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                         A VILLAGE IN THE WOODS BY THE BAY              images-5

Port Ludlow is a beautiful and unique place, situated around Port Ludlow Bay at a latitude where tall evergreen trees come right down to the water’s edge.

Port Ludlow is located in the Puget Sound region of Washington State, next to Port Ludlow Bay on the eastern edge of the Olympic Peninsula. Seattle is about two hours away by car (see driving distances chart below). Port Ludlow is about half way between Port Townsend (on the north) & the Hood Canal Bridge (on the south). See maps below.Port Ludlow is situated at 47° 55.4′ N and 122° 40.3′ W, in the “rain shadow” of the Olympic Mountains. Port Ludlow’s latitude is about the same as the northmost tip of Maine (although it is much warmer in Port Ludlow in the winter).
“Port Ludlow” consists of the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort and some of the surrounding areas. Port Ludlow is next door to Paradise, Mats Mats, Swansville, Shine, Chimacum, and Port Hadlock. All of these areas are unincorporated, just like Port Ludlow. Some of those areas are also referred to as “Port Ludlow North” and “Port Ludlow South”. If you place an order for merchandise from a catalog, sometimes the Port Ludlow zip code comes up as Port Hadlock. See Jefferson County’s Interactive map of Port Ludlow to see the Port Ludlow MPR boundaries and land use designations.
The following table gives approximate driving distances and times from the center of Port Ludlow to many popular destinations. The driving times assume that traffic is flowing. The driving times also assume that if the route involves a bridge and/or a ferry, that the bridge is not temporarily open for marine traffic and/or that you arrive just in time to board the ferry (and that there is space available).

  • The Tacoma Narrows Bridges do not open for marine traffic, but the Hood Canal Bridge does.
  • There are no tolls on north/westbound traffic on the old Tacoma Narrows bridge but there is now a toll on south/eastbound traffic that travels over the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
  • Washington State’s Kingston ferry and Bainbridge ferry do not charge eastbound passengers headed to the city but they do charge westbound passengers headed towards the Kitsap or Olympic Peninsulas; motor vehicles pay in both directions.
  • The Keystone-Port Townsend ferry charges both passengers and motor vehicles in both directions.

Use any of the “map it” links below to see Mapquest™ maps to help you pinpoint Port Ludlow’s location. (All of the “map it” links open in a new browser window.)

Driving Distances from Port Ludlow
to various locations in Puget Sound+
Anacortes via Port Townsend – Keystone ferry 60 2 hrs map it
Bainbridge ferry to Seattle 30 50 map it
Bellingham via Kingston – Edmonds ferry 107 2.5 hrs map it
Bremerton city center 34 45 min map it
Everett Boeing plant via Kingston – Edmonds ferry 36 1.5 hrs map it
Forks town center 105 2.5 hrs map it
Fort Flagler State Park, Marrowstone Island 21 40 min map it
Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend 20 36 min map it
Kingston ferry to Edmonds 19 30 min map it
Lynwood, Alderwood Mall 31 1.3 hrs map it
Oak Bay Recreational Area 6 13 min map it
Old Fort Townsend State Park 15 23 min map it
Olympia city center 89 1.75 hrs map it
Olympic National Park, Hurricane Ridge 72 2 hrs map it
Olympic National Park, Sol Duc Falls 91 2.3 hrs map it
Portland city center 202 3.5 hrs map it
Port Angeles city center 48 1.1 hrs map it
Port Hadlock town center 10 24 min map it
Port Townsend – Port of Port Townsend 20 35 min map it
Poulsbo town center 19 30 min map it
Quilcene town center 22 27 min map it
Seattle, Pike Place Market 36 2 hrs map it
Seattle, Sea-Tac Airport via Bainbridge ferry 48 2.25 hrs map it
Seattle, Sea-Tac Airport via Tacoma Narrows bridge 83 1.75 hrs map it
Sequim city center 33 45 min map it
Silverdale, Kitsap Mall 35 33 min map it
Tacoma Museum of Glass 65 1.3 hrs map it
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 158 3.5 hrs map it

Use the following maps to help you visualize Port Ludlow’s location in relation to Puget Sound and a few of the major cities in the Pacific Northwest. There are three maps. Roll your mouse over any of the small images to see a larger copy of that map appear below.


This map shows Port Ludlow in relation to Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver B.C.

The middle map zooms in a little and shows Port Ludlow in relation to Puget Sound in general.


The bottom map zooms in further and shows Port Ludlow in relation to the Hood Canal Bridge (seen as a slender thread connecting the Olympic Peninsula to the Kitsap Peninsula).

