Policies and Procedures


                                            Port Ludlow Village Council                                                Policies & Procedures

Table of Contents

  • Address
  • Agent
  • Financial
  • Payments to Businesses and/or Individuals
  • Contracts
  • Membership Record
  • Correspondence
  • Insurance
  • Meetings
  • Committees
  • Documentary Exhibits
  • Port Ludlow Village Council Archival Materials
  • Candidates for Director Elections
  • Membership Voting
  • Elections Format  

I.  Address (Permanent and Mailing)

  • Port Ludlow Village Council
  • Post Office Box 65012
  • Port Ludlow, WA 98365
  • The President and the Secretary shall be given keys to access the mail in the post office box.
  • The annual rental fee for the post office box is due by October 1st of each year.
  • The post office box is located at the Port Ludlow U.S. Post Office Substation in the Village Commercial Center.
  • The mail shall be picked up and processed on a regular basis.

II.  Agent

  • The registered agent of the PLVC shall be the current Secretary. 

III. Financial

The PLVC bank account(s) and/or CDs are held with:

  • American Marine Bank
  • 9500 Oak Bay Road  Port Ludlow Washington
  • (360) 437-8805
  • The signatories on the account(s) and/or CDs shall be the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.
  • Checks in the amount of One Thousand Dollars or less will bear the signature of one officer. Checks in the amount of more than One Thousand Dollars shall require two (2) signatures from among the authorized signatories.
  • All checks will be printed and identified with the name and address of the Council. No checks shall be made out to “Cash.”
  • No member or Director shall obligate PLVC to any commitment, financial or otherwise without the approval of the PLVC Directors, with the following exceptions:
    • The PLVC President may obligate the PLVC to an amount not to exceed $500 without the approval of the PLVC Directors or its Membership during any given year.
    • The PLVC Vice-President may obligate the PLVC to an amount not to exceed $250 without approval of the PLVC Directors or its Membership during any given year.
    • The PLVC Secretary and Treasurer may obligate the PLVC to an amount not to exceed $150 without the approval of the PLVC Directors or its Membership during any given year.
  • Notwithstanding the above, no one including the Directors shall obligate the PLVC Membership to an amount exceeding the financial assets of the PLVC.
  • As per the Articles of Incorporation or the PLVC, a 60-percent affirmative vote of the Voting Membership is required for the corporation to obtain title to, sell, or lease real property or to establish or levy assessments on the Voting Membership.
  • The Port Ludlow Village Council fiscal year runs from Oct 1 through Sept 30.
  • The PLVC Directors may establish a reserve account without incurring penalty as a non-profit corporation provided the funds are dedicated to a specific use.
  • The Treasurer shall maintain an income and expense accounting of each PLVC Committee.
  • The PLVC Treasurer shall prepare a monthly financial statement to present at the General Meeting and available for distribution to the Membership.

IV.  Payments to Businesses and/or Individuals

  • An itemized statement reflecting the date and nature of services performed, and/or specifying the item(s) purchased shall be presented to the PLVC Directors in order for payment to be made. Individuals may be compensated for expenses related to business and/or activities performed on behalf of the PLVC by submitting an itemized statement or itemized receipts.

V.  Contracts

  • All contracts obligating the PLVC must be ratified by the Directors as stated relative to “Commitments” under “Budget and Finance.”
  • All contracts involving the PLVC shall be submitted in writing and shall be made available for review by the PLVC Directors prior to the meeting at which the contract shall be discussed and voted upon.

VI.  PLVC Membership Record

  • The PLVC Directors shall compile and maintain a record of the PLVC Membership in accordance with the requirements in the Bylaws.

VII. Correspondence

  • All correspondence, including billing statements, sent out by the Port Ludlow Village Council shall be identified with PLVC and the permanent mailing address.
  • The PLVC has and shall maintain an inventory of letterhead and envelopes for the use of Directors and Committees to accommodate this identification.

VIII. Insurance

The PLVC insurance policy is held with:

  • Bill Hubbard, Allstate Insurance
  • 1304 West Sims Way, Port Townsend WA 98368
  • (866) 647-6814
  • The current liability insurance covers the Board and Officers, and all Committee members and Port Ludlow property owner volunteers involved in PLVC endeavors for ‘Errors and Omissions” only.
  • The insurance policy runs with the PLVC fiscal years from Oct 1 through Sept 30.
  • The insurance policy is negotiable and the PLVC Directors may entertain other competitive bids prior to roll over.
  • The President and/or the Treasurer of the PLVC Board are authorized to pay liability and D&O insurance policy premiums, without Board approval, as long as the premium to be paid is not more than 20 percent greater than the previous premium; the policy’s coverage has not changed; and the Administration committee has not made another recommendation.

IX.  Meetings

  • PLVC monthly General Meetings shall be held on the first Thursday of each month beginning at 3pm.
  • The meeting location shall alternate between the Bay Club (even months: 2,4,6…) and the Beach Club (odd months: 1,3,5….).
  • PLVC monthly Directors Workshops shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month and/or as necessary, at the same Club General Mtg was held that month.
  • The Annual PLVC Membership Meeting shall be held the first Thursday in October at which time the newly elected Directors shall be seated.
  • All meetings of the PLVC Board, except those involving discussion of confidential matters and procedures only, are open to the public and the minutes thereof are available for inspection by contacting the secretary.
  • Complete and accurate minutes of all PLVC meetings, except as qualified in the preceding paragraph, shall be recorded and upon approval be made available to the Membership by posting at the Bay Club and Beach Club.
  • These can be reviewed by contacting the Reception Desk. Minutes are also posted on the PLVC website located at http;//www.plvc.org/.
  • Meetings shall not be held and votes shall not be taken by telephone or other electronic means except in the extreme circumstance of emergency and/or immediacy, and such action must be ratified by the Directors at the next meeting.
  • PLVC Directors shall take a formal vote for the record on all matters requiring action and on all issues requiring representation on behalf of the community, the Membership, or the Council Directors.

