Let’s VOTE for PLVC candidates!


Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Annual Election ballots were sent out a few weeks ago. Ballots must be returned no later than September 30th to be counted, which is coming up soon. You can mail them to our PO Box 65012 (return envelope provided), or simply drop them off at the front desk of the Beach or Bay Club the next time you are there to exercise, attend a meeting or drop by to have coffee with a friend.

Late ballots will be accepted at the Bay Club until 3pm on October 1st

Please take a few minutes to review the biographies of your community neighbors that have expressed interest to serve a two-year term on PLVC. Then make your choices, and drop your completed ballot in the mail. Fairly simple, right?

Who’s Running?   Glad you asked!

From the South Bay:

Caleb Summerfelt – raised in Port Gamble, Caleb always dreamed of living in Port Ludlow. That dream was realized in 2014 when he purchased his home in Olympic Terrace. Has a Master’s Degree in Architecture and is currently working towards a second Master’s in Engineering Technology Management. Serves as the Chief Information Officer and Director of Acquisitions for a fabrication & engineering company. He says “As a Port Ludlow resident, I want to continue contributing to help this community and see the surrounding area prosper. With my academic and business background I feel I can constructively contribute to PLVC and the community of Port Ludlow.” Caleb was appointed to an unfilled PLVC position last spring, this will be his first 2-year term.

From the North Bay:

Doug Huber – While this would be his first term on the Village Council, Doug has a rich and varied experience of being an active community volunteer & participant in county & local government. Here’s a list of some of the activities in which he is currently participating:

  • Member of PLVC Trails/Natural Resource Committee, vice-chair for two years
  • member of Metropolitan Park District committee (Jefferson County)
  • current member of Jefferson County Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee, D#3
  • Observer to UW Jackson School of International Studies Task Force 2015 (2 studies)
  • Supports Jefferson Land Trust as a volunteer
  • Member of Ice Age Floods Institute

Doug says: “I participate in the PTYC T-37 RC model sailboat effort & host the Wednesday practice session. I am familiar with the development of goals and objectives of PLVC and the community.”  Born in Toppenish, WA, Doug has lived in Port Ludlow since 1991.

  • Education: MPA Seattle University 1989, BA University of Washington 1975
  • Work Experience with a regional aircraft company in Engineering Operations

Mike Nilssen – Mike and his wife Jackey have been property owners in Port Ludlow since 1990, moving here permanently in 2005. His background has been specific to designing, developing and managing various healthcare systems and serving on several state and national association boards.  Has a graduate degree in public administration from the University of San Francisco. He says “The past two years as an appointed PLVC director has afforded me the opportunity to understand the complexities and nuances of Port Ludlow, and I would like to continue serving our community as a council member.”  Mike has served on PLVC since 2013. This dedicated public servant is also currently serving as LMC trustee and is it’s Treasurer.

Larry Nobles – Born in Spokane. BS Caltech; PhD Harvard (Geology). Professor, Dean and Vice President Northwestern University, now Emeritus Professor. Moved to Port Ludlow in 1998. Chair, Operations Committee, LMC, 2000-04. PLVC Board 2005-present (President, 2006-7), Community Development Committee Chair, 2008-present.

Terry Umbreit – Terry and his wife Julie have lived in Port Ludlow for three years and have owned property here since 1999. His professional career consisted of being a college administrator for 28 years in the field of hospitality business management.. Has a Ph.D. from Washington State University in addition to other degrees from Michigan State and DePauw Universities. He mentions “For the past two years I have served as PLVC President. Once completing my term of office, I’d like to continue to serve Port Ludlow as a Board member from North Bay. The purpose of my candidacy is to use my expertise to help solve problems and challenges facing the community.”

A few details:

  1. One ballot per lot owner(s) is supplied: so even if you own 6 (six) lots, you are allowed one vote.
  2. IF you’ve forgotten to vote – not a problem (yet).  Just find that envelope in the stack of mail you’ve meant to sort, open it and look over the materials enclosed. Then grab a pen and start marking those Xs.  Easy as that. Drop it in the mail or bring down to your Club & drop it off at the front desk the next time you’re there.

Go-Vote-500x500In the past few years, we’ve seen a drop in the number of residents that return these ballots. Like it really doesn’t matter (it does). Or what’s one vote, more or less? (it means a LOT). We hope you’ll take the time to appreciate the efforts PLVC makes to provide good public service to our community, while also representing Port Ludlow with governmental organizations. Let us know you care about the work we do by mailing that ballot back, please.

 Thank you!

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