Minutes, 2015


This summary of the Nobember 5th PLVC annual meeting provided until minutes are formally approved by Council Directors


Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                              Annual Meeting Minutes                                                                                                  October 1, 2015 Bay Club

council adopted 10-1-15 minutes on 11-5-15

Annual Membership Meeting

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Linda Haskin,Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen, Gil Skinner, Caleb Summerfelt.

  • Absent: Laury Hunt, Larry Nobles, Ron Racki

Secretary McDearmid indicated a quorum was present. Agenda was adopted.

Community Reports – Due to Annual Meeting there were no Community Reports

Council Business

PLVC Election of Directors – Mike Nilssen thanked members of the Election Committee and other volunteers that helped with the election process. Votes brought in today are being counted, and the results will be announced later in the meeting.

PLVC Committee Reports

Trails – Larry Scott described the work of the Trails committee month by month. This is a very active and dedicated group, without which we would not be able to enjoy the 22+ miles of currently available trails. Two new trails are upcoming: the Osprey Ridge trail, and another on DNR lands in the South Bay. They are still waiting to sign a contract of use with DNR.

Health & Wellness – Ursel Krumme reported this committee has been active for 41/2 years. It’s work is carried out through 3 tracks: 1) Health Forums, 2) Groups, and a 3) Resource Center which assists residents to access health information that helps in making personal health choices. The Port Ludlow Village Council’s financial support and contributions by its liaison member Mike Nilssen are gratefully acknowledged.

1) The committee held two forums this past year: 1) Understanding Health Care Benefits, and 2) High Incidence Cancers: Navigating Options and Resources from Diagnosis to Survivorship. Both were well-attended, over 100 participants at each forum. Forum details are found at http://www.plhealth.org/forums. Forums have been well-received, a few comments from evaluations: “informative, knowledgeable speakers; practical information; good AVs; excellent hand-outs.”

2) There are a number of Support Groups: Weight Loss, SHIBA Health Education, small group video viewing of previous year’s forums.

3) Education Resource Center – for health pamphlets, notebooks, and references for our Website http://www.plhealth.org

4) Additionally, Jefferson Healthcare CEO Mike Glenn has suggested that this Committee might want to participate in utilizing part of the expanded space in the new Port Ludlow Primary Care Clinic for educational resources and health-related learning activities. Committee would be pleased to discuss this option further with members of PLVC.

Communications – Tamra McDearmid – this continues to be a great opportunity to share with our residents about the various issues, topics, speakers and decisions that can affect everyone in our Village. How do we accomplish this? By using a variety of tools available, such as

  •  sending eBlasts,
  •  design and distribute posters (about a dozen places throughout the village),
  •  post information on the plvc.org website, and
  •  store important materials in the Archives.

eBlasts and Posters

• eBlasts and posters, 2-3 per month, approximately 30 different topics per year:

  • Bridge Closure or Delays: Hood Canal & Agate Pass Bridge during multi-month work projects
  • County, School Bond, Jefferson HealthCare expansion in PL,
  • Community Events, such as Totem Pole Restoration & Dedication, Festival by the Bay, Holiday Trees for sale in the Village, and even Bear sitings.

The Village Council committee activities are promoted the most:

  •  Health & Wellness Forums
  •  Holiday Lights (fundraising & lighting)
  •  Utilities (including OWSI & PUD)
  •  Wine Tasting Fund Raiser
  •  Directory – Info collection & launch for sales of finished product
  •  Ad hoc Timber Harvesting – no surprise that the logging issue has been the biggest and most promoted this year
  •  Plus VOTE (candidates Bios) and Annual Meeting invitation, including the Directory sales launch.

We encourage residents year-round to sign up to receive eBlasts, and continue to receive good response.

• So well, the database of residents receiving PLVC eBlasts has grown out of the current mailing system used, so we are in the process of moving onto a different mail service, larger capacity, and with many more options

• Part of our Ballot was dedicated to encouraging residents to sign up in order to receive the special announcements about programs, events, and actions within the Village. If you haven’t signed up (yet keep meaning to) – now is your chance. Look for the blue sign-up forms on table at exit. Fill out and put in brown box.


• Since we started this website in June 2013, there have been a total of 18,297 views

  •  2013 – 3973 views
  •  2014 – 6589 views
  •  2015 – 7735 views
  •  18,297 views total
  • Averages 677/month 169/week 24/day

Top Pages viewed on the website:

  •  PLVC Directors (315)
  •  Historic Port Ludlow* (282)
  • *contacted by a writer for a national magazine to use some of these pix
  •  OWSI (231)
  •  Minutes ( 21)

7735-3660 (4075 total top pages viewed) 53% of total views

Quick Facts

  • Most popular day to post: Monday (21%)
  •  Most popular time of day: 11am (9%)
  •  Continue to change pix headers each season (if you have pix of Port Ludlow thru the seasons toshare, contact us at PortLudlowllageCoucil@gmail.com.
  •  Best news of all: Caleb Summerfelt has graciously agreed to take the website through a complete redesign. We are still determining how/what we want/need to change, then we’ll look into the possiblities of accomplishing them within the WordPress platform. Fairly satisfied with WP, yet flexible if we need to change platforms in order to reach our goals.


We are still looking for someone(s) to come forward & express an interest in managing the Archives. It’s not an additional responsibility I am able to take on, so let us know if you have an interest – even to check it out and consider helping. We need you. Thank you.

Utilities – Bill Dean; Utilities received approval of its new Mission Statement at the February PLVC Board meeting. It involves assurance of supply, cost of service, reliability and communication relative to all utility issues. Utilities has a primary responsibility to represent the ratepayers to the utility providers.

Olympic Water and Sewer Inc (OWSI) developed a new Water Service Plan (WSP) in late 2014 and submitted it to the Washington State Department of Health. DOH comments have been incorporated into an updated document and on February 10, the Utilities Committee hosted a public meeting where OWSI presented the WSP to the residents and requested comments from them. The WSP indicates there is sufficient supply for Resort buildout assuming an additional well is drilled to replace the one that encountered contamination a few years ago. Comments from the residents were generally positive but there were concerns about arsenic and manganese levels in the South Bay area. Actions to address the manganese were undertaken but potential flare ups can occur in areas where buildout has not been completed and water tends to sit in minimally used mains.

There were two minor sewer system failures that were addressed quickly by OWSI. In May, a mechanical failure at the plant resulted in chlorine not being added to water being discharged into the bay a quarter of a mile out. Then in July, routine testing in North Bay indicated a coliform contamination had taken place from an unknown source. The system in that area was treated with chlorine and solved the problem. The Utilities Committee worked with OSWI to develop notifications and explanations of these situations.

At the end of August a multi-day power outage impacted all utilities to some extent. Most dramatically was the PUD which worked diligently to get service restored in a very short time and tested their webbased disaster information system. OWSI experienced no outages in either water or sewer, and their generator backups were all utilized and functioned as designed. Communications were spotty with landlines working well, cable being out almost completely, cellphone being overloaded, internet via cellphone basically kept working and text was the most reliable. The Utilities Committee is using this situation to evaluate how utilities and disaster preparedness functions can be brought together to provide the residents with a more comprehensive program.

Ad hoc Timber Harvesting – Bill Dean Back in May, after Jefferson County sent violation notices to PLA and Keith Guise relating to timber harvesting, the PLVC formed our Ad Hoc Committee. The responsibility of the committee is to work with similar committees from the SBCA and LMC to evaluate the legality of the timber harvests, negotiate with PLA for remediation and establish measures to prevent similar harvests in the future.

PLA responded arguing that the timber harvesting was not illegal and initiated the dispute resolution process set forth in the 2000 Development Agreement between the County and PLA. The County decided to retain the services of Patrick Schneider, a prominent land use attorney in Seattle, to advise the County on the tree harvesting issue.

The chairs of the three Committees have been working in concert to present research materials to the County and Mr. Schneider to support the positions relating to the legality, remediation and how to put measures in place legally to ensure future harvests would not happen again. Presentations at weekly County Commissioners meetings have taken place and various members of community have been encouraged to present their feelings and positions as well.

Attorney Schneider advised the County of his opinions on these issues in late August. In early September, the County Commissioners voted unanimously to proceed to the next step in the dispute resolution process, namely, mediation. A week later the Commissioners voted unanimously to hire Mr.Schneider to represent the county in the mediation with PLA. The timing for selection of a mediator and scheduling of the mediation sessions has not yet been determined.

We regard the County’s decisions to proceed to mediation with PLA and to hire Mr. Schneider for that purpose as positive developments for the County and for the Port Ludlow community. We will keep you advised of further developments as that information becomes available

Directory – Dave McDearmid    Launched our effort last fall. Determined the structure/content of this year’s directory considering inputs from the previous directory committee. Determined to maintain the structure & contents of previous directories. Needed to identify and organize individuals to support this effort.

