Trails – 2015 minutes


No Meeting May or June, 2015


Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting

April 7, 2015 Minutes

Attendees: Dick Ullmann, Larry Scott, Larry Nobles, Dale Wills, John Fillers, Doreen Fillers, Dan Darrow and Soozie Darrow.

The day’s agenda and minutes of the March 3, 2015 meeting were approved.

Sub-committee Reports:

Finance: No report

Natural Resources: There was discussion of preparation and printing of maps for biking trails. Port Ludlow Golf Course management is willing to pay for the printing if John Fillers will create the maps. It was decided that, since the trails on which bikes are allowed are in the southern part of the MPR, the maps will include only those trails, Teal Lake Loop and the DNR extensions, parts of Niblicks, Olympic Terrace, and the Golf 9. John is also updating the current map of the entire MPR as several trails have been added since the last edition was printed.

Also on John’s agenda is the Scotch Broom Pull scheduled for Wednesday, May 13 at 9:30 a.m. He would appreciate e-mail RSVPs at for planning purposes.

Stewards: No report. However, there is still a need for a steward on Niblicks and on Dunsmuir.

Trails Status:

Timberton Loop: Now open. Logging completed.

Picnic Point: Still needs drying/chipping but is usable. Main bridge span supports are ready to install.

Estuary Trail: Lots of small Scotch Broom coming up. Should be good to pull.

DNR Plat: Larry will be route planning on Saturday, April 11.

Old Business: None

New Business: Larry Nobles reported that there have been several complaints from Olympic Terrace residents of gun fire in the area of the Teal Lake Road. The land outside of the MPR is not a No Shooting zone and it is assumed that is where the sound was coming from. More information on location would be helpful. PLVC may consider requesting the No Shooting area be expanded beyond the MPR. Larry Scott will contact the DNR to identify any shooting policies that may be in place for an area that is used as designated trails.

We briefly discussed the proposed logging being done by PLA behind Teal Lake Village and Woodridge. However, no trails are affected by this action.

Next meeting: Tuesday, May 5, 9:00 a.m. at the Bay Club.

Submitted by: Soozie Darrow, scribe


Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting

March 3, 2015 Minutes

Attendees: Dick Ullmann, Larry Scott, Don Folsom, Doreen Fillers, John Fillers, John Bonderson and Soozie Darrow.

Sub-committee Reports:

  Finance: Larry Scott reported the bank balance is $5615, with $3104 of that in the reserve fund and $2511 in the operating fund. We have not yet received the $1000 donation from PLA for 2015.

Natural Resources: John Fillers plans to remove the 5 plant islands on the left side of the Interpretive Trail entrance and discard the plants within them. He also reported that the various map holders are being emptied as fast as they are filled.

Stewards: Don Folsom reported that June deMers is steward for Ward’s Walk. We still need a steward for Lower Niblicks. Dean Morgan is reporting on Upper Timberton. Don did not receive any responses to the letter that he sent to all the current stewards in February. Therefore, we assume that all who were contacted agree to continue with their assigned trails.


Trail Status:

Interpretive Loop: The parking bumpers which were rotting have been replaced with newly cut logs.

Timberton Loop: Drainage in the rocks 18-20 area has been cleared. Tree cutting by PLA on the lower area between rocks 3-4 should be cleared up and the trail re-opened in a few weeks.

Around the Bay Trail: The steps on Paradise Bay Rd. across from Kitsap Bank have been removed as that trail can no longer be used due to development of Ludlow Cove.

Picnic Point: A new trail beginning at ABT#8 has been developed to go to Picnic Point. This will alleviate the need to walk through Ludlow Cove during and after construction. The gazebo area has been mown and weed-whacked.

Estuary Trail: Lots of small scots broom coming up, waiting to be pulled.

DNR Plat: Ready to be developed.

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Next meeting will be April 7 at the Beach Club – 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by: Soozie Darrow, scribe


Port Ludlow Trails/Natural Resources Meeting

February 3, 2015 Minutes

Attendees: Larry Scott, Dick Ullmann, Don Folsom, Tom Satterlee, Dan Darrow, Dale Wills, Doreen Fillers, John Fillers and Soozie Darrow.

The agenda for the day and the minutes of the last meeting, December 2, 2014, were approved.

Sub-committee Reports:

Finance: Tom Satterlee reported the reserve fund is now $3104. As is our custom, at the end of each year any funds remaining in the operating fund are transferred to the reserve fund. This fund is for future large expense projects such as resurfacing asphalt trails. Thus, we begin each year with $4000 received from our four donor groups, SBCA, LMC, PLVC and PLA, each of whom donate $1000. Our current operating fund is $1992 as we have received money from SBCA and PLVC. LMC’s check is in the mail.

Due to the sale of Columbia Bank to Sound Community Bank, we have received new checks. This accounts for the change of check numbers from 1213 (Columbia Bank) to 1600 (Sound Community Bank). New signature cards need to be signed at the bank. Thus, Don Folsom made the following motion:            “I move that Larry Scott, Chair, John Fillers, Vice-Chair, and Tom Satterlee, Treasurer are authorized check signers for the PLVC Trails Committee account 0941122038.” The motion was seconded by Soozie Darrow and unanimously passed by those in attendance.

Natural Resources: John Fillers reported that the PLA marketing department recently printed a large number of maps and, consequently, do not want to revise the maps at this time. This will provide the opportunity to correct the trail in the Ludlow Cove area as well as find space to add the entrances to the DNR trails off of the Teal Lake Loop. In addition, the Ludlow Cove/Picnic Point trail was renamed to just Picnic Point.

John also mentioned that there are lots of baby Scots Broom coming up that could easily be pulled now.

Stewards: Don Folsom reported that lower Niblicks Loop still needs a steward(s). A thank you event was discussed. However, a Spring thank you letter and verification of continuing stewardship will be sent instead.

Trail Status:

Interpretive Trail: The new County Commissioner received a complaint regarding the length of time it is taking for PLA to get all the permits needed to repair the asphalt road that is part of this trail. Hopefully, something will come out of the Dept of Community Development as a result. New logs are needed in the parking area as well as for replacing some of the planters in the entry area.

Timberton Trail: Muddy. May be in need of a steward for the upper area.

ABT: Several trees were removed due to blow-downs. Steps on Paradise Bay Rd need to be removed as that part of the trail cannot be used any longer due to the development of Ludlow Cove.

Teal Lake Loop: Many blow-downs cleared. The parking lot which is part of this loop is private property for the use of fishermen at Teal Lake. The Port Ludlow Fly-Fishing Club maintains it and the area. For that reason, it is suggested that hikers please refrain from parking there. Trailhead parking is available at the end of Mt Constance Way in Olympic Terrace.

Talbot: Blow-downs cleared. Part of the trail needs widening.

Osprey Trail: To respond to Greenbelt Committee concerns, Trails offered an alternative route. Still needs to be agreed upon by LMC.

DNR plat: Contract is finally complete. Flagging can begin.

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Goals: Implement new trail development.

Next meeting: March 3, 2015 – 9 am at the Bay Club.


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