT Leader, and (possibly) PDN. Again, a big thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help make this new trail a reality.

Let’s keep improving our trails,                                                                                    Larry Scott   Chair, PLVC Trails Committee



Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting

June 3, 2014 Minutes

Attendees: Larry Scott, Larry Nobles, Dick Ullmann, Tom Satterlee, Dan Darrow, John Fillers, Doreen Fillers, Rocky Young, Anne Fangman, and Soozie Darrow.

The minutes of the May 6, 2014 meeting were approved.

Sub-committee Reports:

Finance: Tom Satterlee reported the only expense as $62 for the Steward Thank You Party. The operating funds for 2014 are $3852 and reserves remain at $1687. We are expecting some major expenses in the coming month for sign equipment and professional side brushing of Niblicks Loop.

Natural Resources: Doreen Fillers reported that she is running out of maps for distribution. They seem to disappear quickly from the kiosk box. Additions to the maps of the new trails are recommended before printing more. Dean also reported running out of Timberton/Niblicks trail maps, which also should be updated before printing more. John Fillers suggested Ebbtide Ct. empty lots as a major location of the scotch broom pull. However, since that is private property and, therefore, the responsibility of the owners, it was suggested to be of lowest priority.

Stewards: Rocky Young reported that Jaime Deering will be stewarding the ABT2 Bridges, replacing Julia Blakeney-Smith. Bob Ford will do the newest trails, Golf 9.

Trail Status:

Beaver Trail: Larry Scott reported that the beavers have been very busy gnawing on trees lately so that trail needs to be cleaned up.

 Montgomery Loop: Between Condon Ln. and Libby Ct. needs chipping.

   Kehele Park: The trail has been re-routed by LMC?

 Niblicks Loop: The side brushing is due to be done this weekend.

DNR plat: We are waiting for a response from DNR on the proposed agreement..

Many small areas on several trails and around sign posts need weed whacking. The committee now owns a gasoline powered weed whacker donated by Julia and Ken Blakeney-Smith.

Old Business:

Larry Scott and Diana Smeland of PLA are exploring plans to underwrite a July 4 opening party for the Golf 9 trails with food after a hike at Niblicks Cafe. Information will be disseminated via The Leader, the Peninsula Daily News and the VOICE when finalized.

 New Business: None

Meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

Next meeting: Tuesday, July 1, at 9:00 a.m. at the Bay Club.

Submitted by: Soozie Darrow, scribe



Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting

May 6, 2014 Minutes

Attendees: Larry Scott, Doreen Fillers, Tom Satterlee, Soozie Darrow, Dick Ullmann, Jack Manning, Larry Nobles, Dan Darrow and Don Folsom.

The day’s agenda and the minutes of the April 1, 2014 meeting were approved.

Sub-committee Reports:

Finance: Tom Satterlee reported little action within the bank account. The operating budget is $3914 and the reserve account is $1687.

Natural Resources: In the absence of John, Doreen Fillers reported that the Scots Broom Sweep is now scheduled for Wednesday, August 27, 2014. The sweeping will occur from 9:30 – noon, lunch from noon – 1:30 at the Bay Club. We will need to sign up and state our choice of hamburgers, salmon burgers or hotdogs. Doreen also reported that John has mowed the entry to the Interpretive Trail and the Port Ludlow Garden Club has done the weeding.

Stewards: Don Folsom reported that the morning get-together of stewards was a success. He sent an article about it to the June VOICE. Several new stewards are joining us: Bob Ford will be doing the new Golf 9 Trail; Tom Satterlee will be in charge of the trail from ABT 4 to Wells Court since the Cahns are moving; Jamie Deering will do the ABT 2 Bridges as Julia Blakeney-Smith is moving to CA; and the Fillers will take care of ABT 5-7.

Trail Status:

            Kehele Park Trail: A new resident installing a fence has discovered the trail crosses a corner of the private property instead of staying within the Drainage District’s easement with the LMC. LMC and the Drainage District are seeking a resolution as Trails currently has a full agenda

            Niblicks: Larry Scott will mow this week.

Golf 9: Larry anticipated that this would be finished by May 6. Dean Morgan is busy taking GPS readings in order for it to be added to the trail maps as well as to make signage.

 DNR Plat trails: DNR is working on the agreement. It was moved that we allocate no more than $1000 to hire a contractor to do the initial trail breaking for the connecting trails.  Motion passed.

Old Business:

The question of PLVC publicizing our trail system to the outside world was brought up. They have not discussed it lately. However, PLA has already done so.

New Business:

It was suggested that a grand opening celebration for Golf 9 be held. Larry Scott agreed to see if Niblicks would be willing to participate by serving hotdogs etc. on July 4 or other suitable date.