Yellow Page sales began this spring and finished at the end of July. Sales Representatives: Linda Haskin, Glee Hubbard, Terry Umbriet and Dave McDearmid. Kudos to Glee Hubbard for selling the most yellow page space – right here in Port Ludlow (Glee presented Queen of the Yellow Pages certificate of appreciation).

Thanks to the two HomeOwner Associations and to Brian Belmont and Marc Torres for providing the data used for the residential listings. Thanks to Roger Haskin for handling that data and layout out the white pages for publishing. Thanks to Linda Haskin for managing the financials on this project.

A very special thank you goes out to David Goudie who once again took on the huge challenge of creating the yellow pages including the coordination and collaboration with many advertisers to create the artwork and the layout of the document for publishing. This was a task that consumer several hundred hours of effort (David presented Guru of Graphics certificate of appreciation, and gift certificate for dinner at the Fireside Room for him and his wife).

The committee is pleased to launch the directory at the end of this afternoon’s meeting. Start with a thank you to Linda Haskin for the refreshments for this afternoon’s launch, and to Tamra McDearmid for the festive decorations. Tamra is also managing the Publicity and Marketing of this project.

This year we took an eco-friendly approach and are asking you to repurpose existing binders & tabs. A new set of directory pages to be inserted into your binders is available for $10. Binders and tabs are available for an additional $6 for new residents and those of you with binders that are no longer serviceable. Inserting the pages is pretty straight forward with a cover page immediately inside the binder, and a section specific title page immediately behind each sections tab.

Our advertisers this year were universally not interested in providing coupons as they did last time. So while there are no coupons this year, we suggest you keep the tab none-the-less in the event businesses change their minds next time around. To that end you can help market the directory yellow pages by letting these advertisers know you saw their ad in the Port Ludlow Directory.

Starting tomorrow afternoon, the directory will be on sale at both the Bay and Beach Clubs. Committee members: Linda & Roger Haskin, Terry Umbreit, Glee Hubbard, Barbara Berthiaume, David Goudie, Tamra & Dave McDearmid.

Holiday Lights – Dave McDearmid.  Committees members: Larry Nobles, Terry Umbreit, Dave McDearmid, and several community volunteers. Invested in new LED lights last year and removed all lights from shrub and ground displays. The result was:

  •  Simplified Display
  •  3-4 times as many lights in the trees and a much more impressive display
  •  More reliable display
  •  Fire Dept and community volunteers strung the bottom half of the trees.
  • Required bucket truck assist provided gratis by Wave Broadband to string the top half of trees.
  •  Initiated a Sponsorship and donation program. All donations welcomed and sponsorship of a tree
  • at $200 received acknowledgement in the Voice.
  •  Raised about 70% of last year’s expenses.
  •  Will re-engage in this effort this fall.
  • Jeffco public works has issued a 5-year permit to use their trees, Does require formal traffic control while working the lights.

• Met with Monty Rinders. Agreed lights could remain in trees between seasons to be reviewed on a year-to-year basis. This March, lights must come down for tree trimming. Anticipate a similar scenario in the future requiring bucket truck assist every other year (barring any damage to lights left in trees)

  • Minor damage occurred in the September windstorm. Lost of limbs in one tree took down 5 strings of lights.
  •  Will be testing lights in all trees in the near future to determine the need is any to replace lights in the trees now.

Looking forward to another bright season of holiday lights

Election Results – The following individuals have been elected to seats as Director of Port Ludlow Village Council:

  • Doug Huber
  • Mike Nilssen,
  • Larry Nobles,
  • Caleb Summerfelt,
  • Terry Umbreit.

These are two-year terms. Congratulations to all. (Doug Huber and Caleb Summerfelt provided New Members Introductory Binder)

Member Comments


Annual Board of Directors Meeting

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Doug Huber, Linda Haskin,Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen, Gil\ Skinner, Caleb Summerfelt.

  • Absent: Laury Hunt, Larry Nobles, Ron Racki

Secretary McDearmid indicated a quorum was present. Agenda was adopted.

Selection of Officers the following Directors have been elected to serve 2015-2016

  • President Mike Nilssen
  • Vice President Bill Dean
  • Treasurer Linda Haskin
  • Secretary Tamra McDearmid

Council Business

• Motion to approve Sept 3 General Meeting minutes. MSP McDearmid/Dean

• Motion to approve the Sept 2015 Financial Report. MSP Skinner/Nilssen

Member Comments

Adjournment Summerfelt/Dean. MSP


  •  Oct 20 PLVC workshop – Bay Club 3pm
  •  Nov 5 PLVC General Meeting – Beach Club 3pm
  •  Nov 17 PLVC workshop – Beach Club 3pm

Action by Consent without Meeting: any action or votes taken outside of General Meetings requires a quorum of Directors to ratify the vote paperwork with their signature at the next general meeting. Item ratified on 10-1-15.

Date of Vote      Motion                                                                  Results

15-Sep-15      * ad hoc Timber Harvesting eBlast#6 on website      passed


Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                          General Meeting Minutes                                                                                        September 3, 2015   Beach Club

Sept 3rd minutes approved, October 1, 2015

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen, Ron Racki, Gil Skinner, Caleb Summerfelt.

Absent: Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Larry Nobles

Secretary McDearmid indicated a quorum was present. Agenda was adopted.

Community Reports

Kathleen Kler – County Commissioner

  • Solid Waste Recycling Advisory Committee consists of elected officials, staff, experts and citizens within Jefferson County. Still needs a citizen volunteer from District 3 for membership. This position has been empty for 2 years. Can contact Tom Boatman at 385-9213 for more information.
  • Pit To Pier: While court previously allowed Thorndyke Resources to file an appeal after first Amendment to Complaint, the court has now issued a Motion to Dismiss.
  • County has received the legal analysis from Seattle attorney Pat Schneider regarding timber logging, MPR and the Development Agreement. Commissioners will discuss in Executive Session Tuesday, Sept 8, following Commissioner’s Meeting. Question was asked: What happens next? Kler responded that public comment will be taken in open sessions.

Larry Smith and Cliff O’Brien – representing Port Ludlow Associates

  • There have now been 8 sales of Ludlow Cove houses. Should be 5 closings before the end of the year.
    • Visitor traffic to Ludlow Cove from Seattle; mainly advertising by social media; getting assistance from website of KING5 television station.
  • Jefferson HealthCare medical building on Breaker Lane interior plans completed; PLA to design exterior; should be a groundbreaking by year’s end.
    • Facility will be 4200sf, with parking structure underneath (14 staff spaces).
  • Village Store lease is not being renewed (May). In the early stages of planning for a 10,000sf grocery store (double the square footage of current market). Will build out into the east parking lot location.
  • A power bump or surge at midnight on Sept 28 disabled Well #16. A low reservoir level alarm went off, got a crew out immediately to troubleshoot the problem. Was very helpful to have eBlasts sent out by PLVC, LMC, SBCA and NextDoor, so the community was informed quickly. System was back online by mid-morning following three update reports being provided to the community.
  • A few days later, during the high winds and power outage, the alarm systems on both Water and Sewer systems went off. Emergency operators were onsite within 15 minutes. Pumps and generators needed to be monitored, crew was onsite for the duration of the outage (about 6 hours).
  • Larry Smith was thanked by Council for prompt notification, very fast response and good communication.

Council Business

  • Tree Harvesting ad hoc group – Bill Dean   David Jurca and Dave McDearmid met last month with Pat Schneider (Seattle attorney). He was hired by county to provide legal analysis of timber harvesting within the MPR, and the Development Agreement between county and PLA. Discussed issue elements, shared research why logging within MPR is illegal.
  • Action by Consent without Meeting: any action or votes taken outside of General Meetings requires a quorum of Directors to ratify the vote paperwork with their signatures at the next meeting. The following were ratified 9/3/15:
  Date of    Vote Motion   Result
22-Jul-15 *Put ad hoc Timber Harvesting eBlasts #3-4 on website passed
4-Aug-15 *Put ad hoc Timber Harvesting eBlast #5 on website passed
7-Aug-15 *Put ad hoc Timber Harvesting documents on website passed
12-Aug-15 *Review & Approve PLVC Bylaws amendments for ballot passed
16-Aug-15 *Send eBlast re Timberton Tree Preservation Coalition (TTPC) failed
20-Aug-15 *Put both SBCA & TTPC letters w PLVC statement on website failed
  • Motion to approve August 6 General Meeting minutes. MSP McDearmid/Dean
  • Motion to approve the August 2015 Financial Report. MSP Skinner/Nilssen

PLVC Committee Reports & Announcements

  • Election Committee – Mike Nilssen Thanked members of the Election Committee and others that helped prepare the election material to mail. No problem with mailing process.

Due to administrative conflict in the PLVC Articles of Incorporation and our Policies & Procedures, incorrect instructions may be included with the 2015 ballots. The conflict is stated below.