A marine influence moderates the climate in Port Ludlow so the temperature is never too hot or too cold: click to view more info on Port Ludlow's climate and weather

Port Ludlow is primarily residential, with no industrial areas and only a small commercial center: click to view more info on businesses in Port Ludlow

Port Ludlow is an unincorporated area in Jefferson County which has been designated as a “Master Planned Resort” to reflect the fact that it is an area of urban growth outside any of the designated urban growth areas.

Port Ludlow has the best of both the rural and urban worlds. It has all the amenities of more developed areas, such as city water, sewer, and roads, plus resort amenities such as pools, tennis courts, an extensive trail system, and access to the marina and golf course. Traffic on the roads is light. The water and air are clean and sweet. There is easy access to fresh locally grown produce. Tall cedars and firs are abundant. Bald eagles, herons, kingfishers, hawks, ducks, and song birds make Port Ludlow their home. A short walk takes you into the woods. A short drive will take you to the edge of pristine wilderness. A short sail will take you to the San Juan Islands.

Most of the homes in Port Ludlow are custom. A few tracts in the South Bay area have been built using the same floor plan, but they are the exception. There are several condominium complexes, but most of the homes are single family residences. Home prices range from the somewhat affordable high $200k’s to mansions of over $2 mil. Homes with views are abundant. There are waterfront, waterview, mountain view, golf course view, forest view, and garden view homes.


click to view the main 'About Port Ludlow' page

Although Port Ludlow is described as an active retiree community, approximately 13% of the population is under 19, and the medium age of a Port Ludlow resident is in the late 50s (see demographics).

Port Ludlow is almost exclusively residential. The original developer built a few groups of homes or condominiums based on the same or similar floor plans, but most of the houses in Port Ludlow are custom homes. Over 80% of the buildings in Port Ludlow are single family residences; about 1% are commercial, and the remainder are condominiums plus a few townhomes.

Port Ludlow includes the first community in Washington State designated as a “Master Planned Resort” (MPR) . Almost all the homes in Port Ludlow which are in the MPR belong to one of several homeowners associations click for information on Government in Port Ludlow

Port Ludlow is a beautiful and unique place, situated around Port Ludlow Bay at a latitude where tall evergreen trees come right down to the water’s edge.

There are homes in Port Ludlow with settings for every homeowner’s taste.Port Ludlow Bay is lined with waterfront homes. Most are ‘medium-bank’ or medium-high bank. The waterfront townhomes on Burner Point are no bank. Some of the homes on the south side of Port Ludlow Bay have beach access with their own docks. The hills that slope up from the bay on both the north and south sides contain homes with waterviews and views of the Cascades or Olympics. Abundant trees frame views and provide privacy without blocking the vistas.
Commonly maintained greenbelts run though the Port Ludlow MPR. Homes which are a few blocks from the water next to the greenbelts enjoy the extra space. Some are nestled into the trees, some gaze into the well-kept woods from small sunny meadows, and others look out over the tops of a sea of peaceful trees, perhaps with either Puget Sound in the distance or the Olympics towering over the canopy.
The Port Ludlow golf course is lined with houses and condominiums which enjoy views of golfers and/or manicured landscaping. There are homes which overlook the marina. There are lots of of South Bay homes within an easy walking distance to the Bay Club, and many North Bay homes that are less than a five minute walk to the Beach Club.
If you’d prefer not to be part of a homeowners association or the MPR, but want to be in the Port Ludlow area, there are also areas outside the MPR which are known as Ludlow North and Ludlow South. click to view more information about Port Ludlow's locationHomes for sale range in price from the mid to high 200k’s to a couple million, depending on their location, size, age, type of view, condition, and a host of other factors.
A marine influence moderates the climate in Port Ludlow so winters are typically mild and summer temperatures are comfortable. click for more about Port Ludlow's climate and weatherThe quality of life in Port Ludlow is very high. The air and water quality is good and there are good roads but very little traffic. There are many opportunities for recreation, including two homeowners clubs with amenities such as workout rooms, pools, and meeting places for special interest groups such as computer clubs, bridge clubs, and all types of social & civic clubs. Port Ludlow Bay is a playground for kayakers. The marina has a picturesque view of the Olympic Mountains, and is home to an Etchell fleet, and an active yacht club. The golf course is a certified Audubon sanctuary, and walking trails wind all through the community. Port Ludlow residents have easy access to cultural events and good food.
This website is a resource for people who want to know more about Port Ludlow, especially if they are shopping for a home in Port Ludlow. On this website you will find quality non biased, noncommercial information about Port Ludlow. This information is provided as a public service click to read about the purpose of this website

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