Historic Port Ludlow


camera drawings-1

Note: A Brief Written History of Port Ludlow follows the history in pictures


View 1: Panoramic version of the photo, which also shows the Port Gamble mill at Port Ludlow.  View 2:  Utsalady, the view looking north towards Mount Baker. This lithograph is from the 1889 book, History of the Pacific Northwest: Portland, by Elwood Evans, the one-time Washington Secretary of State.  

mBbGUfCAGstfcBUR2hrT5tw Picnic at Port Ludlow, circa 1910

muOwk1iIL2LP-Of_DCyNpNA  Interior of Port Ludlow sawmill

 mGuOYvFbvX0tgq_vc2A13gQPuget Mill Company Hall & Schoolhouse, Port Ludlow

mGIZy0i8DP8QLCUyinxUGrQPuget Mill Company, Port Ludlow


   Milll Pond & Port Ludlow sawmill

$_35  Puget Mill Company Store & Office No. 23, Street View, circa 1910

                     bay-1   Port Ludlow Bay

hotel                                Admiralty Hall was constructed in 1887 for Cyrus Walker, manager of Puget Mill, later to become a hotel in Port Ludlow.

sawmill Port Ludlow sawmill

hotel2                                  Admiralty Hall remodeled to Admiralty Hotel in 1914

shipsShips in Ludlow Bay

building                                             Port Ludlow General Store

building2       Logging Building in Port Ludlow

ship3   Ship in Ludlow Bay

shipwreck   Shipwreck in Ludlow Bay

ship2                                    Ship being built in Ludlow Bay. Ships were needed to transport the lumber produced, so the yard also built ships. Did you know that much of the wood that rebuilt San Francisco after the 1903 fire came from the sawmill right here in Port Ludlow?

                              sawmill3                                     Mill Pond, Ludlow Bay (view 2)

mill 1940

Lumber Mill in Port Ludlow in 1940’s

Raft of Douglas Fir logs 1926 for mill

Raft of Douglas Fir logs 1926 for sawmill in Port Ludlow

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A Brief History of Port Ludlow  

1852  Port Ludlow: Sawmill built (Sayward & Thorndyke) 3,000 board feet/day on Paradise Bay

1853  Port Gamble built as mill town by Pope & Talbot .   3,965 pioneers settled in “area” for Port Gamble & Ludlow sawmills

1858  Port Ludlow: Sawmill transferred to Amos, Phinney, Hooke of San Francisco

1859 Port Ludlow Shipbuilding built the John T. Wright, 174 ft. side-wheeler

1863 Port Ludlow Shipbuilding built the George Wright

1869  Port Ludlow: Hiram Doncaster building boats: tugs Hoyoke, Tyee, barkentine Skagit

1873 Port Ludlow: Three Hall Brothers begin ship building: built 24 ships

1878 Port Ludlow: Sawmill sold to Puget Mill Company (Pope & Talbot)

1881 Port Ludlow: Hall Brothers built barkentine Kitsap

1883 Port Ludlow: Puget Mill operations: 125,000 board ft/day, 120 employed

1886  Port Townsend Census: population 1,500              
Port Townsend businesses (Argus 1/1/86): 6 grocery, 5 dry goods/clothing, 2 stoves/tinware, 3 butcher, 4 tobacco/cigar, 2 confectionery/fruit, 3 drugs, 2 jewelry, 2 restaurants,7 hotels/lodgings, 1 wholesale liquor, 1 commission house, 1 iron foundry, 1 sawmill, 1 sash/door factory, 1 soda factory, 1 agricultural implements, 3 Chinese stores, 3 Chinese wash houses, 1 white laundry, 1 livery stables, 2 dray stables, 2 bakeries, 1 bank, 1 brewery, 2 express cos., 1 telephone co., 1 telegraph co., 4 insurance agencies, 1 cigar factory, 1 millinery store, 1 boots/shoes store, 1 waterworks, 2 brick yards, 1 shooting gallery, 2 skating rinks, 1 opera house, 1 public hall, 30 saloons/bars; 2 newspapers, 1 photographer, 5 ship brokers, 7 lawyers, 1 money broker, 3 barbers, 5 doctors, 2 blacksmiths, 1 dentist, 3 civil engineers, 5 painters, 1 tailor, 5 dressmakers, 3 shoemakers, 2 harness makers, 30 carpenters, 10 brick/stone masons, 6 plasterers

1887  Port Ludlow Built:  Admiralty Hall (Cyrus Walker, manager, home)

1889 (11/11)  Washington State established; economic speculation boom

1890-97 Port Ludlow Mill closed (depression)

1914  Port Ludlow: Admiralty Hall remodeled to Admiralty Hotel

1920c.  Roads (for cars), one of first built: Port Ludlow to Chimacum to Port Townsend

1925 Port Ludlow: Puget Mill owned 92,000 acres (largest private landowner in state) sold to McCormick Lumber Company for $15 million

1927 Port Ludlow: Mill max operation 350,000 board feet/day, 400 employed

1936-38 Port Ludlow: Mill closed, most buildings moved to Port Gamble by barge

1940 Port Ludlow: Admiralty Hotel sold for scrap and demolished

1955 Port Ludlow population 10

1979 Hood Canal Bridge sank in heavy storm

1981 An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed on location in Port Townsend. Other Hollywood films shot here include Snow Falling on Cedars (in 1999), The Ring (in 2001) and Enough (in 2001).

1982 Hood Canal Bridge rebuilt and reopened

1985 Pope Resources was created when Pope & Talbot spun off its timberland and development properties in Washington. Pope Resources’ solid base of land and timber value includes 70,000 acres of commercial timberland and development property located within 50 miles of Seattle (one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in North America), and another 43,000 acres of land and timber located in southwest Washington State (approximately 60 miles south of Mt. Rainier).

Historic Information provided by: Jefferson County Historical Society

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