  • Port Ludlow Village Council Policies & Procedure                                                   XV. Elections Format   “Vote fo both North Bay and South Bay candidates regardless of where you live or own property.    (Revised and Updated 2011)
  •  Articles of Incorporation of Port Ludlow Village Council                                               (A Washington Nonprofit Corporation)    “The Voting Members owning property in the South Bay shall elect four (4) Directors and the Voting Members owning property in the North Bay Community shall elect six (6) Directors.” (document last amended 2010)

Now therefore,

  1. The current correct instructions are that votes from North Bay residents will only be tabulated for North Bay candidates, and votes from South Bay residents will only be tabulated for South Bay candidates.
  2. Modification(s) to the Articles of Incorporation must be amended first to effectively meet Washington State statutory requirements. PLVC Bylaws can then be amended to coordinate language consistent in both documents. In that this path has not been thoroughly vetted by the PLVC Administration committee, the 2015 ballot amendment proposal to reduce the number of directors is considered void.

Motion: It is moved the following eBlast be posted on the PLVC website and sent to the PLVC email list. In order to reach as many community members possible, PLVC will also request that LMC and SBCA send the same notice to their email lists.   Dean/Summerfelt

“Due to an administrative conflict in the PLVC Articles of Incorporation and the Policies & Procedures documents, incorrect instructions were included with the 2015 ballots you recently received. The conflict relates to how votes are tabulated. The instructions direct property owners to vote for both North and South candidates. The Articles stipulate that North Bay residents shall vote for North Bay candidates, and South Bay residents shall vote for South Bay candidates. Consequently, all ballots in the current election will be sorted by North Bay and South Bay, and votes will be tabulated only for the candidates from a respective area of Port Ludlow.

“Numbered Item II on the ballot you received recommended changes to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Those changes had not been fully approved by the PLVC Board and consequently, that item is hereby cancelled. No tabulation of the vote for changes to the Articles or Bylaws will be recorded.

“Please know it’s as important as ever to VOTE and return your ballot by September 30th. Drop it off at either the Beach or Bay Clubs, or mail to the address provided on the return envelope.”

Terry Umbreit – President, PLVC

Y – Racki, Summerfelt                                                                                                           N – Dean, McDearmid, Nilssen, Skinner                                                                               MS/Motion failed

  • Recycling Committee Report – Steve Failla Somewhat discouraged and frustrated by how messy recycling area is being left, and high level of non-broken down cardboard. Also, garbage is being put into the recycling bins.

Public Comments

  • ORM aerial sprayed Teal Lake Rd/Andy Cooper Rd at large clear-cut. Lot of people didn’t know it was occurring. Asked ORM if they posted areas sprayed – no response.
  • Swansonville Church – owners want to donate, perhaps allow to salvage for materials, yet it is of historical significance. Hoped to have Jefferson County Historical Society get involved.

Motion to adjourn, Summerfelt/Racki. MSP


  • Sept 9-10: Spinnaker being resurfaced just past Chandler. One lane will be done at a time, will have traffic control and barriers
  • Sept 10, 1pm DNR presentation at Bay Club. Will discuss their process for issuing permits
  • September 15, 3pm – PLVC workshop at Beach Club
  • October 1, 3pm – PLVC general meeting at Bay Club
  • October 20, 3pm – PLVC workshop at Bay Club


Port Ludlow Village Council
General Meeting
Auigust,, 2015  Bay Club
9/3/15: August Minutes approved by Council
The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen, Larry Nobles, Ron Racki, Gil Skinner, Caleb Summerfelt.Secretary McDearmid indicated a quorum was present. Agenda was adopted.

Community Reports

Bill Dean – PLVC chairman, ad hoc Timber Harvesting committee

  • Provided an overview of the activity regarding the Timber Harvesting issue since April, 2015.
  • Described how SBCA, LMC and PLVC have all formed Ad Hoc Timber Harvesting committees, and are working together to achieve mutual goals.
  • The PLA attorney has told the County that Timber Harvesting is a long-standing practice in this area, offering several other arguments why the harvesting supposedly was not in violation of the zoning code, including that permits had been issued by the Washington Department of Natural Resources.
  • At risk is over 500 additional acres,almost 23% of the entire Port Ludlow MPR, that potentially could be clear-cut.
  • PLA initiated a “dispute resolution” process under the terms of the Port Ludlow Development Agreement, calling for the parties to attempt to resolve the dispute by negotiation or mediation before resorting to litigation.
  • The three special committees , chaired by Dave Jurca of SBCA, Dave McDearmid of LMC and Bill Dean of PLVC, have been working in concert to analyze the applicable laws and contractual provisions of the Port Ludlow Development Agreement entered into between Jefferson County and PLA’s predecessor-in-interest (Pope) in May 2000.
  • The committees’ positions and arguments have been presented to Jefferson County in several written submissions and at Board of County Commissioners meetings.
  • The committee chairs have had multiple meetings with County officials and PLA.
  • Representatives of the Port Ludlow community are not being allowed to attend or participate in the discussions between the County and PLA, but the three committee chairs have met separately with PLA’s owner Randy Verrue on three occasions, the most recent being yesterday, August 4.
  • It is the committees’ position that under the Development Agreement and applicable law, timber harvesting was not, and never should be, permitted within the MPR, except for the purpose of clearing land for residential development or other permissible uses under the MPR zoning code.
  • This is the committees’ overarching concern, but two additional issues are being emphasized in the discussions with both PLA and the County. Those are remediation of the environmental impacts of the logging, including addressing both the visual blight and other adverse environmental impacts, and forfeiture of profits from the logging that was done in violation of applicable zoning restrictions.
  • The committees are encouraged that on July 13 the County authorized the retaining of a Seattle attorney to prepare an “opinion letter” on various issues relating to the logging.
  • The committees have shared with the County’s attorney their analysis of the pertinent issues. The current expectation is that it will take at least a couple more weeks for the County’s Seattle attorney to render his opinion. The committees will keep you apprised as things develop.
  • Main Goals: (1) gather information for the community. And (2) communicate this information to the residents.
  • Feels successful having over 140 residents at today’s meeting.

Kathleen Kler – County Commissioner

  • Today’s attendance is amazing. People are working in concert. Yet can be discordant. These laws were written years ago, and County/PLA are interpreting these laws differently. County says logging violates zoning laws, while PLA feel they are within their rights to log within the MPR.
  • Discussed the soil sample results on Oak Bay Road timber harvest. No visible spill; very small amount of oil found/measured. Considered “incidental.” No need for further testing or remediation.
  • Currently not the season for replanting (fall/winter/rainy season).
  • When negotiations started between the County and PLA, County was OK with residents sitting in on these meetings. PLA has repeatedly said “NO.”
  • Patrick Schneider (Seattle attorney) has 17 pages of questions from the County to respond to by August 31. At that point, the document will be reviewed by the Board of County Commissioners.

Diana Smeland – President, Port Ludlow Associates (PLA)

  • PLA has different perspective on these events, haven’t been allowed to post their point of view on the PLVC website. Only have a few minutes to discuss their perspective at PLVC meetings each month.
  • She is very frustrated and upset, both sides not being represented.
  • Started discussing the planned logging at PLVC meetings in October, 2014. Articles in Voice have been censored.
  • When David W Johnson of County Dept of Community Development told PLA what they were doing was not legal, PLA immediately stopped work.
  • Received letter from County in April – was surprised it was very punitive.
  • Met with focus group with PLA lawyer; describes this session as ‘bullying,’ their lawyer only allowed to get 2-3 words out.
  • Neighbors complained about logging on the golf course, one group said PLA had to curtail that activity.
  • Hired a geotechnical-engineer to produce a study regarding county concerns about slopes (Oak Bay Road logging) Study will be released – there are no concerns.
  • Next Steps: (1) 3rd party legal review; (2) Want to resolve what’s allowed going forward; (3) Replanting, hopes to plant this fall/winter; (4) Clean up, grinding up of leftover materials and spread.

David W Johnson – County Dept of Community Development

  • Very grateful for all the time and effort the 3 chairmen of the Timber Harvesting committees have put into this issue.
  • Pleasant Harbor Master Planning Resort (Brinnon) For more info, go to website at http://www.co.jefferson.wa.us/commdevelopment/Brinnon_MPR.htm
  • Comment Period ends Aug 28th.
  • Currently a Navy/County Land Use Study being developed, involves Brinnon/Jefferson County/local tribes/Navy.
  • Pit To Pier proposal: DCD has reassigned a different planner to this project. Once SEIS complete, project goes before the Planning Committee (mid-Oct), then before the Board of County Commissioners for hearing. (Navy has some issues about proposed use of seaplanes).

