Phyllis Waldenberg to SBCA & PLVC: 5/13/15

Leader Article Today about PLA logging

Hello all,
First of all, we were surprised the Leader article today describes PLA as a logging company. Interesting. We thought they were a developer interested in promoting Port Ludlow, new homes and all of its wonderful amenities. So, which are they?
Secondly, Diana Smeland was quoted saying that PLA does not believe the timber harvest has led to widespread mistrust with Ludlow residents. “It is important to note that our perception, based on numerous contacts, that the lack of trust exists in a very small percentage of the community and doesn’t represent the feelings of the population as a whole.”
Those of us in “the very small percentage” as she thinks we are, need to find out if this is true. Who are her “numerous contacts?” How do we find out how the majority of the community really feels about PLA and the trust they have?  Are we really just a a very small percentage? She seems to dismiss the importance of our concern. At the PLVC meeting she apologized for the “chaos and noise.” I took the “noise” part of her “apology” to mean those of us who have taken issue with the logging and have spoken out. If we would just be “quiet” all would be well.
We question her perception and believe her statement deserves a response if it is not true. How do you all feel about it? Is it important for the community to respond?
If so, Is there a way we can find out how the majority of the community feels about PLA? Is it possible to do a survey? or other ideas?
Thank you for all your work on this!
Phyllis & Glenn Waldenberg

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