eBlast #4: 7/13/15

Summary: This is the fourth eBlast to the community on the tree harvesting in the MPR. It is taken from a presentation that Bill Dean made to the Jefferson County Commissioners on July 13th.

Mark your calendars to attend the PLVC Meeting on August 6, 3pm, at the Bay Club where County and PLA representatives will be in attendance to make comments and answer your questions on this subject.

The single most important concern I believe is shared by most of the residents of Port Ludlow – “Will additional clear cutting take place?”

There are over 500 acres of Open Space and Single Family Tracts that have not been platted, and a lot of that has beautiful stands of trees on it. It represents almost 23% of the entire MPR. It was suggested that the Commissioners should not back down from the violation notices that had been issued. 

Good Morning, Commissioners,

My name is Bill Dean and I live in Port Ludlow.

I would like to discuss the single, most important concern I believe is shared by most of the residents of Port Ludlow. That concern is “Will additional clear cutting take place.”

Please take a look at the color landplan.


On the bottom half of that sheet are two black and white hatched areas on the right and left sides. The look kind of like a buffer, don’t they? Those are OPEN SPACE RESERVE.

In addition, there are brown areas at the bottom, outline in black, and some of the left in the middle of the page that still do not have homes built on them. They are designated SINGLE FAMILY of one type or another.

Those areas are OVER 500 ACRES and our concern is that they will be clear cut unless strong county action is taken now.

As purchasers, we looked at pretty color pictures like that and saw the words OPEN SPACE RESERVE and what do you think we believed? That it would become a clear cut?

I don’t think so. What we all believed was that zoning would protect us from what we saw on the hillsides all around us outside of the resort. We believed it would be PRESERVED IN PERPETUITY TO ENHANCE THE ESTHETIC QUALITIES OF THE AREA, just as the zoning documents state.

Can anyone consider a clear cut area as enhancing the esthetic quality of anything?

We further believed that additional single family homes would be constructed in a manner consistent with the rest of Port Ludlow, which is a beautiful “Village in the Woods” as PLA’s signs at the entrances proudly announce.

Now some trees have been cut. The county has issued violation notices for that. Remediation must take place, of course.

But the OVERARCHING concern is that ADDITIONAL CLEAR CUTS will take place.

I would like you to look again at this landplan, think about how you would feel if you had bought your dream retirement home in an oasis with it’s own buffer around it and zoning to protect it, and then that buffer was summarily destroyed.

You Commissioners must ensure the county DOES NOT BACK DOWN from those violation notices.

By that action you will be sending the message loud and clear that THIS ACTIVITY IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE FUTURE.



To review the Port Ludlow MPR map being referenced, go to: http://www.co.jefferson.wa.us/idms/pdfs/ludlow.pdf

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