Council Business

  • Motion to approve July 2nd General Meeting minutes. MSP McDearmid/Hunt
  • Motion to approve the July 2015 Financial Report. MSP Nobles/Hunt

PLVC Committee Reports & Announcements

  • Administration committee – Laury Hunt                                                   Proposing amendments to PLVC Bylaws on ballot to be sent out mid-September. Major changes: (1) going from 10 to 7 directors. 4 will be elected from North Bay, with 3 elected from South Bay; (2) All Voting Members will vote for all directors; (3) Quorum will be the majority number each meeting.
  • Elections committee – Mike Nilssen
  • In process of finalizing all documents for printing, Will include (1) Letter from President; (2) Candidate Biographies; (3) Proxy; (4) Amendment Information; and (5) Ballot. Mailing out by September 1st. Amendment information available at website and both Bay and Beach Clubs. Can mail ballots into Post Office Box or turn in at Bay and Beach Clubs.
  • Utilities committee – Bill Dean
  • July 23rd: committee met with Larry Smith re: coliform in North Bay water supply. Not harmful to health; will continue to test; treated with chlorine, which leaves temporary smell and taste.  OWSI has advised that water levels in the aquifers serving Port Ludlow are at normal levels and water rationing such as is taking place in Port Townsend is not anticipated.  The difference between Port Townsend and Port Ludlow is that Port Townsend receives a significant portion of its water from snowmelt and Port Ludlow almost none
  • Directory committee – Dave McDearmid       Fairly successful fundraiser. Working on collecting information from unaffiliated to include in directory.
  • Movie Night – Terry Umbreit                                                                ug 28th. Flyers, posters out. Village Business Organizations have worked very hard on presenting this to the community. Also inviting communities from Kington, Polosbo, Silverdale, Pt Townsend, Chimicum & Irondale. Linda Haskin has gone through the remaining budget items, will be close yet they will make it.
  • Welcome to newest member: Gil Skinner (new SBCA President) Add to your email list: bonesskinner@gmail.com
  • Nobles: need to vote on newest bylaw changes (will handle electronically)
  • Motion to Adjourn – MSP Nobles/Haskin
  • Announcements                                                                    Workshop –    Tuesday. August 18th  3-5 pm   Bay Club                         Movie Night –  Friday, August 28th   8pm   Grassy Area above Marina Next Meeting – Thursday, September 3rd – 3pm at Beach Club


Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                General Meeting Minutes                                                                                                     July 2, 2015   Beach Club

7/2 minutes approved by Council, 8/6/15

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen, Larry Nobles, Ron Racki, Caleb Summerfelt.

Secretary McDearmid indicated a quorum was present. Agenda was adopted.

Community Report

David W Johnson – County Dept of Community Development

Introduced Emma Bolin, new planner in the department. Reported that he met with Diana Smeland and County Deputy Chief Prosecuting Attorney Alvarez last week – PLA’s proposal to resolve the illegal timber harvesting was rejected & returned to PLA. The Board of County Commissioners went into Executive Session Monday, June 29th to discuss the possibility that the PLA Timber Harvesting issue may result in litigation. As of June 29th, countywide Burn Ban is in effect, including charcoal BBQs. Due to the extreme fire danger, Gov Inslee is bringing out National Guard to assist with fire danger situations. There’s a gap in the No Shooting Area, Olympic Terraces and Timberton villages and we should work with County Administrator to change. Article in last Sunday’s (6/28) Seattle Times about Pit to Pier. Johnson indicated he was misquoted.

Kathleen Kler – County Commissioner

Many have asked for fireworks ban, State law is very complicated and has one year delay before it can be implemented. Call Sheriff’s Dept if concerned. Emergency Bans can be authorized by Cities, not by counties. Both State Department of Ecology and County Environmental Health have taken soil samples on the clear cut site off Oak Bay Rd – awaiting the results.

Diana Smeland, President – Port Ludlow Associates (PLA)

Renovated Totem Pole will be rededicated on Saturday, July 4th. There will be a potlatch ceremony and luncheon, which is sold out (140 reservations). Cliff Barnes, PLA Construction Manager was in San Diego over the weekend to receive the Grand Prize for houses under 2,000sf for one of the Ludlow Cove models. Five homes now under contract. Advertising is mainly digital. Jefferson HealthCare working on interior space planning for new Port Ludlow Clinic. Once completed, PLA can finalize the exterior plans. Expect late fall, early winter start. Smeland was asked if there are plans for pharmacy to lease space in the clinic. Very difficult to place a pharmacy. PLA has plans to enlarge the grocery store, might add pharmacy within. Will keep the gasoline station. Rumors that Mike plans to retire & sell the post office are not true. She was asked about dump area outside MPR near OT2 – and concerns about it being a fire hazard. She was recently contacted by Fire Chief Brad Martin – they will go out to look at it. Not a county dump, Smeland said their lawyer has indicated its OK to have it there.

Council Business

  • Motion to approve June 4th General Meeting minutes. MSP McDearmid/Dean
  • Motion to approve the June 2015 Financial Report. MSP Haskin/Dean


  • Received communication from OT2 resident about the dump site, included pix.
  • According to Trails, the Teal Lake Loop has been closed by Olympic Resourse Management, due to dry conditions and fire/safety concerns.
  • Directory Committee still working diligently making yellow page sales, hope to complete this part of the task later this month.

Ad Hoc Committee on Tree Harvesting.

  • PLVC committee working closely with the SBCA and LMC ad hoc committees
  • Researching documents; attending & speaking before the BOCC every week, plus inviting private citizens to also attend and testify. Residents have shared extremely strong positions against PLA and the illegal harvest
  • Three chairs to recommend that the 3 groups jointly hire legal counsel regarding legality of logging and case law. Will ask each group to contribute $1,000. PLVC committee has decided to recommend this idea for PLVC approval.
  • Met on North Bay site yesterday (7/1) with State Department of Ecology, County Environmental Health, and Cliff O’Brien, PLA Construction Manager. Could not locate any obvious location of oil on site. Took soil samples. It was indicated that naturally occurring iron oxide bacteria can be in the soil, and when it sits on top of water has similar sheen as oil. Another Department of Ecology staff did see alleged oil spill previously and they have been asked to compare notes. Currently, no soil clean up planned.
  • Motion – that PLVC authorize up to $1000, if LMC and SBCA commit the same amounts, to hire land use attorney Richard Shattuck to review legality of logging and case law relating to tree harvesting in MPR. MSP Dean/Nobles

Follow up on Shooting Incident.

  • Bill Dean reported that signs have been ordered; Larry Smith (PLA) will donate used fence posts and pounder. The signs indicate No Parking and No Trespassing and will be placed off Teal Lake Road on Goffman property at entry to trail leading to DNR shooting Motion: Purchase 2 signs at cost of $50. MSP Dean/Laury.
  • Neither OT 1 or 2 or Timberton are part of the No Shooting Zone within the MPR. There are some other PLA owned tracts within or abutting the MPR that also are not in the No Shooting zone. The County Administrator will be contacted to determine what would be required to have these areas included.

 PLVC Community Reports and Announcements

Community Welcome Committee – Barbara Berthiaume announced committee’s fourth event will be on Thursday, July 9th from 4:30 – 6:30pm at the Bay Club. 48 organizations will be represented. Sending out digital flyers, and contacting all organizations to invite newcomers.

Administration Committee – distributed PLVC Bylaws with amendments and made motion to approve the changes. Main changes involve lowering number of PLVC Directors from 10 to 7. Bylaws may be amended at the Annual Meeting by a vote of sixty (60) percent of the Voting Members who vote in person or by Proxy. Changes would be effective in 2016. MSP Hunt/ Haskin

Elections Committee – Chair Mike Nilssen reported committee met June 23rd, and have developed a timeline to meet all deadlines. There’s an Aug deadline for candidates, and application has been developed/distributed. Plan to complete mailing to all citizens within the MPR by August 28th.

Movie Night scheduled for Aug 28th. Sponsors are contributing funds.

Festival by the Bay July 23-25. Terry will distribute sign-up sheet for Directors to participate at our booth.

Dean asked for approval of letter of appreciation to contractor working on the Paradise Bay Road project. Noble suggested that Monty, the Director of County Public Works receive copy of letter. MSP Nilssen/Haskin

Unfinished Business

New Business

Motion to adjourn was approved. MSP Haskin/Dean



  • Next General Meeting Thursday Aug 6th – 3pm at Bay Club
  • Totem Pole Potlatch July 4
  • Community Welcome event Thursday July 9th – 4:30 to 6:30 pm at Bay Club
  • PLVC Workshop Tuesday July 21st – 3pm at Beach Club
  • Festival by the Bay – July 23-25
  • Movie Night – Friday Aug 28th near Marina


Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                         General Meeting Summary                                                                                                   June 4, 2015   Bay Club

6/4/15 Minutes approved 7/2/15

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen, Larry Nobles, Brett Oemichen, Caleb Summerfelt.

