Community Welcome

welcome-sign-1              At the Village Council’s Aug 1, 2013 meeting, a new PLVC Committee was formed:  the Community Welcome Committee. The purpose of this committee is to welcome new neighbors to Port Ludlow, provide a venue for our newest neighbors to get acquainted with each other and be introduced to the diversity of activities and resources in our community. The program is an interactive and social event to encourage members to explore all that Port Ludlow has to offer as well as meet people in the community.

The most recent highly successful event was held in July, 2015 at the Bay Club.  A wine & appetizer social, plus various Port Ludlow organizations introduced themselves to the attendees and extended invitations to join them. It’s just amazing how many groups, clubs and organizations from A-Z are right here in Port Ludlow!

Among the 40 groups represented: Artist League, Bay Club, Beach Club, Bluebills, Book Club, CEA, Computer Club, Festival by the Bay, several Golf Clubs, Hiking Club, LMC, PLA, PLVC, SBCA, Singles, Voice, and Yacht Club. Confused by all those acronyms? Don’t be – we’ll tell you all about them!

Current Committee members are: Barbara Berthiaume, chair. Brian Belmont (Beach Club), Jamie Bima, Jeremy Bubnick (Bay Club), Maria Biondi, Bill Browne, Janice Chamberlain, Laurie Dokken, Sue Fechner, Fran Gauer, Marilyn Hampton, Heidi Johnson, Clydene Lloyd, Barbara Nobles, and Sandy Rothwell. Several committee members were recruited at one of the Community Welcome events. Tamra McDearmid serves as the committee’s PLVC liaison.

The committee plans to hold another event in 2016. Date will be announced soon.

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