Submitted by: Soozie Darrow, scribe



Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting

 April 1, 2014 Minutes

Attendees: Dick Ullmann, Don Folsom, Doreen Fillers, Larry Nobles, Larry Scott, Dan Darrow and Soozie Darrow.

The agenda and minutes of the March 4,2014 meeting were approved.

Sub-committee reports:

Finance: Soozie reported that, as of March 7, 2014 the account balance was $5510.02. The reserve fund remains at $1687, operating fund $3823. Linda Haskin deposited $112.95 sent to us from LMC for reimbursement of expenses for repair of the Montgomery Loop bollards and asphalt. This makes the current balance $3936.

Natural Resources: John Fillers sent a report saying the plan is to have the Scots Broom Sweep in mid to late August, depending somewhat on the availability of the Bay Club for the reward barbecue. Those present suggest late August since several who usually help will be away Aug. 18-24. Doreen reported that the kiosk map holder is being emptied quickly every week.

   Stewards: Don Folsom reported that the Thank You gathering for stewards will be held at the Bay Club at 10am on Wednesday, April 23, 2014. Coffee and pastries will be served, Larry Scott agreed to welcome and thank everyone and provide an update of trail activities and plans. A raffle will be held for new pruning shears. It was suggested that nametags including designated trail be made for everyone. Several bakeries were suggested for good pastries. Don will send e-mail invitations April 2 and reminders April 16.

Trail Status:

   Interpretive Trail: Don Folsom reported that, after discussion with steward Bobbie Collins, he created a laminated sign and attached it to the large blue sign at the beginning of the trail indicating trail closed to the left and take a right to go to the falls. This is an effort to keep people away from the washed-out area.

    Timberton: Dean Morgan sent a report that a vehicle, perhaps gaining access through Shine Quarry, made ruts in all the muddy areas of the trail, especially on the hill near rock 11. He will try to make repairs.

Olympic Terrace: Dan reported a small tree is leaning into the trail from Springwood Dr. down to the golf course. Needs to be removed.

Kehele Park: The question of private property for part of the trail was discussed.

Golf 9: Larry Scott is going to plan “fun” events every day to get these side trails in service. Only one player per day for four hours will be requested.

DNR connecting trails: Larry Scott is planning to meet with DNR representatives on April 17 regarding this project.

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Next Meeting: Tuesday May 6 at the Bay Club at 9am

Submitted by: Soozie Darrow, scribe



Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting

March 4, 2014 Minutes

Attendees: John Fillers, acting chairman, Doreen Fillers, Dan Darrow, Tom Satterlee, Don Folsom, Ron Kletti and Soozie Darrow.

The agenda for the day and minutes for the Feb. 4, 2014 meeting were approved.

Sub-Committee Reports:

Finance: Tom Satterlee reported we had not yet received the $1000 pledge from PLVC. The operating funds now stand at $2823 and the reserve fund at $1687.

Natural Resources: Darlene reported that Port Ludlow maps had been distributed as requested. We decided that we no longer need to be concerned about bike maps as PLA has the information they requested and will choose when to print and distribute them.

The birdhouses are ready for occupation.

Stewards: Don Folsom reported that he and Rocky Young, co-chairmen of the stewards, had discussed having a simple thank you event for the stewards in early spring. A 10:00 a.m. coffee and pastries party at the Bay Club was chosen for just the 36+ stewards. Invitations will be sent when a date has been set, probably in April during the week. They are considering a raffle/door prize event.

Trails Status:

Interpretive Trail: The entrance path chips were renewed on an 18-degree morning!

Timberton Trail: Muddy near rocks 9 and 19. Dean Morgan has refinished 2 signs and will do the two beaver dam signs as well as fill the doggie bag dispenser.

ABT: The part of the trail by the new Ludlow Cove development will be closed for quite awhile. Ultimately it will be rerouted as it cuts through the property which will be the first lots developed. The street is wide enough in that area to be safe for walking in the mean time.

Montgomery Loop: The large bollards have been removed from the south end of the trail and the surface refinished. LMC, who owns the property, paid the $112 cost of rental equipment.

Ludlow Cove: Access is available via Ebbtide Ct. or Waterhouse Ct.

Lower Rainier: Some felt that this trail needs more upkeep than it is getting. Also, perhaps a better means of crossing the creek when it is full could be created.

New Business: Discussed getting things started for the Scots Broom Sweep. Discussed the redeeming factors of the two methods of broom removal: pulling in early spring or cutting in late summer. John Fillers is in charge of this project as he is the Natural Resources chairman.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday April 1, 2014 at the Beach Club.



Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting

Feb. 4, 2014 Minutes

Attendees: Ron Kletti, Dick Ullmann, Larry Nobles, Dan Darrow, Larry Scott, John Fillers, Doreen Fillers, Jack Manning and Soozie Darrow.