Absent: Ron Racki

Secretary McDearmid indicated a quorum was present. Agenda was adopted.

Community Report

Diana Smeland, President – Port Ludlow Associates (PLA)

Gearing up for summer, employees increase from 80-140. Mostly for golf course, inn and marina. 2nd model open at Ludlow Cove cottages, can also go through model #3 (3300sf plus bonus room).

Meeting with the County next Wednesday to discuss the two different interpretations about MPR zoning. Audience member asked if this meeting was public, Smeland said no.

Have signed agreement with Jefferson Healthcare for new clinic in Port Ludlow. Working with bank on construction loan. Ground-breaking event soon. Goal to be ready by late 2016. Traffic patterns and parking not finalized.

Timber ad hoc Committees – SBCA, LMC, PLVC

The three ad hoc Timber committees gave a joint presentation, mentioned there’s been a great deal of activity over the past two weeks with meetings, letters to/from the county, strategy and negotiations.

Alan Keisler (LMC) gave a power point presentation, mainly photographs and county illustrations of the two north bay parcels off Oak Bay Road. Showed the area before and after clear cutting. Spoke about environmental issues involved: unstable grounds presenting a slide risk; streams buried in debris; gallons of hydraulic fluid spilled. In the south bay, used the example of timber harvested on Cameron Way, which is a designated wetland area, also a stream left covered in timber cutting wastes.

David Jurca (SBCA) said it’s clear the entire Port Ludlow community is concerned about the tree cutting. Pleased the three organizations: SBCA, LMC and PLVC have formed special committees to study, review and take action on the timber harvesting. The committees are working well together & coordinating efforts. Share three main goals:

  1. Want remediation to the maximum extent
  2. Assurances there will be no more commercial timber harvesting in MPR
  3. Violators should not profit from their violations

When David Johnson (DCD) toured the sites, he expressed great concern on environmental issues within the parcels north of Oak Bay Rd. Jurca hopes the county will bring in the appropriate consultants to determine what needs to be done to make this right.

In terms of negotiations between the county and PLA, the chairs of all three ad hoc committees (David Jurca-SBCA, Dave McDearmid-LMC, Bill Dean-PLVC) have formally asked to participate in the negotiations. Goal is to solve the problems, all being part of one community.

County Commissioner Kathleen Kler

Kler had spent part of two days touring the different parcels involved with timber harvesting. She has received letters and emails and is very aware of Port Ludlow clear cutting. Different property owners have the right to cut timber, yet is not sure if MPR zoning and the Development Agreement (with PLA) allows this. Wondered if the DNR permits were sufficient? Had seen the hydraulic oil spill. This is an opportunity for the county to communicate.

At Monday’s Commissioner meeting, she will give a detailed report on timber cutting in Port Ludlow. Is there a place at the table for the ad hoc committee chairs during negotiations – PLA says no. She’s very concerned about our special committees, and still working at making room at the table. (Said there was a meeting going on right now to discuss this issue). She was asked to let us know by what legal premise this decision is made. She’s hoping for the best.

Council Business

  • Motion to approve May 7th General Meeting minutes with revisions. MSP McDearmid/Oemichen
  • Motion to approve May 25th Special Meeting minutes. MSP McDearmid/Nilssen
  • Motion to approve the May 2015 Financial Report. MSP Dean/Hunt

PLVC Community Reports and Announcements

PLVC Movie Night – Jamie Deering gave a report on Movie Night, first to be held in Port Ludlow, on August 28th. Film to be shown: Cool Runnings on marina lawn. Group hired brings movie and 26’ screen, and certificate of insurance provided to landowner. Deering goal is 200 participants for this free movie, intends to advertise regionally: Sequim to Silverdale. Requests PLVC serve as fiscal agent for this event (sponsor money in, expenditure fees out). Posters and tote bags already designed. Motion: PLVC be considered fiscal agent for outdoor movie night 8/28/15. MSP Nilssen/Haskin

Community Welcome Committee – Barbara Berthiaume indicated the committee’s fourth event would be held on Thursday, July 9th from 4:30 – 6:30pm at the Bay Club. There will be 54 organizations represented. Welcomers Bill Browne (South) and Jamie Bima (North) work tirelessly to welcome new residents to Port Ludlow, and will invite newcomers to this event. Last event in Nov2014 had expenditures of $389.35. Committee considering having only one event per year, instead of two. Due to tight space for organizations, thinking about not having food tables, mingle with trays of food instead. Have decided to not charge organizations to attend. This committee is supported by PLVC, LMC, SBCA. Next planning meeting will be held at the Beach Club on June 15.

Timber Harvesting ad hoc Committee – Bill Dean asked that the previously-sent letters be approved by Council directors:

  • Motion: Approve letter sent 5/28 to Carl Smith, County Dept of Community Development. MSP Dean/Nilssen
  • Motion: Approve letter sent 6/2 to Commissioner Kathleen Kler and Carl Smith (DCD) MSP Dean/Nobles
  • Motion: Approve letter sent 6/4 to David Alvarez, County Deputy Prosecutor. MSP Dean/Hunt

No Shooting Update – Bill Dean reported on status list, contacts with property owners, will keep talking to Pope about writing letter to Sheriff’s Dept. Instead of “No Shooting” suggestion instead is “No Trepassing.” Caleb to work with his company to develop holder to fasten to trees.

Directory Committee – Making good progress, have sold $4300 in ad revenue.

Wine Tasting Fundraiser – Mike Nilssen thanked everyone for attending and helping.

Unfinished Business – Larry Nobles asked for some directors to accompany him to the Board of County Commissioners Meeting, 9am Monday morning. Agenda usually out by Thursday. Bill Dean and Mike Nilssen to join Larry.

Motion to adjourn was approved. MSP Oemichen/Hunt

Announcement: Next General Meeting Thursday July 2nd – 3pm at Beach Club.


Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                                 Special Meeting Minutes                                                                                              May 25, 2015   Beach Club

approved by Council, 6/4/15

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Special Meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Linda Haskin, Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen, Larry Nobles, Brett Oemichen. Laury Hunt participated via phone.

Absent: Ron Racki

Secretary McDearmid indicated a quorum was present. This meeting was called by President Umbreit in order to accomplish some specific actions that could not wait until the June meeting. Agenda was adopted. MSP: Nobles/Haskin

Council Business

Discussion to approve the establishment of an ad hoc Timber Harvesting committee. Dean read the charter, it will consist of 5 members representing members from both North and South Bay. Two (2) members will represent PLVC board directors, with three (3) at large members. Motion to approve committee. MSP: Dean/Haskin

Dean made a motion to approve the committee members. Bill Dean will serve as chair, both Larry Nobles and Mike Nilssen represent board directors, the two (2) at large members are Jeff Welker, South Bay and Glenn Waldenberg, South Bay. Motion to approve committee membership. MSP Dean/Nobles

Dean introduced Caleb Summerfelt, a South Bay member who has agreed to fill an existing empty South Bay position. Motion to approve Summerfelt as a board director. MSP: Dean/Nilssen

Shooting Issue – Regarding the repetitive shooting outside the MPR yet uncomfortably close to South Bay residential areas, Dean reported there are currently two (2) No Shooting areas: Paradise Bay Road (South of MPR) and everyplace in Port Ludlow except Olympic Terrace I and II. They are hearing what sounds like automatic gunfire that continues for hours. In order to rectify this situation, there’s a need to communicate with PLA – DNR – County Commissioners – Pope Resources – landowners – and the Sheriff’s Dept. It was noted that the County has the responsibility to make zoning changes. Motion: for two (2) PLVC members (Dean and Umbreit) to be allowed to communicate with these parties without bringing every communication back to the Council for approval. [As directed in Policies & Procedures. Section IX. Meetings] Dean/Nilssen

During discussion, McDearmid suggested an amendment to the motion: that Dean/Umbreit communicate all contacts with the involved parties in writing via email within 24 hours to the entire PLVC board directors. McDearmid/Haskin. Motion Carried.

Audience member asked if there is an adequate buffer around all of Port Ludlow. Why not protect all of Port Ludlow, and not just the far South? After this change to the No Shooting motion, MSP

Dean raised the issue of approval for the five (5) No Shooting related letters already sent. MSP Haskin/Oemichen

Regarding the ad hoc Timber Harvesting committee, the next steps are:

  • Meet to work out action plan
  • Meet with the ad hoc committees of SBCA and LMC to create a common information base
  • Each group will work out their own actions/focus

Motion to Adjourn  MSP Oemichen/Hunt


  • Next General Meeting: Thursday, June 4th – 3pm at Bay Club


Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                          General Meeting Minutes                                                                                                May 7, 2015   Beach Club

approved by Council, 6/4/15

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Tamra McDearmid, Larry Nobles, Brett Oemichen.

