Timber Harvest Issue

images-29The three chairmen of the ad hoc Timber Harvesting committees have been attending Monday morning’s Board of County Commissioners meetings in Port Townsend since June, 2015. Each week, one of them will address the Commissioners about their concerns regarding PLA harvesting timber on land within Port Ludlow that is zoned Open Space or Residential. Or share some of the legal information they have uncovered. These are factual, well-researched and thoughtfully written pieces of public testimony. Their goal is to assist the county in following up on the zone violations the county has identified has occurred by PLA within the Port Ludlow MPR.

In June, all three chairmen spoke before the Port Ludlow Village Council. At that time, they shared what their mutual goals are:

  1. Want remediation to the maximum extent
  2. Assurances there will be no more commercial timber harvesting in MPR
  3. Violators should not profit from their violations

The three chairmen were chosen to serve as representatives regarding the Timber Harvesting issue by the two (2) Homeowner Associations, and Port Ludlow Village Council. They are:

  • Bill Dean – Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC)
  • David Jurca – South Bay Community Association (SBCA)
  • Dave McDearmid – Ludlow Maintenance Commission (LMC)

Their testimony from the different weekly meetings with be shared from time to time, so Port Ludlow citizens can keep up with what is occurring regarding this issue between the county, PLA, and local governmental groups.  These will be posted on this website, with eBlasts sent from SBCA and LMC containing brief summaries and links to this site if residents wish to read the full article.

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