The day’s agenda and January 7, 2014 minutes were approved.

Sub-committee Reports:

Finance: Tom Satterlee reported $2000 of the expected $4000 annual donations has been deposited in our account. The balance for 2014 now stands at $2000 and the reserve fund balance is $1687. The reserve fund balance increases at the end of each year as we put what monies are left from our annual funds into the reserve fund for anticipated future large projects.

Natural Resources: John Fillers is ready to start monitoring the birdhouses, most of which are located on the golf course. Doreen Fillers has obtained 100 or so maps from PLA and is distributing them to four locations. Dan Darrow has all of the Nature Guides and will give some to the marina office as well as to the Port Ludlow Welcome Committee(s) until they are all gone.

Stewards: Bill Lane has offered to be the steward for the Bay Club gazebo to replace Chris Whitehurst who has volunteered for several years.

Interpretive Trail: Spreading of chips at the entrance will be taking place this week.

Around the Bay Trail: This trail is closed temporarily between the log steps and sign #10 as construction work as well as some tree removal has begun in this area. Infrastructure for forty-two cottages is being put in place to be built in the area leading to Picnic Point.

Picnic Point: This area will be accessible only from the bottom of Ebb Tide Ct. or the end of Waterhouse Ct. until construction for the above is finished.

Montgomery Loop: LMC has given Trails permission to remove two stanchions and repair the walkway by the bridge leading to Admiralty Condos area.

Niblicks Loop: The broken bridge in the upper part of the loop has been replaced with a very sturdy new log and the muddy part of the part near the golf course has received a new corduroy road to keep us dry. A contractor has been contacted for side brushing of some of the lower loop.

Osprey Trail has been flagged and LMC notified so it can be reviewed.

DNR Plat: PLVC approved an agreement with DNR so that we can connect several trails on their property.

Old Business:

Steward recognition event: Rocky Young and Don Folsom will get a simple thank you party together in for a spring back-to-clipping urging.

Storage shed: PLVC has requested that we remove some lumber from their storage unit.Larry will help do this when the key is available.

4-H Club: Larry Nobles suggested that members of the 4-H Club might be willing trail fun day events.

Next meeting: March 4, 9:00 a.m. at the Bay Club.

Submitted by: Soozie Darrow, scribe



Port Ludlow Trails and Natural Resources Meeting

January 7, 2014 Minutes

Attendees: Larry Nobles, Larry Scott, Dick Ullmann, Ron Kletti, Dan Darrow, John Fillers, Doreen Fillers, Soozie Darrow and Judy Danberg.

The day’s agenda and minutes of the Dec. 3, 2013 meeting were approved.

Sub-committee Reports:

Finance: No report.

Natural Resources: The committee accepted John Fillers as the new Natural Resources Chairman. He was given a CD of information regarding this office prepared by Doug Huber.  Larry Scott will send information on photo shopping the maps when changes are needed in the future. Doreen agreed, I think, to distribute maps to the clubs, marina and kiosk.

Soozie requested and received permission to give most of the remaining Nature Guides to Bill Browne for distribution to new residents of Port Ludlow. According to the artist of the Guide, Larry Eifert, this was their original designated purpose. These are actually a version updated in 2004 from earlier ones, also drawn by Larry Eifert, and are the last of 2000 bought by the Trails/NRC to use as a fundraiser.

Stewards: No report.

Trails Status:

Interpretive Trail: Chips are ready for renewal of the trail. Fun day coming!

Around the Bay Trail: PLA is preparing the infrastructure for development in the Ludlow Cove area. Consequently, parts of the ABT between Ebb Tide Ct and the log steps at Ludlow Creek will be closed temporarily for some tree removal. Ludlow Cove/Picnic Point Trail will also be closed during the infrastructure construction from Paradise Bay Rd. The trail will remain open to Picnic Point from the bridge at Waterhouse Ct., but may not be accessible at high tide.

Niblicks Loop: Plans are to replace the bridge in the upper part of the trail, half of which broke a few months ago. Installing a corduroy road in the wettest part of the trail will follow this. A motion to spend up to $1000 on finishing the side brushing of the south end of the lower trail was approved. Hopefully, the golf course will share this expense by having work done at the same time.

Old Business: None

New Business:

Dan announced that there will be a leaderless Port Ludlow Trails Hike on Feb. 21 leaving from the Bridge Deck at 8:30 a.m.

Judy Danberg asked that the Committee keep the Trail 9 trail open to dogs off-leash. There are 23 dog owners who enjoy letting their dogs run in the large open areas of this unused golf course cart path. The golf course gave them verbal permission several years ago. Motion to endorse their use was tabled for further research.

Next meeting will be Tuesday Feb. 4, 2014 at the Beach Club – 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by: Soozie Darrow, scribe

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