Absent: Mike Nilssen, Ron Racki

Secretary McDearmid indicated a quorum was present. Agenda was adopted as amended. MSP: Haskin/Hunt

Council Business

  • Motion to approve April 2nd General Meeting minutes. MSP Hunt/Oemichen
  • Motion to approve the April 2015 Financial Report. MSP Haskin/Hunt

Note: Haskin left meeting to attend to responsibilities for wine tasting event, thus council no longer has a quorum.

Community Reports

David Johnson, Jefferson County Department of Community Development

Johnson provided a summary of the DCD letter to PLA dated May 7, 2015 regarding recent unlawful timber harvests within the MPR. All four of the recent harvests were not allowed in areas zoned Residential and Open Space: from the acreage on Oak Bay Road through the tree removal from Teal Lake Road behind Woodbridge. The letter explains these violations do not allow PLA to profit from them. Remediation needs to equal said profit. The county could prosecute, yet does not wish to resolve the issue in this manner.

Pit to Pier: Met with WDOT representatives on Apr 14, including the engineer that designed the Hood Canal Bridge. Main topic of discussion centered on what will be the impact if a barge hits the bridge. Applicants started this analysis yet found it difficult to complete, as the standards relate to building not repairing. Now planning to have 2 tugs accompany each barge, fore & aft.

Comprehensive Plan Update due 2018, and will include issues of health, climate change, affordable housing, emergency preparedness, local organic food, and critical areas of concern.

Diana Smeland, President – Port Ludlow Associates (PLA)

Gearing up for the summer season, there have been many visitors to Ludlow Cove Cottages. Apologized for the recent timber harvesting. On the advice of counsel, unable to discuss the recent letter received from DCD.

Dave Sullivan, Jefferson Co Commissioner

All three of the county commissioners represent Port Ludlow. The County letter to PLA regarding Timber Harvest violations is looking for your input. It’s a good plan, asking for voluntary compliance within the Code.

PLVC Reports of Recent Activities

No Shooting Letters – Bill Dean reported that letters of concern and request for action were sent to Commissioners Kler and Sullivan, Jon Rose – Pope Resources, and Diana Smeland – PLA. It was suggested to Rose and Smeland that their properties around the exterior of the MPR have “No Shooting” signage placed, so Sheriff’s Dept would have the authority to ask shooters to leave. Some of these properties are currently signed “No Hunting,” yet that is not specific. Dean observed the first of these signs along Teal Lake Road on Pope Resources property just this week.

Dean suggested Council approval of these letters – unable to accomplish due to lack of quorum.

Timber Harvest

SBCA held meeting on this issue May 1, Brett Oemichen (President) provided a summary. Have formed an ad hoc committee to address timber harvest issue. SBCA held a special meeting to approve members, including: Bert Loomis, Steve Shanklin, David Jurca (Chair), Gil Skinner, Ed Knodle, Mark Torres (recording secretary), Brett Oemichen (ex officio). This committee will hold their first meeting early next week.

Floor was opened to 65-70 public members to speak on this issue. Some comments were:

4 plots illegally logged – when logging on Oak Bay Road, community was told this area was outside the MPR, and that no other logging was planned – getting permit from DNR who do not check the zoning requirements is not acceptable – asks that PLVC write letter to the County: NOT in favor of any exemptions to the MPR zoning – resident has had 5 acres logged in front of him, 35 acres west of him – sensitive area: 2 ravines, critical area, aquifer – contacted county, DNR and wrote to county commissioners and nothing was done – we are all Port Ludlow – PLA has to make it right – no heavy equipment allowed within 30 feet of ravine, he has pictures of equipment driving over this area – Time we all act together – county treated individual in dismissive manner – residents treated badly by county personnel – Cameron Drive not included in 4 parcels, asks the county inspect and rule on this residential neighborhood that’s been gutted – first involvement was last month’s PLVC meeting, David Johnson’s response was immediate (on his day off), promptly issued the Stop Work Order to PLA – concerned about Oak Bay Rd area, stability of the slopes a big issue, may have flooding and erosion this fall – suggestion made for Task Force of representatives from LMC, SBCA, PLVC be formed immediately to suggest avenues of action – when resident bought home in 2003, told the property next door was ‘greenbelt,’ until it was logged this spring, very upset with property values – asked how to get copies of GeoTech Reports from county on specific parcels – County has an excellent website, and every Monday morning public comments are taken during the co. commissioners meeting. 

Unfinished Business .

New Business

Motion to adjourn was approved. MSP Hunt/Oemichen


  • Next General Meeting: Thursday, June 4th – 3pm at Bay Club


Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                       General Meeting Minutes                                                                                                 April 2, 2015   Bay Club

approved by Council, 5/7/15

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen, Larry Nobles, Brett Oemichen.

Secretary McDearmid indicated a quorum was present. Agenda was adopted. MSP: Nobles/Oemichen

Guest Speaker: Dave Sullivan, Jefferson County Commissioner

Sullivan spoke in general terms about being a County Commissioner. He has served for ten years; lives in district 2 (King George) yet elected country-wide. He feels a commissioner’s responsibility is to represent the values of the county: Justice, Public Safety, Public Works, Public Health – basic fundamentals.

Recent agenda items included the road improvements that will be occurring this spring on Paradise Bay Road here in Port Ludlow. Section to be worked on will be from the creek to Teal Lake Road, widening and adding turn lanes. $970,000 project.

In terms of the county budget, the job is to keep services going, not adding new services. Update to Comprehensive Plan has received an extension to 2018.

Community Reports

David Johnson, Jefferson County Department of Community Development

Johnson reported in addition to the Comprehensive Plan Update, the Unified Development Code is also being amended.

Pit to Pier: meeting with the Department of Transportation in Olympia on April 14. Discussing allision issues regarding Hood Canal Bridge, and how to mitigate that impact. Noise Issues will also be a topic of discussion.

The Shore Management Program (SMP) is being challenged by Thorndyke. Will probably have to build a model to demonstrate the effects of concern. Recent court decision upheld SMP and ruled that none of the appellants claims were valid. Appellants argued “can’t restrict shoreline development.”

Waiting for approval for another Assistant Planner.


Diana Smeland, President – Port Ludlow Associates (PLA)

Ludlow Cove Cottages: Models 2 and 3 are progressing. There has been a second sale – lot #16.

Working on final details of lease with Jefferson Healthcare for larger health clinic on the corner of Breaker Lane and Paradise Bay Road (across from Kitsap Bank). Question was raised if a Medical Architectural Plan would be available once developed. Smeland explained PLA will be building the exterior, leaving the interior for Jefferson HealthCare to complete.

Smeland was also asked about the potholes at the entrance to the Village Center, near the gas station and grocery store. She was not aware of these, would look into it (note: received coldpatches the next day).

Another question was about the maintenance of Olympic Terrace 2 (OT2). General maintenance hasn’t been kept up, and piles of scotch broom cut last spring haven’t been removed. Smeland said the crew would start mowing soon (1-2 times per year).

Smeland announced the long term plans for OT2. There are 35 finished lots and 39 lots unfinished. The deadline to develop these is June 2016. There are no definite dates or timelines.

Logging: Parcel east of Teal Lake is being logged. Will move down towards Woodbridge, all the way to the bottom. Question was asked: area currently being logged is an Open Space Reserve Zone, is logging a permitted use? Resident said he had reviewed the Open Space descriptions, and could not find logging indicated to be an approved activity.

South Bay’s new General Manager asked if there was an idea when Ludlow Cove will be built out? Smeland remarked the last three building developments are Ludlow Cove, Olympic Terrace 2 and the Village. She hopes LC2 is sold out within 3-4 years.

Council Business

  • Motion to approve March 5th General Meeting minutes. MSP McDearmid/Nobles
  • Motion to approve the March 2015 Financial Report. MSP Nobles/Hunt – Treasurer Haskin reported income for Wine Tasting ticket sales now at $1425 (54 tickets sold).
  • Communications – Council received a nice Thank You note from the Totem Pole Restoration Committee. Restoration taking place May 4-12, with a planned rededication event on June 15.


Committee Reports

Directory – Dave McDearmid. Committee now meeting weekly. Article in April Voice about the Red Book being developed. Already receiving response to requests for information updates. Working on adding section on Ludlow organizations, groups and clubs near front of book.

Health and Wellness – Ursel Krumme provided an interim, half-year report. Upcoming forum on High Incidence Cancers will be held Saturday, April 11 at 1pm in the Bay Club.

Krumme requested that the Council help the Committee in generating new topics (for its forums and other activities) from the community. She would also like the PLVC  to invite
the new CEO of Harrison Medical Center to one of its Council meetings.

Community Welcome – Barbara Berthiaume reported the 3rd welcome event took place on Nov 13, 2014. There were 30-40 newcomers, and 40 organizations represented. Went very well, continues to have newcomers join the committee to assist. Full report and evaluation summary will be placed on the CWC webpage at plvc site. Next planning meeting: May 20, 3pm at Beach Club. Next event: July 9, 4:30-6:30 pm.

