A Master Planned Resort

 558aed57f1d33.image  Port Ludlow                                                                         A Master Planned Resort

“The governance of Port Ludlow is quite unique”

Port Ludlow is a village of approximately 3000 residents lying on the west shore of Admiralty Inlet in Jefferson County, 17 miles south of Port Townsend and 8 miles north of the Hood Canal Bridge.

The governance of Port Ludlow is quite unique. It is designated by Jefferson County as a Master Planned Resort (MPR) under RCW 36.70A.360-2 with specifically defined boundaries in accordance with the Washington State Growth Management Act. The MPR is not a municipality, but rather is governed by the Board of Commissioners of Jefferson County under guidelines set forth in a 25-year Development Agreement between the County and the Developer, which expires in May of 2025. The MPR has its own separate and unique Zoning Code. It is the only Master Planned Resort in Washington State (although two other WA locations now in the process of building MPRs in their communities).

Police protection is provided by the Jefferson County Sheriff; fire protection by Fire District 3 (which also includes much of the surrounding area); and Hospital services, Library services, and other services by Junior taxing districts within the County. Electric Service is provided by Jefferson County Public Utility District No.1; water and sewer by Olympic Water & Sewer, a private company wholly owned by Port Ludlow Associates LLC (the Developer).

Currently there are 1541 residential units and 447 platted but not yet built lots in the Community. In addition, the Developer owns land zoned residential, but not yet platted, that will permit the future building of 262 additional residences. The Development Agreement sets a cap of 2250 residential units within the MPR, and MPR designation prohibits building of additional urban development adjacent to its boundaries.

The Resort consists of an Inn, a Conference Center, a 300-slip Marina, and an 18-hole Championship Golf Course. The MPR has over 20 miles of hiking trails and over 400 acres of largely forested land zoned Open Space Reserve which must be preserved in perpetuity. The Developer also owns about 30 acres of land zoned Commercial which can accommodate significant expansion of our small business district.

The Port Ludlow Village Council, a non-profit 501©(3) corporation, is empowered by the MPR Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Regulations to monitor further development within Port Ludlow.

The Village Council’s Community Development Committee works with the Developer to develop concepts for enhancement of our Commercial Center; for further development of our Resort; and for attractive build-out of our residential community. We also recognize that when build-out is complete, it may be necessary to modify our instruments of governance to protect the future of our beautiful Community.

Contributed by Larry H. Nobles, May, 2013

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