Guidelines for Participating in PLVC Open Meetings


  1. Copies of these guidelines to be available at the entrance for each meeting held.
  2. Two-minute limit for both Board and Audience unless extended by the Chairperson.
  3. Audience should hold comments until the agenda advances to “Comments from Floor.”
  4. To speak, get the attention of the Chairperson and wait until the Chairperson recognizes you.
  5. Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail to organize the meeting systematically and to resolve disputes. However, you may speak without knowing Robert’s Rules.
  6. Small Board Informal Procedures will generally be used, but may be suspended by the Chairperson.
  7. Board Members may speak any number of times.
  8. A motion does not have to be pending in order to discuss a subject informally.
  9. Votes can be taken initially by show of hands.
  10. The Chairperson can participate in debate and vote just as any other board member.
  11. Be concise. Summarize your questions or concerns.
  12. Speak clearly, loudly, and slowly enough so everyone hears you. Use the microphone. Explain any jargon or acronyms you use.
  13. Try not to repeat something you or someone else has already said.
  14. Be civil. Focus on issues not individuals. The Board will not tolerate personal attacks, derogatory language and threats.
  15. The Board appreciates brief written reports and motions when possible. Ideally, they should be suitable for attachment to minutes and as handouts. Nevertheless, you may speak without a written report.
  16. Generally, the PLVC will record Open Board meetings as an inexpensive adjunct to manual minutes. If you object to recording, please stand and make your objection known as soon as the meeting comes to order.

Adopted by PLVC, 2009

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