Recycling – Steve Failla reported that a Hazardous Waste Collection event will take place on Saturday, April 18 from 10am-2pm at the recycling area. Article on page 19 in the April Voice lists various items that will be collected. A new flyer is out, listing all the items that can be recycled (some changes, so suggests you read it carefully).

Wine Tasting Fund Raiser – Mike Nilssen gave update. Sales are going well, posters are going up all around the Village, articles in Voice. There will be more raffle prizes to win this year, as well as extra door prizes. Committee working on all the details necessary to have a successful event. 

Unfinished Business – Linda Haskin announced it had taken 2 years, yet PLVC finally received Non-Profit Status from IRS.

New Business – Bill Dean reported an Olympic Terrace 2 resident has contacted the Sheriff’s Office about shooting near the houses. Fearful to walk on the trails. Some of our trails are outside the MPR. Suggests some options: Letter of Concern from PLVC to Kler – perhaps a buffer area between shooting areas and MPR/residential areas. Or, request PLA create a Trail Easement Agreement to establish a buffer zone, areas of no-shooting.

Motion: Bill Dean made a motion that the Board approve two actions:  (1) send a letter to Commissioner Klier expressing the resident concerns about safety and noise relating to shooting just outside the Port Ludlow MPR.  Suggest that a one mile buffer outside the MPR be considered for No Shooting.  and (2) have PLVC President contact PLA and request that all PLA owned/controlled land abutting the MPR be posted as No Shooting so that when persons are shooting there, the sherrif can cause them to cease. MSP Dean/Hablutzel

Motion to adjourn was approved. MSP Haskin/Hunt.


  • Next General Meeting: Thursday, May 7th – 3pm at Beach Club
  • Next Workshop: Tuesday, April 21st – 3pm at Bay Club
  • Wellness Forum: Saturday, April 11th – 1-3:30pm at Bay Club
  • PLVC Wine Tasting Fundraiser: Thursday, May 7th – 5-7pm at Bay Club


Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                       General Meeting Minutes                                                                                             March 5, 2015   Beach Club

approved by Council, 4/2/15

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Rose Hablutzel-Jackson, Linda Haskin, Laury Hunt, Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen. Absent: Larry Nobles, Brett Oemichen.

Secretary McDearmid indicated a quorum was present. Agenda was adopted. MSP: Hunt/Nilssen

Guest Speaker:   Kathleen Kler, District 3 County Commissioner

  • Kler indicated her activities have been focused in Olympia with her role as legislative coordinator.
  • The need to fully fund education as mandated by the courts overrides all other topics.
  • There are two proposed real estate tax bills, REIT #1 and #2 that are hoped will fund county operations and maintenance which have been severely impacted by the current financial situation.  This situation is the result of a compound problem in that county taxes cannot be raised more that 1% per year, while at the same time state requirements have been placed on counties to make additional expenditures.
  • The subject of an income tax continues to be discussed but nothing is likely to be considered in this session.
  • An additional submarine pier at the Bangor base is being proposed by the Navy and it will result in an additional two Hood Canal Bridge openings per day during the 1.5 year construction period.  Once complete, two additional submarines will be based at Bangor but the impact on bridge openings would be minimal.

Community Reports

David Johnson, Jefferson County Department of Community Development

County Planner Johnson reported that the resurfacing and widening of Paradise Bay road will commence in mid May and continue thru August.  The roadway will continue to be 11’ wide with a 4’ shoulder being added.  This will require relocation of utility infrastructure along the roadway.

Another project which will commence shortly is a Port Ludlow Drainage District project to improve flood prevention off Walker Way.

The building permit process is being enhanced to reduce the time required from over a month to about a week.

A preapproval meeting with PLA for the 5000 sq. ft. Jefferson Healthcare facility will be held shortly.  Once plans are completed and submitted, approval should take about 30 days. The facility will be located across from Kitsap Bank on Breaker Lane.

Diana Smeland, President – Port Ludlow Associates (PLA)

Lease has not yet been signed with Jefferson Healthcare but terms have been agreed upon. Once signed, plans and construction documents will be prepared to submit to the County.  The two additional model homes in Ludlow Cove are progressing and the first presale has had the foundation poured.  Advertising is in publications primarily on the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas with some in the Herald papers that go to Tacoma and eastern Puget Sound.  She indicated that she has been working to find additional tenants for the 30 acres of commercial zoned land around the Village Center.  Tree harvesting off Oak Bay Road is complete and will commence between Teal Lake Road and Paradise Bay Road in about a month.

Bev Browne, Editor of The Voice

Announced that The Voice staff has been very impressed with the Holiday Lights on Paradise Bay Road, and presented a donation of support. It was received with gratitude.

Council Business

  • Motion to approve February 5th General Meeting minutes as amended. MSP Dean/Hunt
  • Motion to approve the February 2015 Financial Report. MSP Nilssen/Hunt

Committee Reports

Trails – Larry Scott. There will be developments on the DNR trail this spring. There will be 3-4 routes available. Contracting to have the area cleared. Have widened entrance to Interpretive Trail.

Directory – Dave McDearmid. Have hired Kenn Mann to sell yellow page advertisements & provided orientation session. Article being placed the The Voice to announce directory project underway; requesting input if there are changes to individual listings. Will be adding page near front of book for organizations, groups & clubs in Port Ludlow. New committee members: Shirley Andersen, Roger Haskin, Glee Hubbard. Goal is to have directory complete and ready to distribute at The Festival by the Bay in July.

Utilities – Bill Dean spoke on the OWSI Water System Plan Update meeting that was held Feb 10th. Their 344-page document was summarized in a 14-page power point presentation. Drilling one additional well will provide adequate water supply through build-out. Department of Health (DOH) has made some comments to the Water System Plan Update, nothing substantial.

Health and Wellness – Mike Nilssen announced the upcoming forum on High-Incidence Cancers – Navigating Options and Resources from Diagnosis to Survivorship. This will be held on April 11th at 1pm in the Bay Club. Advance registration is requested (at either Bay or Beach Clubs).

Holiday Lights – Dave McDearmid. Lights were turned off March 1st. This is in accordance with county permit. Will communicate with Public Works Dept to verify the safety of lights left in trees during any landscaping. Committee members include Larry Nobles and Terry Umbreit.

Wine Tasting Fund Raiser – Mike Nilssen. Will be holding the second annual wine tasting event on Th May 7th 5-7pm at the Bay Club. This follows highly successful event held last April. Tickets will be sold for $25 at both Beach and Bay Clubs shortly after March 31st. Committee includes Mike Nilssen, Linda Haskin, Terry Umbreit, Bill Dean, Tamra McDearmid. A collection of raffle prizes and door prizes are being gathered.

There being no New Business to present, motion to adjourn was approved. MSP Nilssen/Hablutzel-Jackson.


  • Next General Meeting: Thursday, April 2nd – 3pm at Bay Club
  • Next Workshop: Tuesday, March 17th – 3pm at Beach Club


Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                           General Meeting Minutes                                                                                             February 5, 2015  Bay Club

Approved by Council 3-5-15

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Glee Hubbard, Laury Hunt, Tamra McDearmid, Mike Nilssen, and Larry Nobles. Absent: Linda Haskin, Brett Oemichen.

Secretary McDearmid announced there was a quorum. Agenda was adopted after some items added. MSP: Hunt/Nilssen

Community Reports

  • Larry Smith, President – Olympic Water & Sewer, Inc. (OWSI)

Smith stood in for Diana Smeland, President of PLA, as she was unavailable. Introduced Cliff O’Brien – PLA Construction Manager. In Ludlow Cove, construction on model 2 has begun, while model 3 (lot 38) foundation will be poured soon. Construction of pre-sale on lot 15 is underway.

Mentioned that OWSI will have an informational community meeting next Tuesday, February 10th at 4pm in the Bay Club auditorium. Purpose is to review their Water System Plan Update, a 344-page document available to view at both the Bay and Beach Clubs. The Village Council Utilities Committee will host this event.

Asked about tree removal on Highland Drive near the golf course. This is part of PLA’s Beautification Plan to encourage stronger turf growth while removing alder stands that promote moisture, moss and fungus.

PLA logging on Oak Bay Road continues. Pope Resources has another logging project outside the MPR near Teal Lake. Neighbors have complained work crew has started as early as 4:30am. Have moved start up time to 7am.