X.  Committees                                                                                                                       Committee Guidelines

  • Committees shall maintain a complete and current roster of active committee members. Changes in committee membership shall be sent to the Council Secretary who shall update the Committee Roster.
  • Committees shall be responsible for minutes of all meetings reflecting issues of discussion and any positions taken by vote. Minutes shall be provided to the PLVC Secretary for inclusion in the Council’s Records.
  • Committee shall present a written report to the PLVC at its monthly general meeting and provide a copy of this report to the Secretary for inclusion in the Council minutes.
  • Committees shall bring all proposed positions to the PLVC for a final vote prior to representing a position to any individual or organization. Such position proposal or request for action by the Council shall be in writing.
  • Committee correspondence shall be presented to PLVC for approval, signed by the Committee Chair, and/or the PLVC President as deemed appropriate.
  • Committees shall submit a budget proposal for the following fiscal year, every August, to the PLVC Treasurer for inclusion in the PLVC budget considerations.
  • Committee Chair must approve expenditures from the allotted budget and inquire from the Treasurer whether funds are available. Invoices or similar proof of expenditure must accompany request for payment of expenses or reimbursement.
  • The President of the Council shall appoint committee chairs annually. Committee members shall be residents of Port Ludlow. At least one member of each committee will be a Council Director, who will have a vote the same as any other Committee member.

XI.  Documentary Exhibits

  • A chart reflecting the annual cycle of activities and financial obligations on a month-by-month basis shall be complied and revised as necessary by the Treasurer, and archived yearly.
  • A Master Record of major or historic position statements ratified by vote of the PLVC Directors or Membership shall be compiled by the Secretary and placed in the Archives.

XII. Port Ludlow Village Council Archival Materials

  • All PLVC documents, corporate papers, contracts, financial and written records, correspondence, etc., are the property of the PLVC Membership.
  • PLVC officers shall be the temporary custodians of these materials.
  • PLVC archival materials shall be stored when not in use or being referenced, both in the PLVC file cabinet located at the Bay Club and the online Archives located at http://pl-wa.org/.
  • A file of county, state, developer, and PLVC documents applicable to Port Ludlow is maintained by the PLVC Directors and is available for review by contacting the Secretary or viewing them directly from the Archives at http://pl-wa.org/.

XIII. Candidates for Director(s)

  • A candidate for Director must be a Voting Member of the Port Ludlow Village Council.
  • A candidate must state intention to run for Director to the Board either in person or through nomination by another Voting Member. If nominated by another, the candidate must have agreed in writing to run for the position.
  • Each candidate shall provide a short biography to be published in The Voice. These biographies shall also be included with the mailed ballot.
  • Nominations for Directors shall close at the August General Meeting in order to allow all Candidates for the positions to be included on the mail-out ballot.
  • Candidates owning property on both sides of the bay must declare which position they wish on the Board (as a North Bay representative or South Bay representative).
  • If a position is without a candidate, the Board will start the coming year with less than the normal ten (10) elected Directors, and the position(s) may be filled by vote of the Directors at a later date if a qualified candidate should become available.
  • In the determination of the number of Board positions representing each side of the Bay, multiple properties with identical ownership shall be counted as one property only.
  • Owner(s) of multiple properties on opposite sides of the Bay must declare on which side of the Bay they wish their property to be counted for apportionment of Directors.

XIV.  Membership Voting

  • Ballots for Membership Voting on amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the corporation and all other issues except for the election of Directors shall be sent to all Voting Members.
  • Ballots for the election of Directors shall be sent to all owners of real property in the Master Planned Resort.
  • Ballots are proxy/ballots giving the right to vote on the owners behalf to the designated Director of the Board (usually the Secretary).
  • The designated Director must cast the vote in strict accordance with the owners stated wishes.
  • An owner returning such a proxy/ballot may recover or change their vote at any time before the Annual Meeting or Special Meeting at which the formal vote takes place.

XV.  Elections Format

  • The Director of Elections (this duty is assigned to Director serving as Vice President) shall use the “PLVC Ballot Preparation, Mailing, and Tally Procedures Manual.” which is available in the Archives.
  • The Port Ludlow Village Council accepted this Procedures Manual from its Nominations and Elections Committee by Resolution at its Annual General Meeting on October 6, 2011.
  • The following instructive statements to voters shall be included on ballots:
  1. An owner initiates ongoing Voting Membership status in the PLVC by voting for the first time in an Annual Election for Board Directors, or by signing a request form to become a voting member.
  2. Vote for both North Bay and South Bay candidates regardless of where you live or own property.
  3. Vote for (specific number) North Bay candidates from the following list. Vote for (specific number) South Bay candidates from the following list.
  4. Cumulative voting, i.e., casting more than one vote for any candidate, is not allowed.
  5. All responding owners may vote on amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws or other issues put before the Voting Membership following voting for Director candidates or stating their request for Voting Membership status, either of which qualifies them as a Voting Member.
  6. Only one (1) vote is allowed per property owner no matter how many lots/houses are owned. In this context, property owner is defined as any person or entity, or any identical combination of persons and/or entities owning real property in the Master Planned Resort.
  7. Each vote must include the signatures of all legal owners of the property of record, on the separate signature card received with the ballot. This card must be completed and returned along with the proxy/ballot, in the included envelope, in order for the vote to be valid, and to update our database of Voting Members.
  8. If you receive a ballot, but no longer own property in the Master Planned Resort, please check the designated box on the ballot and return it, so we can update our records.

Revised & Updated 2011

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