Council Business

  • Motion to approve the January 6th General Meeting minutes. MSP Hunt/Dean
  • Motion to approve the January 2015 Financial Report. MSP Dean/Hunt

Council revisited making a donation to the Totem Pole Restoration Project, which was defeated in November, 2014. After discussion with Council and audience members, a motion was made to donate $250 to this Project fund. MS Hubbard/Hunt. Motion was amended to direct that these funds be taken from Account 7200 – Image & Publicity. MSP McDearmid/Hunt

Dave McDearmid provided a Holiday Lights update. The Light vendor in NY has been contacted to discuss feasibility of leaving light strings in trees year-round. It was a very successful season: only 1 string of lights went out (being replaced by manufacturer) and the GSI tripped once. Still have a deficit of $2321. Local real estate agent feels the lights are a big asset for the community and would like to see them remain lit all year round.

Motion made to approve the Holiday Lights informal group as part of the PLVC standing committees. MSP McDearmid/Dean. Committee meeting this coming Monday, President Umbreit will make the chair appointment before next month’s PLVC meeting. Committee members can be approved by the Council at that time.

Motion to approve Jerry Wentworth as an additional member of Utilities Committee. MSP Dean/Hunt

Committee Reports

  • Trails: Larry Scott – Still working on an agreement between the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and PLVC to join a land plat near Olympic Terrace II with Niblicks Loop and Golf 9 Loop Trail to connect into one big trail. The recent break in the rain allowed Trail members to clean up and clear out the trail to Picnic Point and the gazebo.
  • Utilities: Bill Dean
  • Shared the Mission Statement developed by committee members. Areas of focus will be 1) sufficient supply/capacity; 2) rates for supplying service; 3) reliability of service; and 4) communicating about service and supply. While the primary role of the committee will be to represent community ratepayers, a collaborative relationship will be maintained with utility providers. The committee will provide information, evaluations and recommendations to the PLVC Board of Directors relative to any utility issues or subjects. Motion to approve the Utilities Committee Mission Statement. MSP Dean/Nilssen
  • Dean reports that OWSI has the water rights to meet Port Ludlow needs to build-out. Talked about MERUs – Measurement Equivalents Residential Units. Ludlows are 2250 Residential, 375 Commercial. These were part of the formation of Port Ludlow in 1999 by state statute. Master Planned Resort (MPR) area is unique in the county and state (there are now two other MPR in the works within the state).
  • Dean spoke of community meeting next Tuesday, February 10th at 4pm for OWSI to review their Water System Plan Update with ratepayers. This is a six-year plan, yet will also extend trends to build-out.
  • Health and Wellness: Mike Nilssen –
  • Talked about Dementia Forum held on Feb 4th. These forums are well attended – usually up to 100 participants. February is Heart Health Month: announced a series of Heart Health-related programs throughout the month. Some will be held at Jefferson HealthCare Hospital in Port Townsend, others in Port Ludlow.
  • Committee working on the spring program: High-Incidence Cancers – Navigating Options and Resources from Diagnosis to Survivorship. This will be held on April 11th at 1pm in the Bay Club.
  • The new health clinic in Port Ludlow is still in the negotiating stage between PLA (providing the land and building) and Jefferson HealthCare (will finish the interior and provide staffing). May be ready to apply for permits in March.

Unfinished Business

PLVC hosted the Chimacum School District Construction Bond Forum on Feb 4th. Good turn-out, several representatives from the school district spoke to the various issues involved in a construction plan of this size. Some wondered why this Bond issue wasn’t part of the general election in November – costs $15,000 to have a special election in February. Took over 18 months to get the project prepared for the ballot. Will require 60% approval of those voting. Election is Tuesday, Feb 10th.

Comment was made that over 20-25% of funds are to bring items up to Code Safety Standards – yet this wasn’t brought up by the school district personnel. Many at the forum concerned about the large amount of the bond: $34.8 million, and time period of the repayment commitment (22 years).

There being no New Business to present, motion to adjourn was approved. MSP Nilssen/Hubbard


  • Next General Meeting: Thursday, March 5th – 3pm at Beach Club
  • Next Workshop: Tuesday, February 17th – 3pm at Bay Club


Port Ludlow Village Council                                                                                           General Meeting Minutes                                                                                             January 6, 2015  Beach Club                                                                                          Approved by Council, 2-5-15

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) meeting was called to order by President Terry Umbreit. Council members present: Bill Dean, Linda Haskin, Glee Hubbard, Laury Hunt, Mike Nilssen, and Larry Nobles. Absent: Tamra McDearmid, Brett Oemichen.

A quorum was declared midway through the meeting (Glee Hubbard arruved) in time for Council business and votes to be recorded.

Community Reports & Guest Speaker

Chimacum School District:

School district Superintendent Rich Stewart introduced the bond issue proposed by Chimacum School District No. 49. The $34.8 million proposal will be voted upon February 10th. The bond will fund improvements on the physical facilities including upgrades on existing electrical and mechanical systems, the school/community auditorium, the athletic facilities, music and band facilities. It will also provide funds for consolidating K-5th grade students in a new facility, improving their learning environment and adding efficiencies to the system. Other improvements in sidewalks and parking will create a safer environment for children, faculty, and the community.

Stewart said that the project is about community. Research shows that better schools bring young families to an area. These families have a positive impact on the economics and vitality of the community.

The bond will increase property taxes to approximately $1.51 per $1000 of assessed value. The tax adjustment will occur in 2016. Currently there is a tax bond fee on property at $2.30 per $1,000 assessed value, so if current construction bond is approved, the annual tax for schools would increase to $3.81 per $1,000 assessed property value. There are exemptions for senior citizens. State match construction assistance would pay for expansion and improvements of Chimacum Creek Primary School to house grades 3 through 5.

The Village Council will host a forum on the bond for the public. Suggestions for ways to promote the bond issue were provided by council members and attendees.

Jefferson County:

County planner, David Wayne Johnson, said that Kathleen Kler has begun her position as a new County Commissioner. The open Dept Director of Community Planning position has not been filled and the County is considering employing a firm to seek candidates. Tim Wallette has left his position with the county. The Pit to Pier project is languishing. The county is talking with the Department of Transportation to determine as to what would happen in the event of a barge/bridge elision.

The county is reviewing a Drainage District project on Walker and Rainier. Homes in this area have experienced flooded basements. The improvement project would take place in the spring of 2015. Ray Osborn is the storm water engineer on the project.

Johnson was questioned about tree-topping and whether it was a good procedure. He said that most authorities advise against it. 

Port Ludlow Associates (PLA):

Diana Smeland, PLA President, said there has been logging activity on Oak Bay Road. This logging project should be completed within the next 2 months. The company intends to follow best timber practices by leaving a “spread” (branches and unusable timber) on the ground rather than piling it. Replanting will occur in the winter of 2016. The spread will provide cover for the developing trees. New plantings will be initiated in fall, 2015.

PLA continues to work on the Ludlow Cove development. Work has begun on the second and third models. The permit for building on Lot 15 resides with the county.

In other developments, PLA is negotiating with Jefferson Healthcare for the new medical clinic which should be concluded within 30-45 days. On the golf course Niblicks is changing to a winter format with a slightly different menu. Some remodeling of the facility is planned, to be complete by spring 2015.

Council Business

  • Minutes: Council approved the December 4, 2014 minutes as amended. MSP (Noble/Dean)
  • Treasurer’s Report: Linda Haskin listed the expenditures for the month. The Council is still short $2320.76 for the lighting in the village center this Christmas. They are seeking donations to defray expenses. Corrections were made to the December Balance Sheet and approved. The 2015 budget report was accepted by the council. MSP (Nilssen/Hunt).
  • Approval of Committee Members: Laury Hunt, Administration Committee Chair, asked for Mike Nilssen and Bill Dean to be added to the Administration Committee. After the additions were approved, the PLVC voted to approve all the members listed in the previously obtained membership document. MSP (Noble/Dean). All Committee Chairpersons have been selected by President Umbreit.

Utility Committee: Utility Committee chair, Bill Dean, discussed the recent sewer spill on Montgomery Lane. The spill has been addressed. OWSI has requested that the council host a meeting for Larry Smith to present the future water plan. The suggested date is the second week in February. Dean will request that OWSI provide the council with an executive summary of the plan.

Holiday Lights Committee: A full report was made on this Project. Committee members will ask the county to approve having the tree lights 1) left on the trees and 2) that the lighting be provided all year. Expenses report shows donated revenue at $5100 with a deficit of ($2320.76) yet to be raised. To reduce this deficit, contributions will be solicited throughout the year.

Administration Committee: It was determined that the process of obtaining a quorum should be examined. Laury Hunt will examine the Bylaws to determine what can be done to make quorums more obtainable.

New Business and Announcements: The School construction bond forum is scheduled for Wednesday, February 4 at 4pm at the Beach Club.

MSP to adjourn.

  • Next Workshop: Tuesday, January 20th at Beach Club – 3pm
  • Next General Meeting: Thursday, February 5th at Bay Club – 3pm

Note: due to absence of Secretary, minutes provided by Bev Browne and Mike Nilssen,


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